Ninth Annual Beatle Convention in Liverpool.
Adelphi Hotel on Sunday 27th & Monday 28th August 1989.

Cavern City Tours once again extends a warm welcome to Beatles fans from all over the world. Every year it gives us a tremendous boost, knowing that people are travelling from the four corners of the globe, to come to our city of Liverpool, in which we have enormous pride. This year, the Convention has an International flavour, not only in the cosmopolitan nature of the conventioneers, but also the guests and bands themselves. We have a delegation from Russia who are proud to bring with them Russia’s most popular Beatle Band, ‘Beatles Club’. The delegation is here to finalise plans with Cavern City Tours to organise Russia’s first ever Beatle Convention to be held in Moscow in October 1990. Last Easter, 10,000 fans congregated in a suburb of Moscow to watch a video and listen to a band playing Beatles music. For October 1990, the Novosti Press Agency are expecting crowds of over 25,000 per day for the Convention and 100,000 for a concert by Liverpool bands in the Olympic Stadium.

From America we are pleased to have as our guests, an all female teenage Beatle band called, what else? . . . ‘Girl’. From Australia we extend the hand of friendship to author Bernie Howitt who wishes to recall the days of the Beatles Australian tour in 1964. From nearer home, our special guests include Denny Lame, the legendary Tony Sheridan (who still lives in Germany), Alan Price, Mark Lewisohn, Ray Coleman, Alistair Taylor, Tony Barrow and Peter Doggett. As usual we have the world’s best Beatle bands, Bootleg Beatles, Walrus and Ringer from Scotland. From Liverpool itself our special guests include Bob Wooler, Allan Williams and Liverpool Express.
It’s been an eventful year for Beatle fans, with Ringo and Paul both back on the road, a new film, book and album ‘Imagine John Lennon’ and two new albums from Paul ‘Flowers in the Dirt and ‘Back in the USSR’.
Not to be outdone, George emulated the massive success of ‘Cloud Nine’, with an album with the Traveling Wilburys.
However, for us in Liverpool, although the Fabs have again contributed to our own personal enjoyment, the city has been a very sad place over the last four months or so, after the tragic Hillsborough disaster, the effects of which were felt in every school, factory, office and family on Merseyside.
On the Beatle front, it has also been a sad year with the death of Clive Epstein, brother of Brian and the passing of a great friend to us all, Mona Best. Indeed the Convention will not seem the same without her; she was and still remains a driving force behind Cavern City Tours. She was forever supportive of our efforts and was always giving invaluable help, advice and assistance. Her kindness and encouragement will be sorely missed. Indeed it is to Mona Best that we dedicate this year’s Convention; a simple gesture maybe, but nevertheless a heartfelt one.


  • Mojo Filter

  • Denny Laine Band

  • Bootleg Beatles

  • Alan Price Band

  • Walrus

  • Liverpool Express

  • Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers

  • Ringer

  • Girl

  • Beatles Club


  • Alistair Taylor

  • Mark Lewisohn

  • Ray Coleman

  • Spencer Leigh

  • Bob Wooler

  • Allan Williams

  • Tony Barrow




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