Eleventh Annual Beatle Convention in Liverpool.
Adelphi Hotel on Sunday 25th & Monday 26th August 1991.

In the past when I have written this piece I have started with ‘Welcome’, but it is more appropriate to say ‘Welcome back’, as our Convention enjoys 80% repeat business. The weekend has developed into a five-day party of incredible proportions and the Deluxe Package Six now accounts for approximately 70% of all packages sold. Thus, in a nutshell, you love Liverpool, you love coming back, and the chances are you will be here again next year, same time, same place. That is a very reassuring feeling for Cavern City Tours but we are always under the intense pressure to keep up the very high standards of the Liverpool Convention.
In the old days of the Convention you might hear two or three bands in a couple of days, but now anybody here for the full five days will hear at least 16 bands. The quality of bands is first class and, if anything, getting better all the time. As far as Beatle bands go, this is all top drawer stuff!
How could we possibly not invite Ringer, Walrus, Cavern, The Bootleg Beatles and The Coustiks back every year. Every year these bands try to conjure up something special for Liverpool. We at Cavern City Tours make no apologies for putting the emphasis upon live music. After all, that is what set the Beatles aside from every other band and phenomenon, their music. So it’s also ‘Welcome back’ to may of the bands. We have also invited back Dark Horse to organise the Fringe Festival in the back bar, and it appears from their success of last year it will be a feature for many years to come. If you can sing a song, play an instrument, or just want to say you’ve performed at the Liverpool Convention, now is your chance — Dark Horse will be only too pleased to back you.
We have also found excellent bands who perform at the August Convention for the first time; namely Doctor Robert and The Paradoxes from Europe, Broken Wings from Liverpool, The Patriots, The Imagine Band, and Johnny and the Bandits (who would have entertained you at the Cavern on Saturday). Add to that return visits by Liverpool from Spain (with their fans), Gerry Markey and Mike McCartney, and it all adds up to a weekend to remember.
Our guests Alistair Taylor, Bob Wooler, Allan Williams, Joe Flannery, Charles and Pauline Lennon, Julia Baird, Spencer Leigh, Allan Clayson, Alf Bicknell, The Walrus, Gordon Millings, Sam Leach et al will only be too glad to chat, to sign and to pose for your snaps. Where else is the atmosphere so relaxed, the parties so intimate, the music so vibrant?

LIVERPOOL is special, and so are you!

We hope you make new friends, renew old acquaintances and, above all, enjoy yourselves so much that you will return next year.


Bill, Dave, Ron and Julie.


  • Mojo Filter

  • Cavern

  • Coustiks

  • Dark Horse

  • Apple

  • Broken Wings

  • Dark Horse

  • Ringer

  • Imagine Band

  • Paradoxes

  • The Patriots


  • Mike McCartney

  • Mark Lewisohn

  • Alistair Taylor

  • Pauline Lennon

  • Spencer Leigh

  • Bob Wooler

  • Allan Williams

  • Julia Baird

  • Alan Clayson



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