Fifteenth Annual Beatle Convention in Liverpool.
Thursday 24th - Tuesday 29th August 1995

Well it’s official. We Beatle fans are hip again! One hundred thousand music fans swayed and sang to the music of the Bootleg Beatles at Glastonbury in the summer. The world awaits The Anthology in November and the release of the Beatles’ first single for over 25 years; ‘Beatles at the Beeb’ was one of the top five selling albums in the world for 1994 (even though it was only released in December) and LIPA is about to open in a few months time.  Even Oasis admit to being directly influenced by the Fab 4. It was yet another busy year for Cavern City Tours culminating in the 1995 Festival weekend featuring 110 bands/artistes over five days. This year we have bands from 15 (yes fifteen) different countries performing at some time between Thursday and Tuesday. The City of Liverpool has finally realised just how important The Beatles are to the city and Cavern City Tours have received support from every sector of the local economy, both private and public and thus are able to deliver to fans the biggest Beatles festival the world has ever seen.
Last year 45,000 people attended the Mathew Street Festival and this year we are expecting even more over an extended festival site. It is very exciting, and rewarding, to be at the forefront of arranging and organising Beatles’ events in the city and it is only now that the Festival is reaching its potential. For too long, events in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo appeared to attract more fans than similar events held in Liverpool. Those days are long since gone and now all over the world convention organisers are following Liverpool’s example with the emphasis upon live music and having a good time.
It is impossible to see everything, but hopefully our improved programme format will allow you to plan ahead and decide what you ‘must see’. There’s something for everybody and even the locals have been getting excited over the last few weeks.

The loonies will already have booked into their hotels and letting rip at the Weekend Warm Up which begins at 7.30pm at the Cavern Club featuring Apple and The Fab Four. The first of many late nights.

At 2.00pm in the Adelphi, Fridays nightclub hosts a welcome party with Mike Pender’s Searchers as well as performances by Apple Scruffs and a guest appearance by Steve Holly. Next stop is Central Hall for The Cavern Beatles, Lenny Pane and Sgt Pepper, which begins at 8.00pm. For those of you on a bona fide Cavern City Tours weekend it’s back to the Adelphi Hotel and Jenny’s Bar at midnight.
Remember you must carry your key cards at all times.

Wakey wakey. Good morning, Good Morning! Must get back to Central Hall for the auction at 10.00am. It has been moved from its old home of Cavern Walks which wasn’t big enough. At 2.00pm get your Hamburg gear on for the Backbeat Party at the Cavern, featuring members of the cast and a guest appearance by Astrid. Saturday night at 8.3Opm it’s back to Central Hall for the solo years concert which definitely will be a highlight of the whole week. Back to the Adelphi clutching your key card...

For those people without gigantic hangovers it’s Magical Mystery Tour time and the buses depart at 9.30am from Brownlow Hill beside the Adelphi Hotel. For the more sensible people the doors open (and the bars of course) at midday for the 1995 Annual Beatles Convention featuring, well, just about everybody.

For those obsessed — assemble at 9.30am (again at the side of the Adelphi) for the Fanatics’ Tour. Nobody will be allowed on the buses appearing to be inebriated, so we have taken the precaution of cancelling all of the buses (only kidding).
The buses will get you back to the Mathew Street area in time for the Festival and Liverpool’s biggest ever party featuring ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s music, beat, blues, jazz, dance, indie, country, rock, pop, classical, folk, oh  yeah and of course loads and loads of Merseybeat and Beatles’ music. Don’t forget to leave Mathew Street in time for the finale concert at 8.30pm at Central Hall starring The Beatleg Bootles, yes our very own. Then it’s straight back to the Adelphi for the VIP party at Fridays nightclub. For this you must show both your ticket and your key card (just one will not be enough). This is to prevent people gate crashing your party.

‘I’m Only Sleeping’, ‘Cold Turkey or ‘Whatever Gets You Through the Night’. All meet again for one more wallop at Yellow Spot Six where you can say your goodbyes at the Cavern Club from 2.00pm onwards. If that ain’t enough Alcoholic Anonymous are holding a special Billy May Party at the Cavern Pub on Tuesday night starting at 6.30pm. Wow — no wonder these junkets are only held once a year.

has been declared an official Liver rest day So that’s it. If you can fit it in don’t forget to visit the Stu Sutciffe exhibition at John Moores University’s building — opening hours 10am - 4pm each day all over the Convention Weekend. The organisers promise that they will adhere to these opening times, which sadly they didn’t last year. Whilst you were there you could take a peep at LIPA, but you will only be able to get a glimpse of the outside as they are still undergoing internal works. Other than that don’t forget Beatles’ Story, Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey and Cavern City Tours very own pub, The Cavern Pub.
Finally, on a serious note, this year’s Festival is dedicated to Bill’s mum (Kathleen), Billy Duncan (Bill Dave and George’s friend) and Cavern City Tours’ employee Robbie Hogarth, all of whom have tragically passed away in recent weeks. We will miss them all.
Remember, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
Take care,

Bill, Dave, George,
Ray, Karen and Steve


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