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Seventh Annual Beatle Convention in Liverpool.
Adelphi Hotel on Sunday 30th & Monday 31st August 1987.

Who’d have thought back in Autumn ‘62 that the first release of a little-known beat group, would prompt such grand scale celebrations a quarter of a century later? Well, we’re all here for a wild weekend just to prove it! We, the organisers, extend a warm Liverpool welcome to you all!
We are proud to be once again instrumental in organising the annual gathering of the worldwide Beatle “clans”. We are in addition, very gratified that the friendly Liverpool convention has become something of an institution for many fans, indeed many families have returned each year since they began back in 1977 at Pickwick’s Club. Your hosts on that occasion were the legendary duo Bob Wooler and Allan Williams, both of whom you may bump into again this weekend.
I often stop and ponder if in twenty years time, that fans of the Rolling Stones will be gathering in Surrey to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of “Their Satanic Majesties Request”? Beatle fans, more loyal and more numerous, will celebrate every anniversary in style. This year is the 25th anniversary of “Love Me Do”, 30 years since John met Paul and, of course, 20 years since the release of “Pepper”. Twenty years on! Where did that time go?
I’m sure that the, shall we say the more mature Beatle fans, like myself, can recall that balmy summer of ‘67 with great ease, clarity and speed. The seemingly endless hot school holidays, the dazzling fashions, quaint vocabulary, almost naive philosophies and all this “new” youth lifestyle with “Sgt Peppers” as a natural background sound and emotional fulcrum.
Never has an album in rock history proved such a turning point and provided endless points for conversation and indeed controversy from front cover to final lyric. I am sure that even those four moustachioed musicians in Abbey Road Studios would never realise the musical milestone they were creating.
As well as giving a warm Liverpool welcome to conventioners from near and far, Cavern City Tours say a
special “hello” to the scores of US Beatle fans Charles Rosenay has brought over with him on the Good Day Sunshine package and the Japanese party organised by Mr Hamada and Beatles Cine Club led by Beatle Guide Tak. You all contribute to making this a truly international event. Have a wonderful weekend!
Dave (“all as I’m trying to say is . . .“) Jones, Bill (“Massive Problems”) Heckle, Jackie (“move over Marilyn”) Jones and Ron (“I’m chowing out”) Jones.

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