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It’s 2001 and we are CANDYHEADS, the delays have taken their toll and gaps appear in the CANDYHEAD ranks, a new drummer and guitarist are needed; The word is put out, ads are placed, strange phone calls are received, at the end of a humorous yet strangely taxing month, new axe spanker (Kerrang speak) Hannah Fautley joins the band, coincidentally from an ad placed in Kerrang. I was astonished, I didn’t know Kerrang readers could read (Just joshing Phil). Ted and Mic, welcomed her into the fold for her playing ability. I on the other hand was taken in by her claim to be the illegitimate daughter of Angus Young and Marianne Faithful, and that she had been abandoned as a baby in a primeval forest in northern Transylvania, with only a Gibson SG Standard and Marshall stack to keep her company..I have since checked this story, and it is patently untrue! However she’s in the band now, and there is nothing I can do about it.

New drummer Laura (that drummer doesn’t scare me) Conway, joined the band via a serious recommendation, hey I don’t listen to joke recommendations. A great Drummer - and remains in the band despite drunkenly admitting to occupying the drum stool with West Life at this year's Brits, frankly we have saved her life! and I feel sure she is grateful.

So! I hear you asking, what is CANDYHEADS all about? Well it's rock that swings, with tunes that have shaken the hand of pop; A distinctive voice harnessed to intelligent lyrics, there is a little punk lurking at the edges (isn’t there always) there is a nod to the mighty Zeppelin….. nice…all wrapped up in a unique British sense of drama.

In closing this missive of strife & evolution of the eight-legged rock machine, the band has reached it’s coming of age…………..'That Chemistry' is there!…………which is VERY nice!

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