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Stuart James Thomas Gornall – Guitar and Singing


Christopher John McKnight - Bass and Singing


Christopher Hayes - Singing, Trumpet and assorted shakers


John (insert middle name) Kirby - Drumming and Singing




In the long, luke warm, partially showery summer of 2005, God created Chevrons, a band made up of a butcher, a sign-maker and two men called Chris.


By day, Chris H answers 999 calls, but by night he’s on an emergency vocal hotline of his own whilst blending his trumpet with percussiony things.


Mystery surrounds Chris McK’s arena of work (best not to ask). This said, he can crack off a groovy bass line without needing to be asked. We still don’t know what surrounds Chris's social life (best not to ask). But, he was once spotted signing for a large delivery of rubber sheets (nuff said).


John, whose drum kit is becoming self-aware (it grows bigger with each gig), enjoys fine wines, Belgian chocolates, and scooping the innards out of large dead poultry.


Stuart, the one with the diggers, (the sidiest sideburns of them all) enjoys Russian literature, synchronised swimming and crown green bowling. He’s been playing guitar ever since he had to. It’s also fair to say that he’s the third tallest member of the group!


Stuarts flat above the meat shop in Longridge has become the epicentre of all things chevronational. A creative lair where songs are sung, drums are drummed and brews are many.


Previously known as 'one eye open', past gigs in Preston, Lancaster, Morecambe, Blackpool, Bolton, supported bands such as the Bluetones. Chevrons tight arrangement seems to develop an indie sound that can only be described as having a punchy soulful mix spread thickly across the top!

Thus, therefore and in conclusion, they are worth investigating. (Even if its just to see if you can make Chris McKnight crack a smile on stage!!)

21 January 2006

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