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Artist Name:
The Chevrons
Indie Rock
The Chevrons
The Chevrons
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Who Are The Chevrons ?

Richy, Pete, John and Cookie, otherwise known as " The Chevrons ", are one of the newest arrivals on the ever-growing Sunderland rock scene.

The band itself was the brainchild of Richy and Pete, who came up with the idea at a " Smile " concert in August 2016.

Pete came up with the name for the band whilst travelling in the car with his family. Looking out the window he noticed a simple road sign  

" Chevrons Ahead ". From that moment " The Chevrons " were born.

Originally, the band consisted of just three members, co-founders Richy ( drums ) and Pete ( guitar / singer ) who were joined by John ( bass ).

Fourth and newest member Cookie ( guitar ) completed " The Chevrons " foursome in March 2005.

First rehearsals took place at Sunderland studios " The Bunker ". Then, it was onto local pub " The Ivy House ", where the band landed their first gig. In their own words " we were crap ! ". 

Since then, the lads have been gigging round the pub circuit in their home town. Highlights to date have been performances at  " Vision " and being part of local band festival " Futurefest " at " Ku - Club " on Easter Monday.

For the band to move forward, the lads know that now is the time to get down to some serious hard work.

" Although our work and college commitments sometimes clash, we realise the importance of fitting in as much practice time as possible," says Richy.

Time is also set aside for writing their own material and in this respect the lads draw their inspiration from such influences as The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd through to The Libertines.

 Always looking for gigs, the lads are also working towards cutting their first demo, the first step to spreading their own style of Indie Rock to the masses. 

As Richy says  " anything short of world domination would be failure. "

Meet The Chevrons

Pete ( singer / rhythm guitar )

Co-founder of the band with drummer Richy, Pete is the bands inspirational frontman, having first got serious about music at the age of fourteen.  Ex- St. Aidan's pupil, Pete is currently studying at the Newcastle Performance Academy, newly opened in 2016.  Singer / songwriter Pete lists " himself " as his own musical inspiration and is fast becoming a well known face on the Sunderland music scene.

Richy ( drums )

Ex-Farringdon pupil Richy is the original " Chef-ron " having studied at Catering College, but like the others, his first love has always been music.  Known to indulge in the odd senseless rant, whilst seemingly speaking in another language, Richy is the driving force behind the band. Richy's rock heroes are drumming legends such as Keith Moon and Charlie Watts, amongst many others.  World domination remains Richy's goal and in his own words, one things for sure, he'll certainly " give it some stick."

John ( bass )

Another ex-St. Aidan's pupil, John is the " quiet man " of the group.  According to the others, John has a fondness for herbal tea as well as a tendancy to bump into things. Influenced by Jaco Pastorious, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd,  John plans to study Business Economic Management in September 2005.  " Somebody's going to have to look after the millions " says John.

 Em 11/4 - whatever the f*?! that means.

Cookie ( lead guitar )

Former Monkwearmouth pupil, Cookie is technically the only " Southerner " in the group, having been born in High Wycombe, before coming to the North East with his Sunderland born parents at the age of three. Like Pete, Cookie is studying at the Newcastle Performing Academy.

Cookie's heroes are  Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash and last but not least, Oasis. The latter being much to the dismay of Pete. Favourite saying " I'm sure that's not meant to fit in there."  

10 November 2006

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