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Artist Name:
The Circle
stomping blues rock
The Circle
The Circle
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It’s fairly safe to say that James Peakman (vocals/guitar), Gary Driver (lead guitar), Dale Driver (bass guitar) and Sean Marley (drums) have  settled with modern rock and roll. The Circle's influences stem from each band members tastes in music fused together to create there own sound, influences range from Dylan to Zeppelin, The Clash to The Beatles, Pink Floyd to The Coral, the four piece show a degree of versatility in their songcraft. The Circle are very stacatto in places with high register Lennonesque vocals and definitely qualify as toe-tapping, and more than catchy enough to warrant the interest of the audience. The name The Circle came from the bands objection to the trend of long winded and complicated names, they wanted something short and easy to remember, besides, whats more original than a name that is completely un-original? The Circle continue to work  as a unit rather than solo players and have overcome numerous problems by simply working hard.
Sections courtesy of Martin Winch (BBC C&W)

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