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Experimental Rock/Folk
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When The attic sessions began, Matty T and Dylsh were writing stuff and practising drum and bass in Dylshes loft for fun as across the city, usually in Booth’s flat, mates would gather to listen to Booth and McGrath playing guitar together
In late 2000 Matt met Booth and McGrath at college and they soon found that they had similar influences and started playing covers and gelled immediately.
A covers band was started outside of college and brought Dylsh in as the drummer. With Dylsh adding his influence they immediately felt that they had a special chemistry between the four.So after a few rehearsals they started gigging as The Influence, playing covers.  This lasted for a short time before they decided that they would rather be writing their own material.
This coincided with a time when, although moral was high, lots of outside influences and emotion fuelled the band. The upheaval in their lives triggered a burst of creativity and the music just seemed to flow from all the different emotions that they had recently experienced.  Proving that it doesn’t matter what knocks you down you can always get back up stronger than ever before.  The result was eight tracks, from the soul, , four of which were recorded in the studio (the demo).
Gigs were set up for this new sound to gauge the response to the new material and the band began to get write ups in the local media with comments like “Brian Wilson style, CSNY style and best of all Pink Floyd style” they felt it had all been worthwhile and spurred on for the next inspirational wave
Cofastree continue to reproduce this heartfelt music and have rapidly built up a large and committed local following.  They continue to grow as a band, as individuals and as friends.
Most of the their time is spent creating rock and roll with meaning and a cutting harmony that’s kind of hard to categorise other than to mention their influences, which are many and diverse.  Their influences include Traffic, Floyd, Love, Terry Callier, CSNY, The Birds, The Beatles, The Doors, The Stones, Nick Drake, Temptations, Sly and the Family Stone, Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys amongst others.
Their challenge now is to take the music to the masses,
The band :
Matt Thompson - Bass , Vocals , harmonicas
Craig Mcgrath – Guitars Vocals Keyboards
Stephen booth – Guitars Keyboards
Dylan Hobson _ Drums and percussion

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