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Rock 'n' Roll
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Orizon were, for the majority of their history a four piece with various bass players called mike but sadly we are now a three piece, no bass player! booo! But nevertheless....awesome

We consist of:
Tom White - Guitar, piano and lead vocals
Jon Rymer - Drums and vocals
Austin Ray - any stinged instrument known to man

We been playing gigs in and around Liverpool for about four years but are yet to spread our influence to further pastures although some gigs in Newcastle and Sheffield are on the cards. But would you believe it, we are still only at the slender ages of 19. We started off playing covers because we found that for a group of sixteen year olds who want to play their own gear, its not that easy to get gigs, but for the last year or so we have been playing all originals with only the odd cheesy cover thrown in. Our sound, like many others is difficult to define. We like to think of ourselves as hard core rock and rollers, but sadly we know that is not true. We have been compared to may different groups. But personally, I think it is a big mixture of the Beatles, oasis, the kinks, Ocean Colour Scene, Jet and one guy said we sounded like Gomez, but I assure you that is a dirty rotten lie!!!! We are currently using various studios to try and compile an album, a greatest hits if you will. We have so far recorded five tracks so hopefully soon we will have an album to call our own. If you wish to find out more, you could visit our website as stated above, or if you wish to chat you could have a goosy gander at our forum which is at There a very outdated pictures for you to look at of the band in their original line up. Enjoy....... Oh and I mustn't forget our interview as special guests on the radio, but that has passed and you cant listen to it again unless your like me and Austin and have it on tape!   But its worth a mention..

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