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Artist Name:
Rocks Off
rocks off
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Rocks Off were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1995 and is definitely one of the top Rolling Stones tributes in Europe. Their powerful rock'n'roll shows have established them a reputation synonymous with top quality entertainment leaving behind a constantly growing crowd of satisfied fans in Scandinavia and Europe including England. Covering over three decades of big hits, fazed cookies and cult favourites from the sixties through the nineties Rocks Off possess the looks, sounds and energy of The Rolling Stones at their very best. The sound so authentic, so convincing, that if you close your eyes, you won't be sure you're hearing the real thing or not. No samples or backing tracks are used, it's all live to the core of the apple.
Lead singer Tony Johnson is a dead-on Mick Jagger with all the moves, looks and sound alike. Also a dedicated blues harmonica player right up there with the man itself.
Roger Mikander is the closest you'll come to the human riff, playing his guitar with both attitude and a genuine knowledge lifted straight from Keef's own unique riff-book.
In 1997 Rocks Off appeared as "The Rolling Stones" on the very popular TV-show "Reach For The Stars" ("Sikta mot stjärnorna") on Swedish national television. The song they performed, the hard-riffin´ classic "Start Me Up" was a success and took them to the live-transmitted final programme. Rocks Off did not use session musicians on their tracks like all the other artists.
Even though the band originally started out just for the fun of it and a deeply rooted love for The Stones, Rocks Off is not just another Rolling Stones cover band. Rocks Off are grounded in the foundation and understanding from the roots of which the music of The Rolling Stones originally started to grow on. They know their Muddy Waters and their Jimmy Reeds. Their Chuck Berry riffs. They're familiar with the rootsiest reggae beats. And they know their souls of Stax and Motown. It's all there, right there in their back pockets.

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