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Artist Name:
Two Of Us
two of us
two of us
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Jos Vervoort: lead singer, flute and saxophone.
Adrie van Osch: guitar, second voice.

Most important event: Beatle Week 2001

Adrie van Osch and Jos Vervoort were teenagers in the Sixties. The Beatles awakened their musical talent. When they met each other in the Seventies their mutual enthusiasm for the music from their youth soon lead to the birth of a specialized cover band: Two of Us. They play together for more than twenty five years now. And their success is still growing!

Two of Us only play hits from the Sixties. The big endeavour of the duo is to realize the complete sound of the originals with only two voices, one guitar and sometimes a flute, a tambourine or a tenor sax. The integrated bass lines in the guitar chords make the illusion complete. Their CD album The First contains only a small selection from their enormous repertoire. Two of Us played in Holland, Germany, France and Belgium, but Adrie van Osch and Jos Vervoort consider their concerts during the Beatle Week 2001 as the real highlight in their career. It was a beautiful experience to join the world of the big happy Beatle family. They are thrilled to have the opportunity to come back to Liverpool this year accompanied by a great number of Dutch fans.

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