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Vague is a Preston based rock band, which reformed in late 2016 with a chance, meeting in a local pub with Vocalist Tony Porter and Guitarist David Dawson. Vague had parted company with two previous guitarists and not played for almost a year. Tony met David and after a bit of beer talk persuaded him to pick up his guitar (after 15 years of not playing) and join them for a practice/audition.

All five-band members hit it off and after a few rehearsals started gigging again around the North West. Vague play all classic Rock Covers from the 50’s 60’s 70’s and today. Playing great covers in the Vague style from Beatles to Bryan Adams, Santana to Slade packing pubs wherever they play.

Vague’s 1st appearance at the Cavern was on 25/3/2006, many of Vague’s local followers came from the Preston area to support them playing to a packed house a great time was had by all.

Recent local gigs have held the band in high acclaim as a band that has stage presence, and could have quite happily been playing the local pub with the same kind of laid-back attitude with which they performed at the Cavern."

"This is a band that have established their own sound and know exactly where they're coming from. With similarities to ‘The Faces’, ‘Nazareth’, ‘Bad Company’ and even older bands such as the ‘Beatles’, Whilst not the best musicians in the world Vague entertain with a capital ‘E’, On their day this band who could knock spots off other acts with much more recognition than themselves." ‘You’re guaranteed a great night out whenever Vague play, ‘Vague are exc

Lead Vocals:     Tony Porter

Lead Guitar:      David Dawson

Bass:                Dave Newcombe

Rhythm Guitar:  Kev Fowler

Drums:                Bezz

25 March 2006
14 October 2006

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