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Vinyl Stickons
Vinyl Stickons
Vinyl Stickons
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Vinyl Stickons are a fun-first, zero finesse, dirty-ass rock band. Bright colours, assumed names, short songs and scuzz. Art-punk? Geek-core? They did take their name from a FONT, after all... Throughout their "on again/off again" career, Vinyl Stickons have been celebrated by small groups of bored people across the world. One fan even made Vinyl Stickons Top Trumps. Whilst the going was good, in the summer of 2015, Vinyl Stickons recorded one album (THIRTEEN, released by Robot Architect), issued a USA-only mini-version of the same (THIRTEEN MINUS FIVE, released by Executive Bird), recorded a live radio session for cult British DJ Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales), and prematurely split up. Well, sort of... After a near year-long hiatus, Vinyl Stickons reformed around founder Tequila Ray Max with an all-new line-up - mostly to play live shows as a platform to hawk the dust-gathering remaining copies of Thirteen, and in the process offer fans a chance to slightly improve their record collections. The new line-up did not last long, however; Tequila Ray Max sustained nervedamage following a stage stunt gone wrong during the bands first comeback gig, and following his recovery, other band commitments for all the players involved curtailed Vinyl Stickons activities once again. You can't keep a good band down for long, though. In summer 2005, Tequila Ray Max re-united with Thirteen-era guitar player Maximillian Turnbull and recruited a new rhythm section in bassist Kitty Valentine and drummer Chip Trick. Whilst we eagerly await new Vinyl Stickons material, for now it's not too late to jump on the rusty ol' bandwagon and experience Vinyl Stickons ramshackle sour fruits for yourself. THIRTEEN was a strictly limited edition release. Only a handful of copies remain. 

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