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Artist Name:
Von Stella
Rock with pure pop trappings
Von Stella
Von Stella
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Von Stella…“The Untold Story?”

Why on earth would anyone want to know more about Von Stella or its members outside of the music they make?

The question, friend, still echoes between the collective 8 (at times, interchangeable) ears attached to Andrew, Edward, Brent, and Matthew. And while the previous statement conjures images of some enormous-headed alien with highly advanced hearing capabilities, you've no doubt come to strip us of what little privacy we have. So, (sigh) here goes…

Matthew (drums) beat his skins in various bands, mostly with Edward (see: Sunday Cannons, 360 Loose, Bunny, and e.joseph) and more recently with Andrew in the band The Set Up. One day, a moving van plopped Edward right-smack-dab in the middle of the county of Harford, just a 10-minute (often times impaired) drive away from Andrew a Scottish transplant who now hails from the not-so-quaint town of Bel Air, MD in the U.S..

In the early months of the Year of Our Lord, 2016, Andrew (a true Scot hailing from New Castle, England) and Edward, after having dispensed with many nights of drinking and playing rounds of “hey, I'm working on this song…whattya think?” to one another started to gel like a fine gravy that's sat out on the kitchen counter a few days too many. The end result: a 2-singer, 2-song-writer band in search of a drummer and bass player.

Then, in a shear moment of glorious desperation (actually, it was a few weeks later), they invited drumming stalwart Matthew to the party, and as expected, he spiked the musical punch with 200-proof rock rhythms. All that was needed now was a bass player. But more importantly, a person who could put up with the never-ending shite-circus that Andrew, Edward and Matthew had been dishing out over recent years.

As if a tattooed gift from heaven had arrived… Andrew and Edward met Brent (another Belairian) whilst taking a piss in a local Karaoke bar bathroom. The 3 realized they had a few things in common… No, not that thing, you gutter-mind! They basically had an affection for the same kinds of music, tattoos, beer, whiskey, and Steve McQueen.  The most important commonality though was that the band needed a bass player, and Brent just happened to be one. And a damn fine one at that--as later rehearsals would prove.

In six weeks, the band wrote 10 songs, chose the name Von Stella and headlined its debut show on July 3rd, 2016 at The Royal in Baltimore to a venue full of drunks and rave reviews, and never looked back… OK well…they looked back a little because when you play in the dark recesses of any city, it's a good idea to turn around now and again and see who's behind you. But, you get the point.

The remainder of 2016 looks as busy as a sword swallower at a knife-throwing contest for Von Stella (recording sessions both live and studio, shows in the mid-Atlantic region through September, a short tour abroad in the UK in mid-October, more shows and recording after that, selling merchandise to the likes of you, Thanksgiving dinner in November, and filling young little stockings with joy before, during and after December).

The band thinks its ridiculous to label their brand of rock with phrases like, “Recommended if you like…” “We’re heavily inspired by…” “Our all-time rock idols are…” Crap like that only serves to undersell or oversell Von Stella's songs; plus, it insults your intelligence as well. Instead, just give the music a listen and decide for yourself if it's worthy enough to grace your i-Pod or some other pod you may have. Others more sober than Von Stella have said a resounding “yes!” So, you won't be alone out there if you decide to do the same.

Stay tuned…and don't drink the water.

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