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Why Don't We Do It In Abbey Road
The idea for this originated in 1987. A friend, Murray Schwarz of RPMC Los Angeles invited me to Abbey Road, Studio Two for the day. Like many fortunate fans I had been to the studios once for the EMI Beatles Presentation in 1983. The aim of this exercise had been twofold, a use of the facility during a complete overhaul of the studios and an opportunity to allow fans access to the “Hallowed Ground.” It had been a great PR coup for EMI as it had finally facilitated the fans, which hitherto had been impossible, as the studio’s primary purpose is of course sound recording, and although they obviously appreciate the fame that their association with The Beatles has brought, it is not without a heavy price as fans have been encamped outside for the last 40 years. I took up Murray’s offer and spent an entire day in Studio Two. The hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention, a feeling I get whenever I pass through the doors of Studio Two, which I have done on many occasions since. Murray’s company had hired the studios, which was broadcasting live back to the United States. There were dozens of US radio stations broadcasting coast to coast commemorating the 20th anniversary of the release of Sgt Pepper. I was surprised at this use of the facilities but Murray assured me that the ‘nice people at EMI were very approachable and amiable as long as their integrity was not comprised’. Ten years on, the festival that I organise with my partner Dave Jones has become a huge success. Held annually in late August in Liverpool, it celebrates the impact that The Beatles have had upon the region and it typically attracts fans and bands from all over the world. Indeed, Apple and EMI endorsed the festival in 1999. Bands were travelling from Japan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Moldova, Russia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium
and Holland to name but a few. Their dreams were fulfilled by travelling to Liverpool, seeing all the famous sites and playing in venues such as The Cavern Club, The Casbah, The Jacaranda, Litherland Town Hall and Aintree Institute. We have even had gigs at LIPA, Quarry Bank School and Strawberry Fields. However, there was one dream we couldn’t make come true and that was for the bands to go into Abbey Road Studios. Or could we? Remembering Murray’s words, we contacted EMI. We wanted to make a record, and of course if we were going to do so ‘Why Don’t We Do It In Abbey Road?’ The project gained momentum and the first bands into the studio couldn’t believe their luck. For most recording in Studio Two was almost a religious experience, many become very emotional. But there was precious little time for that, as there was a job to be done. Fortuitously, we had engaged the services of Will Schillinger, a top producer from NYC (he has his own company, Pilot Recording Studios), who is a great Beatles fan, but more importantly a friend who was able to treat the project sympathetically. However, initially he was sceptical with the concept, which was to bring into the studio a series of professional, semi-professional and amateur bands into Studio Two, who would each record one of their own compositions in half a day! He tried to convince me that it doesn’t quite work like it did in 1962; half a day isn’t even enough time to set-up, let alone record an original composition. However, he went for it and I’m so glad he did. Every year in late August, for five consecutive years Will recorded six bands in three days’ The bands were all Beatle tribute bands that were appearing at the festival. Their Beatle influences permeated their original songs. So here it is, the best of those sessions, a project of truly international proportions, involving bands from the USA, England, Scotland, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Sweden, Australia and, of course, Liverpool. For everybody involved, this has been a labour of love, and I hope that you enjoy the results, which have been sprinkled with that little bit of gold dust, which you can only find in Studio Two of Abbey Road, London.

BILL HECKLE, August 10th 2002

1.  In Spite of All The Danger (2.23)     The Overtures
2.  Better Than The Rest (2.58)           Ringer
3.  Humans (5 21)                              Liverpool
4.  Somehow (4.34)                            FabFaux
5.  You Can (2.55)                              The Beats
6.  Right At Home (2.54)                     Hard Nights Day
7.  Let It Grow (2.58)                           Banned On The Run
8.  Ain't That The Game (3.39)             Instant Karma
9.  Dark Before The Dawn (3.12)          Hare Georgeson
10. Is This Love (3.35)                         Los Beat 3 
11. Beautiful Woods (3.58)                  Lenny Pane 
12. This Is Knowing (3.05)                   The Get Back Band with Gary Gibson
13. Is It Over (3.21)                              Beatals
14. Sailing (5.04)                                 Clube Big Beatles 
15. Two Wars (4.06)                            Sgt. Pepper
16. Loving You (3.15).                          Tunel Do Tempo

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