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7 January 2016
Thursdays Afterwork Acoustic 7.30 till 9:30 at The Cavern

Songwriters Open Mic 7.30 till 9.30 followed by a house band through until 2am

Free Entry

Over the last few weeks The Cavern has been holding an early evening songwriters open mic showcase The acoustic open mic has enjoyed performances by many Liverpool based songwriters but also seen artists traveling from outside the Northwest to come and play. The relaxed unplugged atmosphere, low volume and jovial banter is also appealing to Beatles tourists and locals dipping in for a quick drink after work.

“ It’s been great how the event has shaped up, it’s an amazing variety of acts that come to play from a capella groups to violinists and didgeridoo players. It’s exciting to see how willing the Cavern audience is to support new talent playing original material…. lots of acts end up selling CDs to foreign tourists. It's refreshing to see The Cavern associated not just with the Beatles legacy but also being recognised as one of Liverpool’s premier venues for new material ”
Pete Smith host of the open mic, writer/singer for The Flame and Jak-I dreamcatcher cybershow.

Between 6 and 8 any Thursday any songwriters who turn up can play. Then at 8 o’clock each week, Acoustic Afterwork features a full set from the guest act.  After that house band Wink Rogers kicks in with all your favourite songs till late.
Entry is Free from Thursday afternoon right through till the bar closes.

“ It’s just a really nice atmosphere after being in the office all day….free entry so you can just dip in and out when you like….none of the acts go on too long…the volume is low enough that you can talk to your mates but then out of the blue someone no-ones ever seen before gets up and delivers a song you'll never forget”
Sarah Dewar Travelwise

Over the last few weeks we've featured experienced acts like North West based Colin Wakeford to striking younger acts like Bobhowla. The Cavern open micer’s have also been doing well since their first involvement and we like to keep tabs on everyone that contributes to the night:- Diskkaos recently released Love Like Dis by singer JakI J, writer Martin Isherwood's song Cry Baby is enjoying top twenty success, the lead singer of open mic regular Prime Audio is now working for Island records and fiddler Tristan Bryant is currently abroad on tour with Jethro Tull.

Over the next few weeks the feature acts will include Bobhowla, Strip Jack Naked, Rob Johnson, Steve Roberts, Sparky and Steve Kennedy but we are always on the look out for new talent so come down 6 o'clock any Thursday if you'd like to do a couple of numbers.
If you’d like more information or are interested in a feature slot call Pete 07710 762 506 or email catchdreamcatcher@hotmail.com to be included on the mailing list with background info on the featured acts. 
The night is also featured on the Glasswerk website follow the link:-


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