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The Amazing Kappa
So......  you must have heard about them???
The Cavern Pub every Saturday.......about 5 o'clock?  The place is rammed to the brim with people in awe of the talent that this Liverpool band has to offer.
One of the tightest bands you will see, with the most electrifying frontman this fine City has to offer.  The audience barely has time to catch their breath as Kappa rampages through a blistering set, virtually non-stop.  The most interesting of cover versions blended with rocky and tuneful self compositions which go down so well with the crowd.  You only have to watch the people in the crowd mouth the words to realise that they are hooked.
Paul Kappa has always received stupendous reviews:

“…..and the guitarist, [Paul Kappa], applies a topping of terse rocka-billy and spidery riffage of the most breath-taking speed and virtuosity via a gleaming Gretsch White Falcon, occasionally spinning into a spring- heeled dance routine as he does so. It may well be unique, this music…..[his] songs are spiced with images of the lazy Texan sun warming the lemon grass, haunting affairs in rented rooms and trembling overtures to women called Claudia, and [ his] dark western swing takes sudden detours through cowpoke, hop and full-tilt acid rock dementia.”
Mark Ellen, -  MOJO

“…. There’s a great adaptation of Motorhead’s heavy metal masterpiece Ace of Spades, with the added bonus of charismatic singer [Paul Kappa] (according to several besotted women) [KAPPA] are definitely a band to watch – both literally, and figuratively.”
Chris Marlowe, - Country Music International.

“….and his own material, when he gets that guitar going, is stamped with the word original – and boy do they rock! It’s a great band, he’s an inventive guitarist, he’s got the looks and the style to make an impression…To be honest, I don’t think he knows how good the band are! Never mind, Paul Kappa has all that it takes, and that includes the “need” to perform…. As for a first gig, I haven’t seen many better, an original rock band with great songs, a front man  who really can sing and has probably found what he’s looking for with that cross-over country/ powerhouse rock that makes this band stand out from the crowd, watch this space….”
C.J. Holley, - Get Rhythm.

If you have not seen them and you like live music...then get down to the Cavern Pub on Saturday's........If you can get in!!

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Buy 'The Amazing Kappa' album - "Living @ The End of The World"  direct from kappaband.com

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