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The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
29th July 2016.  8.00pm

Tickets £10.00 from Cavern Pub
0151 236


Those immortal and infamous lyrics, which made a nation stop in their tracks, pets scamper for cover and little old ladies drop more than a stitch, I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE AND I BRING YOU FIRE! will boom out in Liverpool`s own Cavern in Mathew Street when the bizarre yet very very real Arthur Brown arrives on stage in his own distinct tall form sporting his trade mark long hair and beard.  Arthur, the Icon of psychedelic rock, shock rock, weirdness (the definitions and categories he both crosses and embraces appear endless), which record company moguls hoped to originally mould and patent as some alternative to Tom Jones (no offence to Tom Jones fans) still bucks trends and indeed influences music and trends by providing a clear alternative to the `catch of the day`. 

A great sense of apprehension and anticipation will dwell over the Cavern audience on 29th of July prior to Arthur's visitation on stage like an aspiration from an alternative world and culture which leaves audiences captivated, bemused, amused and elated and by the end of his show both exhausted and fulfilled from the shear energy of the music and his voice and movements so distinctly powerful yet perversely disturbing and refreshing.

Oh yes when the Crazy World of Arthur Brown's Fire! was broadcasted for the first time on Top of the Pops viewers were drawn into group hysteria and shock to find their T.V. invaded by a strange figure with macabre painted body and face with real flames leaping from the twin horn helmet mounted on his head supported by an equally strange bunch of  exceedingly excellent musicians garbed in strange costumes and make up  all joining Arthur in  gyrating and rocking to and frow  to pounding supersonic flowing  unearthly music, drums and sharp quick flowing keyboards. The studio audience trying to respectably look cool, found themselves in a rather confused and very hot frenzy whilst trying to maintain the customary dignity - composure no longer was the order of the day for Arthur Brown and his Crazy World had truly arrived. In households across the nation those not already viewing were summoned to attend the spectacle with screams of "Come and see THIS!", "GOD! You must see THIS! and possibly a few more adjectives throw in to give residence to their cries of amazement  Viewers were left aghast on the edge of their seats others then fell back in total disbelief whilst other members of households quickly rushing in only to be greeted with cries of "Out of the way, let me see" whilst many others stood in total silence or simply held their hands to their faces in total disbelief. With this one single event in t.v. history the stage was set, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown  was rooted deep within the British way of life, no household was ever the same, worldwide fame followed and the enigma of Arthur Brown was implanted forever.

Many will recall Arthur's unique performances at national festivals such as Glastonbury, Isle Wight and Guilfest which maintains the legend of Arthur Brown's  esteemed profile in the public domain, whilst many festival goers give the clear statement "It's not a Festival if Arthur is not on the bill." Others will recall that at one of the first Glastonbury the very talented Crazy World of Arthur Brown mutated to Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come in an all out shock rock band with theatre often to excess (and long before the likes of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson). Again Arthur was surrounded by very talented and like himself innovative musicians with pounding rock, mayhem and very masterfully created profound gentle cosmic rock. Again unique music and light shows fuelled the order of the day as well as some bizarre happenings ranging from Arthur finding himself on stage pinned upon a cross, to singing from within a large syringe like object. If that was not enough, once the drummer had departed from the band, Arthur, innovative as ever, arrived on stage as vocalist and drummer not with your average or indeed above average drum kit but with a box - what was to become known as the Bentley Drum Machine. A first for rock history yet subsequently adapted and widely bought into us for Dance and other electronic based music forms. Which raises the question would dance music happened if no Bentley Drum Machine or more to the point if no Arthur Brown! On one notorious occasion the Bentley Drum Machine malfunctioned, leaving Arthur with the question "Do we play on or interrupt the performance by switching it off." Arthur decided to play on! What ensued was total mayhem for the remainder of the performance, the machine played on and on and on, faster and faster and faster and so did the Band. Arthur's vocals reached a new peak unattainable by any normal vocalist and so did his dance movements and the audience loved every minute.

All Arthur Brown gigs have their own story to tell as any of Arthur's ever increasing army of young and the more seasoned fans will tell. Arthur's gig at the Cavern promises to be yet another spectacular moment in the career of a man who not only sold in excess of 22 million records but also could count among his fan the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Salvador Dali. Accompanied by Musicians extraordinaire Chris Byrant on guitar, the multi-talented Nick Pynn on some very strange instruments the sound of which most will not have heard the likes of before; The powerful sound of The Crazy World will boom out of the Cavern on Thursday 29thJuly. With special guest keyboard player set to join the band on this night make sure you do not miss out on one of the most spectacular, unpredictable and amazing nights in the history of the Cavern. The man with the greatest voice in rock approaches.

You can buy tickets for this event on-line NOW! at >>   



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