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The Billy Nayer Show
Thursday 17 November 2006

Also showing the full length movie "The American Astronaut"
About The American Astronaut:

Words may not do this film justice – Film Threat

Nothing short of phenomenal! – New York Times

A tale that evokes Brecht, Beckett, and Ed Wood – New York Times

Part western, part musical, part Kubrick, part Godard, very strange and very free – Newsday

Has all the makings of a cult classic – Details

Arguably one of the most original American films of the past twenty years -- Boxoffice Magazine

Inventive! Plays like a dreamy fusion of David Lynch's Eraserhead and Sam Shepard's The Tooth of Crime. -- Chicago Tribune

The film is filled with psychotic Astaire-style musical sequences, Three Stooges-esque humor, slimy nightmare imagery, and hilarious Flash Gordon-inspired space scenes. – The New Yorker

Something virtually unique in American independent film – Filmmaker Magazine

Imagine a long Laurel & Hardy skit directed by Salvador Dali – Entertainment Weekly

Homegrown American surrealism. – LA Weekly

A true independent -- Los Angeles Times

Brings forth new ideas to the world of film – eFilmCritic

An astonishing joy ride through the outer reaches of the id – Washington Post

A beautifully crafted black and white fairy tale with a decidedly John Ford feel. --IFC Rant

Do I go as far as to call this brilliant? Yes, I think I do – Digitally Obsessed

The only thing you can truly be sure of by the end of Cory McAbee's retro-chic futuristic space western-film noir-rock opera is that knowledge is worthless. -- San Francisco Bay Guardian

May be the most wonderfully strange film experience you have this year Elle Magazine

Both irreverent and emotive; at once laugh-out-loud funny and also quietly disturbing – Sci-Fi London

An unforgettable, irresistible stylistic hybrid that's part space
opera, part western, part noir thriller and all hyperintelligent comedy – Orlando Weekly

Surreal, gritty and nutso all at once. – Hollywood Reporter

It is a film in equal measure funny, strange, dark and beautiful. – Leeds Guide (UK)

The whole movie, including the music, is infused with an odd mix of working-class sensibilities and intellectual irony. – Movie Habit

One of the most novel, outrageous and magnificent movies ever made – DVD Talk

…juvenilia elevated to critical theory and high art, heady and delirious with passion and the freedom to stretch – Film Freak Central

A cross between Eraserhead and Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang – Movie Magazine International

extraordinary in its humility, exuberance, and eccentricity… it is also a graceful and entertaining film -- CinEncanto

…as reminiscent of Fritz Lang silents as of Flash Gordon serials San Francisco Chronicle

…hugely imaginative, genuinely weird -- San Francisco Examiner

Not to be missed, The American Astronaut is like eating a Rice Krispies treat laced with a hallucinogenic – Sundance Film Festival

…arch and serenely ridiculous – Village Voice


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