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Beatle Cover Versions::

Some people just can't abide hearing Beatle music performed by other artists, and some people collect these versions religiously.  So where do you stand?  Whether it is The Templeton Twins' version of "Hey Jude" or Esther Phillips' "And I Love Him", send us your favourite Beatle Cover versions and we will post them here.
Mail your suggestions HERE or use the guestbook.


Fiona Apple:
Across The Universe
Pleasantville Soundtrack
Sent by: Rick Alan

Every Little Thing
Sent by: Bill Heckle

Tina Turner:
Come Together
Come Together
Sent by: Neil B.

Joe Cocker:
With A Little Help From My Friends
With A Little Help From My Friends
Sent by: Tony Johnson - Rocks Off

Cyndi Lauper:
Strawberry Fields Forever
No official release known
Sent by: Euan Buchan

Helter Skelter
Familiar To Millions
Sent by: Paul Shedden

Handbags and Gladrags CD single
Sent by: Suzie

Earth Wind & Fire:
Got To Get You Into My Life
The Ultimate Collection
Sent by: Jay Calcott

Emmylou Harris:
Here, There and Everywhere
Elite Hotel
Sent by: Gianmaria  Chiarello

Ray Charles:
Eleanor Rigby
The Definitive Ray Charles  
Sent by: Mike Einhorn

Earth Wind & Fire:
Got To Get You Into My Life
The Ultimate Collection
Sent by: Franceska Lynne

Marianne Faithfull:
Working Class Hero
Broken English
Sent by: Nee

I Am the Walrus
The Masterplan
Sent by: Gary

Ray Charles:
Let It Be
Ray Charles Sings for America  
Sent by: Taylor

Stevie Wonder:
We Can Work It Out
Motown Sings The Beatles
Sent by: Nina Douglas

Nils Lofgren:
Any Time At All
Archive Alive
Sent by: Nigel Parkinson

Aimee Mann & Michael Penn:
Two of Us
I Am Sam Soundtrack
Sent by: Jaynie

Joe Cocker:
With A Little Help From My Friends
With A Little Help From My Friends
Sent by: Louise Rafferty

Goldie Hawn:
A Hard Days Night
In My Life
Sent by: Gilly Shedden

Brian Wilson:
Tell Me Why
No official release known
Sent by: Jean Catharell

Ben Harper:
Strawberry Fields Forever
I Am Sam Soundtrack
Sent by: Rasmus Ek

Vanilla Fudge:
Ticket to Ride
Vanilla Fudge
Sent by: Roberto Giovetti, Italy

Nancy Sinatra:
Day Tripper
Sent by: Gianmaria  Chiarello

Three Dog Night:
Its For You
Three Dog Night/Suitable For Framing 
Sent by: Madonna Nuckolls

Crosby, Stills & Nash:
Woodstock Diaries DVD 
Sent by: Jon

Day Tripper
Sent by: Strange Compulsion

Come Together & Helter Skelter
Pandora's Box 
Sent by: Roger Berg

The Faces:
Maybe I'm Amazed
Long Player  
Sent by: John Hall



"But letting it be. That's the thing.  This is a symbold affliction of social behold too.  You see as story told - all sound and fury all our yesterdays which Shakespeel hoed.  In Macbeth rehoed of that as you know before he flollopped his head off in the early corm.  Tut tut Oh.  But far from strutty cockroach over the stage of life what! So the Beatleodes in our memory wordy wisdom, like in the songs of Mary Stadan stand beform. Not sure of forever moredy,  but for sometime to come, if you're letting it be. Please er, I mean if you wold.  Would you? oh well all right then.  Deep Joy.  Deep Joy"
Wise words from Stanley Unwin 1994

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