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24 September 2015
Short But Sweet Descriptions of the Artists Who Are Gracing the Halls of the first International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool.

Full Listings & Timings in Club Section   >> Gig Guide

The Afternoons-An appropriately named band from Cardiff whose soft sounds are just perfect for a sunny afternoon.  Warm and clear and tinged with a sense of melancholy; it's like a Beach Boys song when the Summer has gone and she has gone with it" Organart Magazine www.theafternoons.com

The Amazing Kappa-Cavern regulars, Liverpool’s own Amazing Kappa explore dark moods and bright sunshine, post punk, rock and roll, country music and extreme Jimi Hendrix-style late sixties hard rock freak out, and all other points between. A unique and potent mix. www.kappaband.com

American Suitcase-Their IPO appearance in Los Angeles a few years ago almost got these Norwegians signed to a major label deal!   The psychedelic-tinged pop sounds on their new CD, Summerman, will be loved by fans of the Rainbow Quartz label.  www.americansuitcase.com

The Andersons!-One of the favorite sons of the Los Angeles pop scene, their brand of Smithereens-meets-roots-pop is both fun and unique.  Their most recent CD, Family Secrets, has received numerous critical huzzahs!   Check out their cogently scathing “She’s Probably With Him Right Now” on the IPO Vol. 5 CD!  www.theandersons.com

AntiProduct-They’re equal parts glam and hard edged rock ‘n roll, but they’re unfailingly melodic.   Though they’re based in London, the title of their new CD, Made In USA doesn’t lie, as lead singer A. Product was indeed made there! www.antiproduct.com

Matt Backer-A continental gentleman (he’s lived almost everywhere) who would be an industry darling in a better world.  His songs combine a radio friendly edge with some of the catchiest melodies this side of Buckingham Palace.  His CD, Is That All? is much more than the self-effacing title would suggest.  www.warmfuzz.com

Bailey-Sussex-based brothers Oliver and Dominic Bailey will be sure to please fans of Colin Blunstone and Eric Matthews with their breathy vocals and crystalline melodies, which can be heard on their latest CD, Bailey 2002. www.baileyofficial.com

Frank Barajas-A southern California-based singer/songwriter who is cut from a similar cloth as The Shambles and Hector Penalosa.  In other words, a cool brew ‘60s sounds a la The Zombies and ‘70s power pop, which you can groove to on his CD, the aptly titled The White Room Sessions.  twrs2015@yahoo.com

Anton Barbeau-He’s from Sacramento, California, he’s a Britisher at heart, and his latest CD is called King Of Missouri, all of which is just as confusing as is the quirky musical personna of this loveable gent, but rest assured his songs are brilliantly melodic. www.antonbarbeau.com

Steve Barton-Some of you know Steve as the man behind the awesome '80s band Translator (you know you can sing "Everywhere That I'm Not" in your sleep...and you probably have!).  Since then he’s moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and he has a new album coming out soon-I've heard many of the tracks, and they're great!  His band really rocks, too!  http://members.tripod.com/~stevebarton/

The Bitter Little Cider Apples-Quirky pop is the order of the day from these Dorset gentlemen. 
Incredibly hard to categorize, they could be THE MONKEES for the 21st century... one minute they're pure garage pop, next thing you know they've mutated into The Cure, before evolving again into Neil Young and Crazy Horse.  Intriguing! www.pinkhedgehog.com

Bronco Bullfrog-One of the most respected bands in the UK pop scene, this London-based band gets better and better with each release.  Their latest, The Sidelong Glances of A Pigeon Kicker, is filled to its edge with the kind of psychedelic-tinged pop that many of us would give our left leg to play…oh, and they love Guinness!  www.broncobullfrog.net

Bruise-Two-piece London-area band featuring drummer Jim Kimberley (also of Kelly’s Heels-see below) and songwriter/vocalist Isobel Morris.  Their songs groove softly and hypnotically, not unlike Eurythmics at their best.  Check ‘em out!   www.bruisemusic.co.uk

Captain Soul-The pride and joy of Northampton, as well as of former head of Creation Records Joe Foster.  Both of their CDs sparkle and shine with a hybrid of West Coast U.S. influences and strong Teenage Fanclub-styled harmonies.  One of the best at their craft, to be sure! www.captainsoul.com

The Carnation-A quartet from Göteburg, Sweden who love all things ‘60s, and their bouncy, bubblegummy pop music certainly reflects that.  Look for a full-length CD soon! www.thecarnation.net

The Carpettes-“Powerpop for the punk generation” is their proud credo, and these guys from County Durham have been doing it as well as anyone for many years!  One listen to their latest CD, Fair Play to `Em, will prove this in spades!   www.thecarpettes.com

Marc Carroll-Pop junkies like yourselves will remember this gentleman from Dublin as the main man behind The Hormones, but now he travels solo, and he’s flying high with his wonderful disc, Ten Of Swords, which fans of Michael Carpenter will eat up for its jangly pop and deep, introspective folk roots, as well as All Wrongs Reversed, a brand new disc of rarities! www.marccarroll.com

Tony Rivers and The Castaways/Harmony Grass-It still makes one pinch himself to realize that this band, featuring members of the legendary ‘60s groups Tony Rivers and The Castaways and Harmony Grass are actually gracing International Pop Overthrow and The Cavern Club with their presence (longtime Cavern-goers will remember The Castaways apperance here)!  Nobody does harmony music like Tony Rivers, and his apperances at IPO in Los Angeles prove that the man still has what it takes to stun a crowd!  www.tonyrivers.com

The Celebrity Squares-They feature former members of Honeycrack and SugarPlumFairies, have written songs for several television programmes, and continue to please with their unique brand of quirky, infectuous, melodic pop.  Their new CD, King For A Day, should be available by the time you read this.  www.thecelebritysquares.com

The Cheepskates-International Pop Overthrow is as much about reunions as anything else, so it’s fitting (and greatly appreciated) that these guys consented to reunite for IPO New York…and again in Liverpool!  One of the best power pop/garage bands of the ‘80s, their classic LPs Run, Better Run and It Wings Above are big favorites of many aficionados. www.tomlou.com

Cheese-If you froth at the mouth over bands like XTC, The Beach Boys, and The Nines, you will just love these Dorset boys and their CD, the cheekily-titled Let It Brie.  Definitely one of my favorite bands of the new millennium! www.pinkhedgehog.com

The Contrast-A favorite of none other than Little Steven, who has them in heavy rotation on his radio show.  Their latest CD, Wireless Days, is marked by psychedelic guitar figures, tight harmonies often separated by an octave, and rugged, stutter-step drumming.  Fans of R.E.M. and Let’s Active will lap this stuff up!  Without doubt, the finest band from Peterborough! www.thecontrast.net  

Dorian Gray-“Some call their sound Power Pop, others say it is Pop with Power.  Like the Midnight Sun, these five Swedish lads will keep you up nights as you try to whack the melodies out of your head.” So says Art Herman, Zip Records mogul, about these Hälleforsnäs, Sweden guys, and we at IPO quite agree! www.doriangray.nu

Electric Bubblegum Arkestra-A band with an intriguing name who don’t mind telling you that they sing “catchy, upbeat, disposable music”, and you’ll hear much of it on their upcoming CD, It’s Really Not The End Of The World. www.thelollies.co.uk/eba.htm

Louis Eliot (Of Rialto)-Louis is the lead vocalist of Rialto, one of the most beloved bands of the UK pop scene!  Both of their CDs, Rialto and Night on Earth, have garnered rave reviews in both the UK and US press, and we’re extremely happy to have Louis at IPO!  www.louiseliot.com

The General Store-The band led by Brighton lad Tam Johnstone, who happens to be the son of Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstone!  Now that we’ve gotten past that, there’s the music: their CD, Local Honey, is an absolutely brilliant slice of music that will appeal to fans of both pure pop and alt-country.  But then, what else can you expect from a guy who used to be partners in The Green Tambourines with Orgone Box (see below) wunderkind Rick Corcoran?  www.tamharmonic.com

The Get Outs-A Bristol trio who make “loud infectuous guitar music.  Their tunes will stick in your head, their music will make you nod your head, and then bang your head”.  This means that we’d better be prepared for one hell of a rockin’ show! www.thegetouts.com

Roger Gisborne-A British lad who moved to Los Angeles and formed the cool psychedelic band, Plasticene.  He now fronts the band Vineland, and his awesome voice and confident stage presence are not to be missed! legal@kungfurecords.com

The Grip Weeds-These New Jersey boys (and girl) are one of the most beloved pop bands in all the world, and for damn good reason!  Their sound embraces both power pop and psychedelia, and combines them to form something that’s completely original.  Their latest CD, Summer Of A Thousand Years, is their best and most sophisticated yet!  www.gripweeds.com

The Gurus-The pride of Barcelona, Spain is the newest signee to The Rainbow Quartz label!  Their CD, All The Children Sing By…is Beatlesque all the way, and the band throws a tantalizing curve with an obscure Status Quo cover!   http://www.rainbowquartz.com/artists.asp?BC=GU

The Michael Guthrie Band-It’s a small world after all, as they will attest.  The Michael Guthrie band have played the Cavern several times, and have even recorded a CD of a show they did there!  Pretty good for a band from Athens, GA!  They’ve been doing it for a long while, and their LP, Direct Hits, is a power pop classic!  Where’s that CD reissue, Michael??


The Happy Losers-You may not know about the thriving pop scene in Madrid, Spain, but it’s there, and The Happy Losers are at the head of the class with some classic power pop sounds featuring those patented Spanish-styled harmonies!  Their CD, Harry, Beardo, Doc & Barry (love that title!) is produced by Michael Carpenter. www.happylosers.com

Wendy Ip-This very impressive New Yorker (by way of the Canadian prairies)  writes some of the coolest songs around, with eccentric hooks that sneak up on you and hit you hard!  Her CD, Fan Favorites So Far, was appropriately titled, and if her recent live shows are any indication, her upcoming disc is going to really rock!  www.wendyip.com

Jeremy-A man from Portage, Michigan who is one of the most genuine, nicest people on the pop scene, as well as one of the most prolific pop artists around. His gentle, John Lennon-influenced pop is as spiritual as it is melodic, and you can hear this for yourself on his latest CD, Pop Dreams.  www.jamrecordings.com

The Jessica Fletchers-Trafficking in a lysergic blend of non-linear jangle and harmony with splashes of very cool organ and keyboards, Oslo Norway’s Jessica Fletchers are able to make refreshing sense of the ‘60s sound. The result on their latest CD, Whatever Happened To The?, is absolutely, deliciously quirky! 

Jet Lag-Like The Happy Losers (see above), Jet Lag is at the head of the class of popsters from Madrid.  You’ve got to check out their latest CD, Beautiful Scars.  It’s a bounty of warm, jangly pop songs! www.jetlagworld.com

The Jetset-Wow, we at IPO are still in disbelief that these legends of the pop scene are playing their first gig together in 17 years at IPO Liverpool!  Paul Bevoir and company made five amazing albums in the ‘80s, all replete with the kind of fun mod-styled pop that makes your head spin and your legs move!  Wonderful stuff! contact@paulbevoir.co.uk

Kelly’s Heels-An outfit led by Londoner Bob Kelly, who has a long history of making fine pop music.  His late ‘80s/’90s band The Ashes were awesome, and their 1994 CD, Smashed! is a power pop classic!  The latest Kelly’s Heels disc, Bent Over Backwards, takes up where Smashed! left off!  They’ve got a new one coming soon as well! www.warmfuzz.com

King Louie-Excellent, guitar and harmony-based pop from this fivesome with names like Smiley and Treasure.  Their CD, She’s Got A Little Bit, was recorded in Bath and should make a splash! www.king-louie.com

Billy Kinsley-One of the main men of The Merseybeats and Liverpool Express will be making a presentation at International Pop Overthrow! Did you know that The Merseybeats were on the same bill as The Beatles, when the Fab Four played their final Cavern gig?  Now you do, and you’ll hear a lot of similar tales from Mr. Kinsley!  www.liverpoolexpress.com

Koala-A London-based three piece who bill themslves as “the best psychedelic-glam band in the UK”.  Pretty lofty, but their music is certainly worthy of praise, combining “the visceral power of Husker Du, the melodic sense of The Beach Boys, and the ambition of The Flaming Lips”www.planetkoala.com

The Lazily Spun-Psychedelia is the order of the day from this foursome who reside in both Liverpool and Manchester, and are quite an educated lot!  Listen to their self-titled CD and be prepared for the most natural lysergic trip one can experience! www.lazilyspun.co.uk

The Lazybirds-When a band describes their music as “pop songs to lie back in the sunshine or rain and think of England to”, it makes you take notice.  Their upcoming CD is full of hooky guitar pop with tantalizing chord changes. www.thelazybirds.com

The Loch Ness Mouse-A band led by brothers Jörn and Ole Johannes Åleskjær from Höland, Norway.  Their latest disc, Key West, has been likened to such diverse sources as Of Montreal and The Beach Boys Friends album!  That spells “intriguing” in our dictionary of pop! www.perfectpop.no/bands/lochness/loch_ness.htm

The Loves-A very attractive six-piece band who have just finished playing the Lovestock festival in Cardiff.  After hearing their various singles, if we were told that the festival was named for the band, we’d believe it!  www.thelovesloveyou.co

The Lovethugs-The style of this Oslo, Norway band has been likened to a blend of The Doors, vintage Simple Minds, Echo and The Bunnymen, Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Smiths…or Sonic Youth backing The Kinks!  Listen to their brand new CD, Playground Instructors, and decide for yourself!  www.rainbowquartz.com/artists.asp?BC=LT

The Lucky Bishops-Four men from Dorset who are all vocally gifted multi-instrumentalists who combine four-part harmonies with guitars and keyboards to produce a unique and addictive sound which has both psychedelic and contemporary threads running through it.  They’re managed by the same gent who manages Bevis Frond! www.luckybishops.co.uk 

Sean Macreavy-This guy bleeds The Beach Boys in everything he does!  He’s released a CD with his takes on classic Beach Boys tunes (he even wrote lyrics for “Let’s Go Away For Awhile”), and his band The Landys (gotta love that!) retains that classic harmony sound whilst adding a bit of contemporary groove.  Nice! seany.mac@blueyonder.co.uk

Magnaphonic-These guys and gals have burst onto the Chicago scene with a cache of beautiful songs and enchanting live performances.  The band features Mike Galassini (formerly of 92 Degrees) and Marianne Shimkus, whose natural allure and charm should wow everyone in the crowd.  Their upcoming CD, Under Your Skin, should be available soon.  www.magnaphonic.com

Marshmallow-Essentially the solo project of New Zealander Allan Gregg, who used to be in the critically aclaimed band, The Mutton Birds.  The new self-titled CD is marked by warm, guitar-based pop that will nurture your soul.  www.marshmallowmusic.com

Adam McIntyre-This likeable young man from Nashville, Tennessee pays homage to legends like the Kinks, the Who, T-Rex, and Big Star on his brand new CD, Rockstars & Superheroes. which combines the raw energy of big rock riffs with sing-a-long melodies and sunny harmonies that burnish his songs to a high retro sheen.  http://adammcintyre.headphonetreats.com

Anthony Meynell & Sugarplum-Meynell was the guiding force behind Squire, a band in the pantheon of ‘80s mod greats!  His current band, Sugarplum, adds a little jangle and harmony to Meynell’s signature sound, and their Blue Summer Days CD is nothing short of excellent. http://homepage.mac.com/antenna45/sugarplum

The Mighty Stars-Legendary impressario Kim Fowley dubbed these Bristol boys “
Godlike geniuses of dumbass rock 'n roll”.  While we’re sure that was supposed to be a compliment, the Mighty Stars’ music is anything but dumbass; in fact, it’s quite intelligent, fun pop with nods to The Undertones and Buzzcocks, whilst retaining a contemporary feel. http://mightystars.50megs.com/

Modesty Blaise-They bill themselves “the world’s finest pop group” (does one see a pattern emerging here?), and while these Bristol boys may not quite be the best that ever was, their CD, Modern Guitars With Amplification, reveals a soft, harmony-filled sound that indie pop fans will find to be sweet as can be. www.modestyblaise.co.uk

The Moon-Young lads from Yorkshire who’ve developed a “
brazed equation of rock meets real life; their once poppy sound has developed into a more mature fusion of dynamite chords laced with unforgettable twists, tightly played and expertly crafted to get the body moving”. www.themoonuk.com

The Mop Tops-Fans of Rickenbacker-flavored power pop were absolutely floored by Inside, the 1995 disc by this band from Falköping, Sweden.  Since then they’ve appeared on several compilations, and are threatening to release a new full-length! www.moptops.nu

Myracle Brah-You could very well draw the formula for perfect power pop on a chalkboard if you could verbally codify the sound of this Baltimore outfit led by the brilliant Mr. Andy Bopp, and they’ve surely won the undying respect of many over the years.  Their brand new CD, Song 37, offers, is a complete return to form, with several uptempo tunes destined to become classics! www.rainbowquartz.com/artists.asp?BC=MB

Noisecandy-Whether we choose to admit it or not, many of us love Hanson.  These boys from Wales are carrying the torch of catchy modern bubble pop, with
a totally fresh and unique band sound which manages to distill the essence of every song you’ve ever loved, wrapping it all up in three and a half minutes of as near rock ‘n’ pop perfection as you’re likely to get! www.noisecandy.co.uk

The Orgone Box-One of the finest purveyors of jangly, psychedelic pop around, courtesy of Rick Corcoran and company.  Both of their Minus Zero CDs have graced many a top 10 list, and deservedly so! www.minuszerorecords.com/orgonebox.html  

Paste- Swedish pop is back with style and grace, as Superpop, the CD by this duo from Halmstad, Sweden contains everything we've come to love about that Swedish sound, including sparkling melodies, neuron popping chord changes and choruses to die for. Fans of Beagle, The Girls, and The Merrymakers take particular note. www.paste.nu

Pendletones-These youngsters from Sweden show musical acumen well beyond their years on their debut CD, Move Along, which takes sophistication to a level not often heard in today’s pop. Splendid, catchy songs all the way, moving from rock to ballads with the greatest of ease and skill.  www.pendletones.com

The Piper Downs-One of the most entertaining bands on the Los Angeles scene is led by the ultra-congenial organizer of the Wheat From Chaff Festival, Bobby Bognar.  Their latest album, Varying Degrees of Failure and Tunelessness, is anything but what the title suggests.  You always get more than a bang for your buck with The Piper Downs, as they never fail to rock with panache and humor!  WWW.PIPERDOWNS.COM

Popgun-According to their bio, this band from Sacramento, California "blasted onto the scene a few years ago with their 'catchy hooks, Beatle-esque harmonies, Brian Wilson infected melodies and Glam/Pop/Rock sensibilities' and took the NorCal music scene by storm!"  After listening to their new CD I'd have to say "right on", but I would add a Fountains Of Wayne sensibility into that mix.  They’re a great live band, too! www.popgun.org

The Protones-Yet another great band from Madrid, whose latest CD, Come Out And Play, could serve as a primer of Spanish power pop.  Lead singer PP is one of the most manic performers around, and his energy lends a lot to the band’s live shows. www.rockindiana.biz/protones

Pugwash-A combo led by one Thomas Walsh, an amiable Dublin gent whose reverence for the music of Jason Falkner is evident on the band’s second album, Almanac.  Anyone with an appreciation for cerebrally melodic structures should definitely dig in. www.pugwashtheband.com

The Red Eyes-Glasgow boys who are very much inspired by traditional pop/punk stylings, and they’ve had the pleasure of doing gigs with their heroes, like UK Subs and The Vibrators.  They’ve got two excellent CDs, and more to come!  www.theredeyes.tk

Red Vinyl Fur-We had the pleasure of having these Manchester gals perform at IPO Los Angeles in 2001, so we’re glad to have them back in their homeland!  With their intoxicating mixture of passionate vocals, razor-sharp guitar hooks and determined rhythms, you’re sure to keep your eyes and ears transfixed.

Reece-Liverpool’s own Reece were winners of the most recent Battle of the Bands at The Cavern, and they surely deserved it as their modern rock sound is top notch.  If you love bands like Rooney and other young practictioners of radio-friendly melodic rock, you’ll surely love Reece! cavern@fsbdial.co.uk

Rehab-"Review One-Two-Three Retro! Rehab has mined an assortment of retro sounds from the Beach Boys to the Stones on these two tracks. An excellent production job isn't necessarily synonymous with a good thing but Rehab deliver the goods”  (BBC 1).  Nice praise indeed for this London-based band! www.rehabme.co.uk

The Rhinos-According to Rainbow Quartz label head Jim McGarry,  The Rhinos have delivered a record that contains perhaps the highest “jangle” quotient in label history.  Trust me, that says a lot!  Said CD, Year of the Rhinos, was recorded in their home country of Sweden, and it blends Byrds-like guitars with Hollies-esque vocals.  Nice!  www.rhinos.nu

Ricky-When you hear words like “the band is
renowned for its sweet, catchy melodies, jingle-jangle guitars and gorgeous harmonies a la The Byrds, Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Teenage Fanclub”, you just can’t stop wringing your hands with anticipation, now can you.  Well, these accolades describe Portsmouth-based Ricky to a T! www.geocities.com/maybetogether

Rinaldi Sings-Swingin’ mod-pop sounds are the order of the day from Rinaldi Sings, a band featuring Tangerine Records maven Chris Hunt.  They’re gooduns, and their debut CD, What’s It All About?, should be available soon!  www.rinaldisings.com

Tony and Anthony Rivers-The main man of The Castaways and Harmony Grass (see above) gigs regularly with his son Anthony and, dare I say, they make beautiful music together.  Anthony is a marvelous singer/songwriter in his own right, and his songs are a bounty of grace and harmonies.  www.tonyrivers.com

Steve Roberts-This Liverpudlian and former main man of the band 16 Tambourines was described by The Guardian as an “acoustic troubadour,” and one listen to his latest CD, It Just Is, will tell you why as it’s filled with introspective tunes, rich textures, and sophisticated chord structures.  www.steverobertsmusic.co.uk

RockFour-Attendees of several IPO shows have been left with mouths agape after witnessing the (literally) stunning performance by this band from Tel Aviv, Israel!  An amazing combination of The Byrds, early Pink Floyd, and other psych influences give these guys a sound that’s both mesmerizing and thrilling.  Their latest CD, Another Beginning, was a huge favorite of many fans and critics.  They’re about to record a new one with White Stripes producer Jim Diamond!  www.rockfour.com

Safari Season-They started out by recording a very quirky cover of “Help Me, Rhonda” in their native Stockholm.  Since then they’ve released a very cool CD called The Sound Of The Sun, which provides the Svensk take on all that California surf-pop sound! www.geocities.com/safariseason

The Scooters- It's difficult to imagine that a band could combine the dynamics of Supergrass with the bouncy playfulness of Squeeze and the rural folk sensibilities of The Grapes Of Wrath, but The Scooters manage to do just that. On both of their marvelous CDs, this fivesome from Wales will leave you slack-jawed with admiration. www.thescooters.com

David Scott (Of The Pearlfishers)-Scott is a very talented Glasgow boy, and The Pearlfishers have released four fine CDs which specialize in gentle, uplifting tunes generously adorned with piano, horns, & strings, creating a sound that falls somewhere between Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb and the softer side The Beach Boys, with a dash of soul thrown in for taste. www.pearlfishers.co.uk

Semion- Semion are a five-piece band from all over England whose seven song disc, Get A Grip, falls nicely between the moody jangle of R.E.M. or Bobby Sutliff.  They claim to be inspired by everything from the Shangri-Las to the La’s.  Their track on the IPO Volume 4 CD, “I Must Be Dreaming,” is a bit cheeky, but really fab!  www.semionline.co.uk

Serf-A quartet from Huddersfield who do a tasty brand of modern rock, with a touch of the blues.  Their new CD, Watch The World Go By, features “great hooky choruses and power pop guitar of the best kind. Fine harmonica too” (Leeds Music Scene).  www.serfweb.co.uk ;


Shiner 22-The first band from Denmark ever to play International Pop Overthrow, and when they played IPO New York they left several folks buzzing with excitement!  Their latest CD, Mint, is replete with snappy power pop featuring some delightful eccentricities.  Shine on! www.shiner22.net

The Singles-One the litter of young lions emerging from that seemingly never ending well of Detroit garage bands, but unlike most of those would-be-Barbarians, The Singles haven’t forgotten that there ain’t no law against melody!  The 14 songs on their new CD, Better Than Before, are all inspired by a combination of British Invasion elements, made all the more remarkable when you consider that singer/songwriter Vince Frederick, as well as every other member of the band, are barely old enough to vote!  www.rainbowquartz.com/artists.asp?BC=SG

The Spyders-They come armed from Göteborg, Sweden, with superhero names like Captain Andy and d’arc Marc, along with a passel of cool garage-pop songs on their latest disc, the Youngster EP.  Look for some brand new music soon www.thespyders.com

Squeezebox-The debut CD by this Welsh band, Drowning In Shallow Water, is filled with expansive indie-rock that the likes of Bruce Foxton and Manic Street Preachers have heaped with praise.  www.squeezeboxonline.com

Stealth Munchkin-They’re a Manchester-based band (with members in the USA and Canada) who perform a unique mixture of indie, folk-rock, pop , country and blues influenced material that has been likened to the Velvet Underground…and they also dub themselves the world’s greatest band!  It appears that IPO Liverpool has many of those! http://stealthmunchkin.com

Stingray Green-The new band led by Minneapolis, Minnesota icon Dan Sarka, whose former outfit The Vandalias have forever etched their names in the Pop Music Hall of Fame.  Stingray Green’s cover of The Osmonds’ classic “Goin’ Home” graces the excellent compilation Right To Chews, and more is definitely to come. www.stingraygreen.com

The Suns-From right here in Liverpool, The Suns sound like a summery, bittersweet fusion of graceful rock and warm acoustic nostalgia but with different twists, encompassing loops and beats, surf sounds, and a carefree ‘let’s defy convention’ attitude to the way they make music.  They’re new album is being worked on as you read this!  www.thesuns.co.uk

Swedish Whister-Betcha can figure out what country this band is from in less than three guesses!  Ok, I lied, but there’s no way you knew that their home city is Ljungby!  The chirpy, crunchy, female-sung power pop on their Great Lizard Cuckoo CD is mmm, mmm good!


Sweet Apple Pie-With a name like Sweet Apple Pie, it has to be good!  This five-piece band from Toulouse, France distills influnces like Apples In Stereo, Zumpano, Spirea X, and late ‘60s psychedelia to create a sound that’s well…sweet on their latest CD, Everybody Wants To Be A Supertiger.   www.sweetapplepie.com

The Talk-These young men from Charlotte, North Carolina have got it going on!  Their new CD, with the humourous title No, You Shut Up!, is 12 tracks of punk-laced, back-to-basics rock 'n' roll loaded with hot-wired guitar riffs and a blistering backbeat that is outshined only by the insanely infectious melodies and keen lyrics.  www.the-talk.com

The Trimatics-They say they’re from “the middle of Sweden”, and that they’re a pop trio who realized it was easier to pick up girls after a gig than after a football match.  No doubt, their brand of “jangly pop and knockout charm” will win the hearts of many. www.thetrimatics.com

The Venue-The pleasure and power of sixties Britpop blended with modern-day lyrics equal The Venue’s unique brand of mod music with a 21st Century kick, this Stockholm-based band proudly exclaims.  We at IPO certainly don’t disagree, after hearing their latest disc, Mmhm. www.thevenue.tk

Jaimie Vernon-This gentleman from Toronto has had a long and fruitful tenure in the music industry, from being the main man of the seminal Canadian band Moving Targets to founding the best pop music label in Canada, Bullseye Records.  He’s just released his first solo CD, Broadcasts From The Twilight Zone, which contains a bevy of cool power pop tunes you’re sure to love!  www.bullseyecanada.com

William Pears-Some of the most elegant, sophisticated, regal pop music appears on both of the CDs by William Pears, and although they’re from Paris, they’re grasp of the subtleties of English is better than most native English speakers!  Truly remarkable!


The Winnerys- If you’re a fan of Beatle-styled power pop (and who among us is not?), you’ll definitely want to check out this foursome from Spain.  With their love for all things Beatles in evidence on their debut CD, And…The Winnerys, these guys can definitely wear the title of  “Los Shakers of The New Millennium”.   www.rockindiana.biz

Virginia-A quartet of London gals whose CD, First Bite, is among the classiest around, and is just right for commercial radio, containing songs of love, shoes, loss, and more loss!  www.warmfuzz.com

Water-How perfect is it to have a band play the Cavern whose vocalist/guitarist, Chris O’Neill, played the role of George Harrison in the film, Backbeat!  Don’t be misled, though: these guys are much more than Beatle worshippers.  Their CD, Rainmaker, is all about catchy, traditional pop songs that will stay in your head long after the disc stops!  www.abandcalledwater.com

Wonderboy-A band from Scotland that are really fun and clever.  Think “Buffalo Tom meets Teenage fanclub, and you're still only halfway there”.  They should also be the winner of the Band With the Best Song Title Contest: “Barney Rumble”. www.wonderboy.org.uk


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