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The Beatles on DVD

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
Released 21 March 2005

The Beatles - The First US Visit
Filmed by the Maysles brothers, this documentary style film, follows the Beatles from their arrival in New York in February 1964. Press conferences, Ed Sullivan performances, and the Washington Coliseum concert are featured along with lots of footage of the Fabs behind the scenes.


The Beatles - Anthology
The package that no one, with even the slightest interest in the Beatles, should be without.  Crystal clear picture and sound over something like 11 hours......  Marvelous!!! The end of each disc...makes you wanna watch the next!   Expect a late night!!

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine
Digitally re-mastered version of the cartoon classic.  Hear 'Hey Bulldog' in 5.1 sound...fantastic!!



The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
Considered by many, to be the ultimate in pop group movies, A Hard Day's Night is the story of the Beatles traveling down to London for a TV show.



The Four Historic Ed Sullivan Shows featuring The Beatles
Ok... so you may have all seen clips from the Beatles Ed Sullivan Show performances, but here are all four shows in their entirety, even including the commercials.  These shows demonstrate how different the Beatles were to other, contemporary acts.  Interesting to compare the personality change between the '64 shows and the '65 show.


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