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Welcome to International Beatle Week 2016

22 AUG

What is Beatle Week? It’s very hard to describe unless you have actually experienced it, but in a nut shell it is the biggest celebration of the music of The Beatles anywhere in the world, and fittingly it is hosted in the City where it all began – LIVERPOOL. Seven days and nights of madness and mayhem during EVERY waking hour. Organised by Cavern City Tours (Regional Tour Operator of the Year on six occasions), it features over two hundred bands from twenty countries and attended by fans from over forty countries. Truly an International Festival combining live music, exhibitions, guests, a convention, flea market, video shows, tours, etc., etc. If you are a Beatle fan then this is for you. If you are a general music fan then this is also for you, as the weekend features bands covering other icons, such as Elvis, The Who, The Stones, Queen etc. It also highlights newer, more contemporary music throughout the Mathew Street Festival area on the Monday. The whole weekend kicks off in style at the Cavern Pub on Wednesday and who better to host it than Merseyside’s very own Lennon’s Magic Elbow, a free gig at The Cavern Pub during the evening!



23 AUG

The music continues throughout the day and night at the Cavern Pub and, of course, on the two stages at the Cavern Club across the road. However, the highlight of the day will be Sir Frankie Crisp from Italy and Nube 9 from Argentina, who will perform a tribute to the Traveling Wilburys which featured George Harrison and Bob Dylan to name but two. This will be the first time that the Beatles Festival has featured a tribute to the Wilburys in a concert and all I can say is that it is about time! The evening at the Cavern Club will, of course, feature another five bands who will all be playing the music of The Beatles: a great start to the weekend.

24 AUG

Friday’s show begins in great style in the Adelphi Ballroom with a celebration of the solo musical career of all four Beatles. Wingspan, from the UK, will pay tribute to the mid-’70s with their very own Rockshow and Cloud 9 from Argentina will perform the whole of George’s "All Things Must Pass" album. We will have an All Starr Band to celebrate Ringo’s career and it will be rounded off by Instant Karma USA who will play their favourite Lennon album "Walls and Bridges". A great way to remind ourselves what a rich solo catalogue they had which compares favourably with the more lauded and famous Fabs work. The evening show will be at the Academy and will be an official Cavern 50th Anniversary Concert, one of many during the year. Why not stage it at The Cavern then? Quite simply we couldn’t get everybody in, so we are holding this particular gig in what we believe has the best Cavern ambience out of all the larger venues. Of course you will expect Beatles music and Run Devil Run, but we will also have short sets from other Cavern Bands, including The Who, The Rolling Stones and Queen tribute bands; a real musical treat! At the Adelphi at midnight the main ballroom will be turned into a cinema for a private showing of Hard Day’s Night, and Fridays bar will continue the theme of "The Beatles at the Movies" with bands playing sets from "Help!", "Yellow Submarine", "Let It Be" and "Magical Mystery Tour". Of course, the other Adelphi bars will be alive with the sound of Beatle music until the wee small hours. A great beginning to a fab weekend of celebrations.


25 AUG

Saturday morning is auction time, which is organised by The Beatles Shop (0151 236 8066) and is always a huge attraction as fans try to get a bargain. The spiritual home for the auction is LIPA (Paul and George’s old school) and entrance includes a catalogue for the auction. "It was forty years ago today that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play." It has been well documented that Penny Lane and Strawberry Field were the first two songs penned for what became known as the album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Later they were identified as singles and were left off the album. So in tribute to the singles and the album, forty years on Cavern City Tours are arranging a Penny Lane Festival. Inclusive of outside stages and events in the area and incorporating bars and restaurants which will feature live Beatles music, the day is sure to be one to remember. Where do you begin? The barber, the fire station, the shelter on the roundabout, St. Barnabas Church where Paul was a choirboy (and best man for his brother Mike), Newcastle Road (John’s first home), Dovedale School (John and George’s primary school, as well as Jimmy Tarbuck’s!), Penny Lane Wine Bar - the list is endless. Access to Dovedale School is exclusive solely to people on a Cavern City Tour and includes return transport from the Adelphi Hotel to and from the area. The area is steeped in Beatles folklore (Brian Epstein’s school and the original lyrics to In My Life), the list is endless. This is their territory, their old stomping ground and we really will be following in the footsteps of The Beatles. The evening show at the Empire is one we are really looking forward to as we have been trying for nigh on 20 years to get America’s premier boots ’n’ suits tribute band "Rain" from California over to Beatleweek and we have finally succeeded. Their multi media stage show is one to behold and will reinforce why the band have long since been recognised as one of the very, very best. Let’s hope it leads to this being an annual affair as I know that once you have seen them there will be a clamour to get them back. Pause for breath? No, there’s no time; it’s back to the Adelphi for a party till the wee small hours. The theme for the bands for this party (in four separate bars) is 800 years of  Liverpool’s musical heritage. Apart from a couple of sea shanties, rest assured that it may well indeed concentrate on the last forty-four years and, in particular, on four lads who shook the world! We do not need an excuse to party at Beatleweek, but we do have one (or several) this year!



26 AUG

Sunday is traditionally Convention Day and this year is no exception. It will begin at 10am and finish at midnight. We will be lucky to get everything in with nearly 50 bands in a day on four stages, plus a flea market, an exhibition, guest interviews, video and film room and surprises galore. The Convention Day is jam packed with something for everybody although you will find it absolutely impossible to do everything in the fourteen hours. Just when you think it’s all over . . think again! At midnight the Cavern Club hosts the Second Annual Prellies all-nighter. The Prellies are a relatively young, high-energy Hamburg type Beatles band who have developed a reputation for being one of the very best and most popular Beatles bands in the world. The Cavern allnighters were legendary and The Prellies’ first all-nighter last year is the stuff that legends are made of. There was a huge demand for another one and who are we to argue? The Prellies’ theme this year is "Friends of the Earth" and, in particular, tree preservation. Sounds strange? You should have been there! It was a highlight last year and WILL be this year. Promise! An historic day and night (24 hours from ulcers!)


27 AUG

If it’s Monday it must be the final day of Mathew Street Festival, the biggest City Centre-based free music festival in Europe. Typically attracting 300,000 people to the City and featuring over 200 bands of every musical persuasion. Whatever your taste in music, there is something here for you – with the magnificent City Centre architecture as the backdrop, the streets of Liverpool are closed down to traffic and the outside stages pulsate to the sounds of rock, pop, swing, jazz, country, punk, Ska, indie and of course . . . The Beatles, which always has its own dedicated stage. Every pub, club and restaurant joins in the fun and the City Centre is just one huge party zone throughout the day into the early evening. Yes, and unbelievably it’s all F-R-E-E-!!! As the day’s entertainment comes to a close it is time to get down to the Empire Theatre for the finale concert. And what a finale it is! As the Mathew Street Festival draws to a close you had better get yourselves quickly over to the Empire Theatre (a venue played by The Beatles and both Ringo and Paul as solo artistes, not to mention George with Delaney and Bonnie). Merseybeat pays a tribute to the city that gave it its unique sound. The heroes of the Sixties bid a Happy Birthday to Liverpool in their own inimitable style. An all-star cast, including The Undertakers, Karl Terry and The Cruisers, Mike Pender’s Searchers, and Gerry and The Pacemakers. We intend to add more to this all-star cast. This truly is World Music, a sound that when you hear it could only be indigenous to this city. When the show finishes there will be barely an hour to ready ourselves for the countdown to the city’s 800th birthday - and who else could we get to start the party? The Overtures! The Overtures are Europe’s premier ’60s tribute band: why else would Elton and David choose them for their wedding? Why else would we choose them to play our VIP party? The Overtures will take us on a musical journey with a multi-media backdrop.What a day! What a night! What a weekend!

Enter "The Most Famous Club in the World"

28 AUG

Historically, Tuesday used to be wind down day – not any more. There will still be time to catch over 25 bands at The Cavern Club and Cavern Pub!! The highlight however, is usually the "Farewell Liverpool Concert" in the Cavern Club, in the back room on the BIG stage, where Paul McCartney played in 1999 and again in 2015. Today’s gigs at the Cavern Club will undoubtedly be a highlight, as we present a tribute to Wings and take you back to the ’70s. Who better to star in such a tribute than Denny Laine himself. A former integral member of The Moody Blues, it is Denny’s time with Wings for which he is most famously and fondly remembered. Denny wasn’t just a member of Wings; with Paul and Linda, he was Wings! Backed by Ringer (legends of Beatleweek), this will be a nostalgic trip back through time. Some of Paul’s greatest ever music was recorded under the guise of Wings and if we ever needed reaffirmation of this, then these afternoon concerts will be it! The ultimate celebration, however, will be at the Empire Theatre on Tuesday evening as this day - yes, this very day - is the 800th birthday of the City of Liverpool! The gig (with artistes who will not be confirmed till Easter) will celebrate Liverpool’s rich cultural and musical diversity. As Tuesday night is not featured in any package, those customers booking the gold package before January 30 are guaranteed the option of an extra night and a ticket to the performance when it is announced. Ticket prices and line up details will follow in 2016 as soon as everything is confirmed.

40 years of Sgt. Pepper
50 years of Paul meeting John
50 years of The Cavern Club
800 years of Liverpool

A week’s party! What more can you want! Book now to be sure of not missing out on this unique, never-to-be-repeated celebration!



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