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Indie Rock
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Accolade was formed in the early stages of 2001 by Andy Barton and Dave Zdanowicz. Bringing skilled songsmithing and professional quality production and mastering together, the superb "Something in the Sky" album was crafted.

"Jim Jack" of the Bradford Telegraph and Argus was the first target audience of the studio album who gave such comments as:
"Like an upbeat Embrace with a better vocal"

"A polished slice of Neil Finn pop"

Not content with thier music reaching only those who bought the album and listened to local radio stations, the decision was made to take the songs to the next level and straight onto the stage. After many band line up changes the sound of Accolade has matured into a ballad funk rock sound 
"Fit for any stadium"

With Paul Ainley (Piano) joining with Andy and Dave came elements from all styles of music from ballads through to blues, rock n' roll through to jazz and the band awaited a rock and funk influence which came from later addition Chris Crookes (Guitar)

Jonny Whelan is most recent to Accolade but has brought with him a rock steady attitude and ability which has instantly moulded with Dave's exquisite percussion ability to provide the backbone of the new Accolade sound. Fronted by the smooth yet powerful vocal prowess of Andy the band are steadily growing in popularity both in the local scene and farther a field.

Recent gigs have held the band in high acclaim with the most critical of music critics such as Sam Matthews of the Leeds Music Scene who wrote: 
"Here was a band that did have a stage presence, and could have quite happily been playing Glastonbury with the same kind of laid-back attitude with which they performed at the warehouse."

"Musically I felt that this was a band that have long established their own sound and know exactly where they're coming from. With similarities to band such as Travis and Coldplay, but with a shot of steroids from the likes of James and Oasis and even older bands such as the Who, I feel that on their day this is a band who could knock the socks off other acts with much more recognition than themselves."

Accolade played numerous festival dates last summer, in particular one in Italy performing to 20,000 people, alongside 2 of the biggest bands in Italy "Marlene Kuntz" and "After Hours" The band have recieved regular air play on BBC Radio Leeds/Humber, and have just completed a live session , which recieved positive feedback from "guru" and presenter Alan Raw.  
"accolade are one of my big tips for 2016"

"a fantastic band"

The band are currently negotiating funding for a professionaly produced album with various sponsors and awaiting news from overseas where "Roadrunner Records" "DB Records" and "Instant Karma Records"  have all  staked an interest in the band. In the mean time they continue to write and record new material with a repertoire of quality numbers extending well into the 40's the band are preparing to record their first professional Album.

Watch this space...

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