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The AfterBeat
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The Band: a word from the promoter

When I heard a Beatles song for the first time, it was on the small radio which was on my bedside table playing “Please, Please Me”. I’ve been immediately fascinated by a phenomena which was to carry the whole Planet away a few months later. This passion for The Beatles was to never leave me.


Forty years later, on a trip to Liverpool for the legendary Beatles week, I met four young musicians who “fell in the passion of” too. We promised each other to come back, not as the audience but to play. That’s how “The AfterBeat” is born.


We made up our bet as the band has just been selected to take part in the Beatles week 2006. On the way to the Beatles legend! Yeah, yeah, yeah!


The Band’s Instruments

The AfterBeat's gear is identical to the one used by The Beatles during their concerts and studio sessions: Rickenbacker, Gretsch and Epiphone guitars, Hofner bass, Ludwig drums, Vox amps; nothing has been left to chance in order to restore the so much peculiar sounds that made the legend of the Fab Four’s music.


The press is unanimous…

“An intense emotion overwhelms the audience seeing but moreover listening to this particularly amazing band. Respectful of the arrangements – at the very same note – and of the tones, guaranteed by the instruments of this time, these musicians didn’t leave anything to chance.” Le Parisien

“The Olympia Theatre finds back The Beatles… or almost. More precisely, it’s a tribute show to the Liverpool’s four boys that will take place today, at 6:00 pm, in the famous Parisian music-hall.” Le Parisien

The promoter Freddy Hanouna organises a tribute show to The Beatles, with a meticulous respect of the vocal harmonies and of their sound stamped Hofner-Vox-Rickenbaker. An outstanding work, performed with the reinforcement of a cords and copper section, which respect at the very note George Martin’s arrangements.” Journal du Dimanche

“Exceptional concert at the Olympia theatre. The AfterBeat will land forty years after their idols in this mythic place for a new show. Between nostalgia and hysteria, the evening promises to be great.” Le Figaro magazine


the fans too!

“What a joy that this AfterBeat’s concert in early February. It’s unbelievable… I never would have thought seeing once on stage such fidelity, such a quality in the cover of The Beatles repertoire! It won’t take long for all the venues to struggle to have you!”

“What an evening! The St-Germain theatre standing up, I could not remember such a thing happening before. Even the teenagers who were there said: “I didn’t expect that, it was just great.”

“A friend of mines who went to the Olympia told me: “I’ve seen The Beatles”. I wanted to check that by myself… I saw them as well!!! And moreover heard them!”

“The AfterBeat outclasses what is made in this field to have attended gigs of other tribute bands.”


The gigs: exceptional evenings

From the Olympia with Tony Sheridan in 2016 to Roland Garros, passing through the 4x4 exhibition and the “Bag Show”, The AfterBeat ’s gigs are so much friendly and prestigious events that gather the enthusiasm of the audience, all generations mixed up.


Beatle Week 2006

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