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Indie,Prog,New wave
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The band formed in 2002, After Ste, guitarist in the band, formed Amnesty's predecessor, the band had no name and consisted of an almost completely different line up than today. After a few weeks of practices, the line up changed almost completely with only Ste remaining. Of course a one man band simply wouldnt cut it, So Ste welcomed Euan who offered to drum and still does. Following on from this, Ed was asked to join band and offered to play rhythm guitar. The fourth and last member joined alot later in the life of the band, this was Andrew who kindly offered to sing and play bass.. that as they say was that, the band was complete, and was named Amnesty thanks to Euan. However, the usual jinks occured- drug overdoses, conversions to god, divorce settlements.......and 2016 saw the departure of Ed.

The band quickly ushered in the talents of Tom Peters who provided guitar and percussion. This line-up signalled a change for Amnesty as the band started to write our own material. We also played an ace gig at the Pendle Hotel which was truly a night to remember and savour.

Of course, keeping with the nature of the band, Tom left to join the superb band "Fiat Lux" and once again the band was reduced to a three piece . However after much discussion and anticipation, Ed was welcomed back into the band after confessing he deeply missed th warmth of Amnesty's embrace, once again pushing the number up to a healthy four. That is where you find us now, a healthy four piece eager to delight and amaze in equal measure, which we are sure we will do.

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