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Indie/ acoustic
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Lead singer Helen and guitarist Ian are sister and brother so have made music together since childhood. The 'Anders' sound started to come together when they convinced bassist Wayne to join them in 2002. Final steps to completeness were made when Ian and Dan-a highly skilled pupil of Take That's drummer- met at Art College 18 months ago.

With considerable overall gigging experience under their belts, this North Wales band is ready to spread its wings nationally. A significant factor behind Anders success has been Helen's personal development as a tonally pleasing yet more mature and inventive song-writer, with her captivating melodies and string lyrics. Kt Tunstall has been noted as a comtemporary sound-likeness though Helen herself prefers to cite Bon Jovi, Jeff Buckley, REM and, in particular, Bruce Springsteen as significant influences.

Watch out for Anders playing at a town near you throughout 2016 as they continue to showcase their original and fresh sound across the UK.

4 January 2016

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