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A.     Product:  vox, guitar
Clare pproduct:  guitar, vox
Milena Yum:  keyboard, vox, guitar, sax
Simon The Gonk: 
“The Drummer”
Marina Metallina: 
bass, sex

AntiProduct is a rock ‘n’ roll band consisting of five people (three girls, two boys), born in four different countries, that cannot boast of sounding, being or looking like any other band…ever!  Having released their second album, “MADE IN USA,” they are garnering rave reviews from mags as diverse as Q, Spin, Big Cheese, and heavy metal heavyweight Kerrang! 

Combining elements of punk, arena rock, metal, and hyperbolic radio friendly pop played with a nihilistic contempt for everything safe and average, AntiProduct is fast becoming one of the most talked about bands in the rock ‘n’ roll underground worldwide. The near legendary AntiProduct live experience (“Britains Best Live Band,” raves The Daily Mirror) has seen them tour the UK, Japan, USA, and most of Europe several times with Ozzfest, Twisted Sister, The Muderdolls, The Wildhearts, The Damned and Hanoi Rocks, and among others.  They were called on by Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Marky Ramone himself to perform chaos inciting sets of AntiProduct versions of Ramones classics with Marky playing drums!  Kerrang! Award Nominated AntiProduct performed for metal fans all over (starting a riot in Italy on live TV) with Ozzfest, receiving utter loathing or unadulterated adoration.  “The first hint’s in the name…AntiProduct,” says frontman A. Product.

Their critically acclaimed debut album “Consume and Die…The Rest Is All Fun” and subsequent relentless DIY touring have built the band a devoted and rabid worldwide following, APRA (AntiProduct People’s Rock Army) whose devotion is renowned to rival the band’s itself!

Explaining their reputation for aberrant public behaviour and shameless manipulation of all things media as “ridiculing the same system you exploit” AntiProduct has for “cheap, sensationalistic publicity stunts” blocked rush hour traffic in London by getting naked on top of a van driving through the streets; been bathed in urine and worn raw, festering meat in public as part of a fake American TV game show called “AntiProduct”;  puked on England’s most hated celebrity radio DJ/mogul Chris Evans and at a photo shoot for fashion trendsetter, The Face, eaten live worms to the delight and disgust of all.  Their single, “The Better Than This Maxi-Single Box Set,” was considered for inclusion in The Guinness Book of World Records as the longest single in history, clocking in at a weighty 55 minutes, featuring 16 tracks!  And, as they infiltrate the mainstream through their doctrine of “Cheesecore,” they promise even bigger insults to all things status quo.

The band’s more instantly accessible songs (“ some of the best choruses ever written” says Front Magazine.) have found their way onto mainstream TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic, such as the WB series “Felicity,” NBC Saturday morning teen show “All About Us,” and the UK Channel 4 hit series “Teachers.”

While you’re at it, check out their award-winning website,

It’s disgusting!  They sell their own vomit, sperm, menstrual flow, faeces, you name it.  There’s even a page specifically designated to “Body Parts.”  It makes me sick, frankly.

“Don’t get me wrong, I long for death as much as the next guy,” explains the singer, “but if this is the end, I intend to party with my people.  Rome wasn’t burnt in a day.”

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