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Artist Name:
Anton Barbeau
Psychedelic Sock Pop
Anton Barbeau
Anton Barbeau
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" Bob Dylan fronting some great lost British freak-beat band." - The Sunday Times

"darkly intelligent anti-pop of the highest order" - Logo

"A stellar display of psychedelic power-pop".- Pennyblack Music

"...this man is a brilliant storyteller with all the vivid efficacy of a well-read, eccentric, solitary treehugger on acid." -

Anton Barbeau is a cult-hero's cult hero. With his esoteric and highly-personalized brand of psychedelic power-pop, his "mind-bending" stage show, and his auto-neurotic humour, he is quietly yet quickly building a global fan-base. He has recently headlined shows in London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The release gig for his latest record, Guladong, was held at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. The album, his 8th, is his second UK release, and his first for Bristol's Pink Hedgehog label. His previous disk, King of Missouri, recorded in England with psychedelic legends the Bevis Frond as backing band, was released in early 2015 in Europe on the Frond's Woronzow label, and was described as "a stellar display of psychedelic power pop." 

In his hometown of Sacramento Barbeau has won a number of SAMMIE Awards for Album of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and most recently the somewhat puzzling Most Popular Folk Singer Award. In 2001, a 23-hour Anton-a-thon was held in his honor with over 20 performers covering Anton songs, and the sleep-deprived star performing sets with members of his various backing bands.

Upcoming projects include the North American release of King of Missouri on the Canadian label BongoBeat and further touring in England. Barbeau is currently in the studio working on a new psychedelipop album entitled In the Village of the Apple Sun, with guests including English folk singer Sharron Kraus, Alan Strawbridge from the Lucky Bishops, CAKE's Gabe Nelson and Loud Family/Game Theory guru Scott Miller.

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