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Apple Scruffs
Apple Scruffs
Apple Scruffs
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“The exceptionally popular and good-looking four-piece band , Apple Scruffs”* that is what the press said about the band of the three brothers Alessandro, Bruno and Mirko Cirrone on the occasion of one of their most impressive concerts at the “Cavern”, Liverpool, "the most famous club in the world". In more than 1,000 concerts held in their home town, Palermo, and in other Italian towns (such as Rome, Milan, Rimini, Bologna etc), tickets were sold out. Then, they came to London and Liverpool, where, thanks to their stage presence and the strong sound impact, they obtained great popularity and awards even from the Mayor of Liverpool. Apart from their intense live activity, Alessandro, Bruno and Mirko (there is also a drum player in the band) compose pop songs and instrumental music for films, documentaries and short-films.

*Spencer Leigh, Beatles Monthly Book


Alex, Bruno and Mirko Cirrone

Alex (vocals, guitar), Bruno (vocals, bass) and Mirko (vocals, guitar) Cirrone are three brothers, performers and songwriters. They started their career when they were very young and have been called upon to play in many famous clubs, public festivals, tv and radio shows and have participated at almost 1000 concerts in Italy (their home country), England and abroad.

About their own music

“We describe our music as fresh, positive and optimistic. We like to write songs which are melodic and catchy. Our arrangement is characterised by a powerful sound and the solos of the two guitars. Moreover, we write instrumental tunes for radio and tv broadcasts, documentaries films and short films”.

Live performances

The first thing you'll notice about the three Cirrone brothers, is their stage presence, they play and sing up front and in your face. They have three similar faces and three similar voices that are clear and harmonised. Their strong sound impact is characterised by Mirko and Alessandro's guitars, who, during performances, perform seductive guitar solos. Bruno, with his solid bass line looks after the rhythm section.  The drummer completes the line up of the band.

Previuos successes

The Cirrone, while being an “unsigned band”

have obtained extraordinary success through their busy live schedule. In Liverpool, where they have sung and played various times over recent years, have had tremendous success, surprising the audience with their involving gigs;

“…They made a dramatic impact at the Mathew Street Festival last year…welcome back…”(Cavern City Tours).

  “…The band have had tremendous impact in previous years and are sure that this year audiences will enjoy their powerful and energetic performances…” (Cavern City Tours).                     

Again in Liverpool on the occasion of one of their most impressive concerts at the Cavern, “the most famous club in the world”, they have been defined as “The exceptionally popular and good-looking four pieces band, the Cirrone” (Spencer Leigh, B. Monthly Book), by the press and they obtained great popularity and awards even from the Mayor of Liverpool;

“the group performed on many occasions at the festival and were received very enthusiastically by the fans” (the Lord Mayor-Councillor  Margaret Clarke 27 august 1997).

Their most recent concerts in Rome, Milan, Rimini and Palermo were all “sold out”. On the 5th May 2002, the band played one of the most important lyrical theatres in Europe, the Theatre Politeama in Palermo that opened its doors to a rock band for the first time. The concert was another success and all the tickets were sold out in just a few hours. In April 2015, one of their songs was the theme tune of one of the most popular musical RAI programmes in Italy: Radio 1.


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