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Artist Name:
Rock ‘n’ Roll indie/blues
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Lead Vocals – Jim (The Lion) Johnston
Guitar – Sandy Johnston
Bass – Daniel (The Ox) Renton
Guitar – Rich Gregory
Drums & Percussion – Mikey (The Animal) Richmond

Well, well, well here we are at your peril! As the climate of musical tastes repeat themselves for the benefit of cash and silly looking people, we plan to hold onto to something that puts belief back into aspiring GUITAR music and kicks-back at what some people call real talent of today. Learning to move more quickly through the Yorkshire spread music scene, the 3 young lads who formed 'arcadian' back in autumn 2005 are reeking with anger-fuelled goodness to take directly, to the people who choose to come and see them live or they can prefer to chew the ears off those who choose to turn up their noses! Is there a music scene nowadays or can you simply get whatever you want from Topman or Topshop? To salvage themselves from pissing into the wind, trying to be too cool for school, or making a point of being 'new and fresh', the band play direct blues/rock ‘n' roll with guitar leads and riffs to blow your head off. Respectfully this may have been done before but what the fuck does anyone mean nowadays by this??? The bands songs represent just what its like to make your interests heard in today’s swaggering riff-raff of money induced music. With songs like the Sounds of Money and Let the Voices Free these lyrics should remind people of how self assured this band is of carrying themselves, neutrally through a rat race of sorry absorptions of typical manifestations, other bands use to call themselves original. Piss off!! Listen to our songs to see what we mean....... Please visit TRACK RECORDS OR HMV York to pick up a copy of our EP or alternatively contact us directly at 

17 January 2016

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