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A*SONG is a spirited quartet from Lyon which cultivates its taste for the mythic 60's without living in a golden cage. It's repertoire made of 30 and some songs is a modern tribute to this blessed era, a kind of merry sound light comedy where the Beatles married Radiohead and Marc Bolan is having an affair with Phoenix while the Byrds hide in the closet. Their music sounds like pop hymns whose clean arrangements and catchy choruses brought immediate consecration to the band formed in May 2016. An excellent timing propelled TIBO (composition, vocals, guitars), WILL (guitars, backing vocals) ALEXIS (bass guitar) and BEN (drums, backing vocals) right under the stage lights where they shined in a electric and euphoric show.

The band is then soon approached by two
independent local labels : DISQUES PUZZLE and POPSWIRL REC. which give them the opportunity to release and sell 200 copies of "COCK YOUR PISTOL". As this 8 tracks self-production gets flattering reviews in musical press magazines such as ROCK N' FOLK, LES INROCKUPTIBLES, or MAGIC RPM the band stands out on stage being successively the winner of local music contest festivals such as DANDELYON and RESERVOIR ROCK ("musiques en stock" rock festival of Cluses) where they are rewarded with the release of 1600 copies of a 4 tracks live EP and the chance to open for the festival on the official huge stage. Today the band is working on new songs with recently recruted keyboard player YANN and is looking forward to play abroad after doing FNAC showcases and opening for bands such as GIANT SAND or HOLLYWOOD PORN STARS and playing in Paris FLECHE D'OR. On the DANDELYON festival stage they are remarked by experimented sound engineer Chritian Hierro for the new born indie label BACK TO MONO. In the summer of 2005 the band gets in Christian's PHAT studio to record the 12 tracks of their first studio album : "HOTEL DE NICE" that is given a live and warm sound thanks to the use of vintage instruments and recording equipment. 

16 December 2006

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