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Artist Name:
The Benz
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This is The Benz, they are from Liverpool and its surrounding areas. They were brought together by the love for football, drink and women.

The band started by getting together after a party. In the beginning there was Michael Marriott (lead guitar) and Chris Jones (vocals). Michael would play whilst Chris would string a couple sentences together. It worked well and they decided to take it further. Jimmy Marriott was brought in as the drummer, while he was still at school. The beat gave the music some feeling and it sounded good. At first the jamming sessions were an excuse to get stoned. Looking for ways to expand, a friend of Michaels, who he played football with, said his brother played the guitar. One practice session was all it took, and the band was beginning to take shape, Mike Smith was in. 

Something was missing, a bassist. After several unsuccessful applicants The Benz turned their attention to an old friend who had been there from the start, from the jamming sessions to the first gigs. The will was there and so was the dedication. Richard Riozzi was in. They are five normal lads, who are sick of working for a living and watching footballers and money men take what they believe should be theirs. Fame and Fortune.

They decided to do something with their lives whilst time was on their side, like so many before them. 

They’re here and ready for a relegation dog fight in order to blag, steal and cheat their way to the top. There’s a storm brewing and it’s of destructive proportions.

The Benz are here and they’re here to stay.  


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