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Artist Name:
The Cyclones
Rock / Pop / Indie
The Cyclones
The Cyclones
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The storm is coming...

Every so often a band arrives that encapsulates a collective feeling or a sense of occasion. These bands stand out from the crowd, seemingly one step ahead of the rest.

Over the past six months, a band of three individuals has been causing quite a stir on the streets of Manchester with only a handful of gigs to their name. Demo tapes, MP3's and the whispered buzz of expectant insiders has begun to elevate this threesome onto the lips of music lovers throughout the North.

The Cyclones have arrived.

Maybe it's the thunderous shows, the dynamic boy/girl combination or their unique style and look, but The Cyclones have set themselves apart. Huge guitar riffs, soaring vocals and energetic live shows ensure that this band are the real deal.

The Cyclones songs and sound has evolved from the proud guitar rock tradition, however the band have pushed and forced an evolution in this seemingly tired style. Comparisons to the great power pop bands have begun to emanate, and yet The Cyclones still manage to avoid the well-worn clichés of their predecessors and have forced even the most ardent sceptics to concede that there is something special happening.

The trio have successfully distilled the energy of punk, the power of rock and the addictive hooks of pop into a style all their own. Perhaps the unique melting pot of their Australian heritage has influenced their instincts to blend equal parts American Rock and British Pop into their own music.

This is year zero, and the storm is here.

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