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Geezer formed in January 2005 after a chance encounter between John ward, (Vocals/guitars) and Robert ‘Minty’ Swadkins, (Bass/vocals) who at the time was playing with Darren Phillips (Guitars/vocals) in a band by the name of ‘End of Part 1’. After a few jam sessions, they soon realised that they shared common tastes as well as a common goal.

Before long ‘Geezer’ was born and they began work on a 16 track demo. Performing only original material, written by the band, they began rehearsing their live set. With the addition of the phenomenal Sam Martin (Drums), they are now ready to explode onto the scene, bringing with them a fresh, unique and stylish sound. With well constructed melodious and exceptional songs, this band is definitely one to look out for.


Their music brings a refreshing, yet appealing blend of ‘Indy’, ‘Rock’ and ‘Pop’. From thumping, stadium anthems like ‘Charlie Finale’ to haunting, enchanting ballads like ‘All The Angels’, Geezer have got it all. Their demo CD takes you on a journey from the impoverished back streets of Birmingham , through songs like ‘Don’t Watch The Feet’ to the frenzied Friday night explosion of ‘You Got It’.


 John Ward first picked up the guitar under the heavy influence of Oasis and Travis at the tender age of 15. Soon he was fronting different bands of many diverse styles before finding his feet and writing his own material. Today he fronts what is promised to be the most formidable band to emerge from the British music scene for generations. With his unique vocal and song-writing talent he promises to bring new and exciting levels to the enormity that is Geezer.

Robb ‘Minty’ Swadkins began playing at the ridiculous age of 10. His early influences were The Beatles and Pink Floyd, before developing a wide and disparate love affair with all things musical. He first began writing at the age of 12 before going on to play in bands by 15. A gifted bassist and vocalist, he has formed a remarkable writing partnership with both John Ward and Darren Phillips. A passion for music and a lust for success make him a force to be reckoned with

Darren Phillips originally started his musical career as a left handed drummer at 16, playing in numerous bands alongside Robb Swadkins. He made the cross-over to guitar in 1999 and hasn’t looked back since. A natural entertainer, his influences include Ocean Colour Scene, The Jam and Paul Weller. As well as song-writing, he brings a warm style of musicianship, exuding confidence and ability. His drive, dedication, charm and wit, definitely make him one for the ladies.

Sam Martin felt it natural to become a musician as he had come from a very music orientated background. He got hooked on drums when he used to see his father's band Rhythm Stealers play. He started playing drums from the tender age of 4 and started taking lessons from the age of just 6. Since then he hasn't looked back.
All through his schooling, he played in various orchestras, jazz bands, rock bands - you name it! A highlight of that period was playing alongside the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra around the age of 14. He started to listen to muso bands like Steely Dan, Incognito, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, not to mention growing up on Level 42 and The Police and many more. This is where most of his influences came from i.e. Stuart Copeland, Phil Gould, Steve Gadd etc.
After only one year at college he joined the band Riley with the opportunity to go on a tour around the country (and a small tour of Upstate New York). After the band split up, he decided he wanted to be a session player and gig with various artists/bands and possibly teach. It was from this point he really started to take my drumming career seriously. During the summer of 2005 he toured with a show called Red Hot Chartbusters which went all over the country. It gave him the chance to meet and work with some superb musicians and was also a great networking opportunity. All of this remarkable work has shaped Sam into one of the best drummers you'll hear today.


 To dominate the music scene and set the bar to which all others aspire to, leaving behind a wake of classic, best selling albums, in their pursuit of super-stardom!

Thank you once again & we really look forward to entertain you.!!

Kind regards.


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