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Artist Name:
On A Friday
Indie Rock
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”In a pool of ever increasing musical talent and entertaining ability on the Island, On A Friday truly stand out as one of the best, or the best, in their genre. As a result they will only continue to grow as musicians in a larger arena. Their musical talent is something that most young bands dream of. It can be seen shining through each performance that they give on stage and improves with every gig that they undertake. Their aptitude in gaining audience attention and maintaining it throughout their performances, without any sign of faltering, is a talent within itself and one that even some of the most talented established bands are not capable of, for a full set. Their very ‘now’ sound, along with their ability to change and digress to new sounds and genres, provides them with an ever increasing following, and also demonstrates their continued commitment to be the next big thing.“

Bushys Basement Live Music Bar.

14 February 2016

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