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Artist Name:
Screaming Citizens
Jazz Funk Rock
Screaming Citizens
Screaming Citizens
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Scott McDonald: Vocals, flute and sax.
Fraser McDonald: Lead guitar and vocals.
Kevin Mooney: Bass guitar.
Dave Browning: Drums

An incredible live band bursting with JAZZ, riddled with FUNK, screaming with ROCK and without doubt complete with SOUL. As soon as Scott McDonald, Fraser McDonald, Kevin Mooney and Dave Browning came together a year and a half ago and combined their talents for the first time, the connection was a surprise to all, like it was meant to be. These four guys were undoubtedly meant to meet. Scott began to play the flute at the age of eight and Fraser began to play clarinet at the age of nine. Little did the brothers know, their real talents would lie in Fraser's virtuosity on the guitar and Scott's tremendously powerful singing voice and multi-instrumental talent. When they combine their different instruments, their smooth genetic blend of voices and prolific song writing talents they become unstoppable. Scott and Fraser met Kevin Mooney at school and started to rehearse, perform and write. Kevin is a terrific guitarist and drummer but his role in the band is the tough grooved sound that comes from his bass guitar. His strength, rhythm and musicality make the bass guitar become a part of his personality. Last, but by no means least is the backbone and the kick that was waiting to join the citizens: Mr Dave Browning. Dave is currently studying music at Bangor University with Scott and Fraser. Dave's ability on the drum kit is due to his natural musical mind. He plays keyboard and marimba but my God he can play the drums. Scott, Fraser and Kevin were amazed by Dave and couldn't believe the musical connection. One thing that makes this band tight, strong and unbreakable is the fact that they are all best of friends and enjoy what they do. Scott, Fraser, Kevin and Dave are making music and performing as the Screaming Citizens. And they want to share this with the world. Scott's charisma on stage and magnificent voice, Fraser's unbelievable, unmatched genius on the guitar, Kevin's deep-seated grooves on his bass, Dave's clear-cut funked dominance on the kit, is what makes the Screaming Citizens a superb, versatile in style, live band. 

10 August 2006

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