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Artist Name:
The Victor Zulus
Indie rock
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The VictorZulus are a Northern band that aspires to bring a fresh lease of life to the music/pop industry. Their name and sound stand out from those around in modern day music. Their upbeat indie pop music is attracting and exciting a growing number of people in and around the North West region. The reason behind the name remains a secret although numerous rumours have been heard as the band strives to keep the secret.

The VictorZulus were formed in Manchester during September of 2005, with the coalescing of Steven McConnell on Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Neil Barker on Bass guitar and Backing Vocals, James Pickford on Lead guitar and Jonathan Duckett on Drums. The band draws on influences from an eclectic list of artists that reads like the play list from the world’s greatest radio station. Ranging from The Velvet Underground and the Cure to Oasis and the whole Britpop movement it is tribute to these past and present greats that their genre is so hard to define.

The band enjoys many years of musical experience with both Steven and Neil having been in bands previously performing at a variety of different venues across the UK. This provides invaluable experience to the current band The VictorZulus

Currently The VictorZulus are growing from strength to strength with each performance and they have played over 40 gigs in and around Manchester including playing, and winning, a battle of the bands in Fallowfield, on their first live date, and 3 appearances at the Manchester Academy. Also, there are imminent concerts at The Life Café Late Rooms in Manchester and The Cavern in Liverpool.

The next step on The VictorZulus epic voyage to prominence is their first release in the form of ‘Irate Spiders’ The lyrics descend  from Stevens early Collide days when he had his heart set on calling the band “Irate Spiders” but losing the vote, thus impelling him to write “we’re Irate Spiders and we’ll be Collide tonight.”  However, the version fans sing along to today has a firm VictorZulus stamp on it; and with its beguiling bass line and anthemic chorus it is understandable to see why it rapidly became a live favourite.

Exciting times lay ahead for The VictorZulus and with the recent interest expressed by Matchbox Records which has led to the release of Irate Spiders on there World-wide album The Big Indie comeback; a compilation album of the most popular unsigned bands in the world. The upcoming gigs will provide the band with the promotional opportunity to increase the sales of the forthcoming CD, also, the bands web-site; and their myspace pages ( provides the platform for their strong fan base by playing songs and keeping their followers up to date information regarding the bands activities, concerts, interviews and news. The website has mirrored the bands success by receiving over 2000 hits in some weeks.

As The VictorZulus continue to meet the growing demand for live shows the band find themselves playing in an increasing number of places such as Lancaster, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Doncaster, Liverpool and the list goes on. 

“The Victor Zulu’s are an energetic band playing upbeat indie pop music which the audience cant help but sing along to, definitely a must see band!” This quote alone states why The Victor Zulu’s are becoming ever increasingly popular and with the imminent release of their debut single Irate Spiders this success is likely to spread nation-wide along with the excitement currently surrounding the band

 A&R Manager at Matchbox records describes ‘Irate Spiders’, as “kinda Oasis/Beatles Britpop to begin with then develops into quite rustic/funk/pop/rock territory, not quite able to pin it down, which is what’s so good about it – it doesn’t fit into a stereotypical genre”. 

Their energy and love of playing live shows, along with their catchy tunes and melodies, never fails to please the crowds, and whether they are playing to 2 – 200 people or in the studio, they maintain their unique personality which shines through in all their songs.

1 February 2016

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