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4) Core Business of Cavern City Tours

i) Tour Company
Established in 1983. Regional Tour Operator of the Year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.
Cavern City Tours is a specialist incoming tour operator, with particular expertise in the areas of sport and music. Organisers of the annual Beatles Festival and the Mathew Street Festival, which is now established as the busiest time for Liverpool hoteliers, exceeding the business enjoyed during the Grand National.

ii) Magical Mystery Tour Bus
This tour was established by the tourist office in 1982. Cavern City Tours took over this tour in 1991 and have since increased the carrying figures by over 400%.

Demand in the summer of 1996 was so high that Cavern City Tours searched the country in order to purchase another bus, identical to the model used in the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour film - Cavern City Tours has now bought five of these buses, three of which are still in operation.

iii) The Cavern Club
Obviously the jewel in the crown in the company's portfolio. Re-opened in 1984 after eleven years, the club is a thriving night spot for students, tourists and locals alike. The Cavern operates on many levels - as a live music venue, as a disco, as a bar, as a tourist attraction. During the three months prior to the release of The Beatles Anthology, 75 international film crews took footage of The Cavern "Where it all began". Cavern City Tours have a current lease of twenty years and the company also holds trademarks in many classifications, protecting the name and image of The Cavern Club.

iv) The Beatles Festival
Organised entirely by Cavern City Tours since 1986. The Festival attracts musicians and Beatle fans from all over the world and is truly an international event. The concerts attract major international media interest, making the festival the premier annual event held in the City of Liverpool.

v) Merchandising
The Company has extended both the range and quality of its merchandising over the last twelve months or so. Mugs, cups, glasses, lighters, pens, bags, wallets, postcards, posters, maps, jackets, T-shirts, polo shirts, denim shirts, books, street signs, and just about everything else conceivable, prominently features the famous Cavern logo. Every year approximately 100,000 postcards and 20,000 maps featuring places to visit for Beatle fans, are sold by Cavern City Tours. The company envisages that this sector of the company possesses considerable scope for expansion.

vi) The Cavern Pub
Opened in August 1994, in order to facilitate the needs of the tourists. The pub has gone from strength to strength in the period and it's final phase of development was completed with the unveiling of the 'Cavern Wall of Fame' on January 16th, 1997, the 40th anniversary of the club's opening. The Wall of fame incorporates the names of every artiste that performed at The Cavern Club from 1957-1973 (1801 artistes). Cavern City Tours holds a 25 year lease on the property.

vii) Liverpool's Mathew Street Music Festival
Cavern City Tours were originators and sole organisers of the Festival from 1993-1996. The one day free festival typically attracts 100,000 visitors who are entertained by 140 bands on 40 stages, all within 500 yards of the Cavern Club.
Every pub, club and restaurant features live music and in 1995 the Council estimated that the Festival generated an extra £1.75 million spent in the city centre in one day.

Cavern City Tours looks to the future with great optimism. With or without funding we will continue to increase and improve the facilities for Beatles' visitors and market the name of Liverpool to a world-wide audience hungry to find out more about the birthplace of The Beatles which, for hundreds of thousands of people, is a -------------------------------
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