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Before the Moptops, before the suits, before the screams, before the British invasion… it was pure rock and roll! ’62 are a band that captures the look, sound, and energy of the Hamburg/Cavern era, and is one of only a few of the Beatle tribute bands in the entire world to focus only on this early period. This year has been a busy one with the group gaining two new members and being selected as the ambassador band for the Finger Lakes Wine Country’s "Riesling revolution" ad campaign. They toured several state wineries, and were featured prominently on television and radio.  Dave Pal (John), John Doud (Paul), Scott Benjamin (George), and Dan Naylor (Ringo)


In his book the Complete Chronicle, Mark Lewisohn wrote, "If 1963 had been the year in which The Beatles conquered Britain, then in 1964 they had conquered the world." The Beatles were the first part of what affectionately, Americans call the British invasion. To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of that tumultuous occasion Cavern City Tours have instigated a reverse US invasion of Britain, by 10 of Uncle Sam’s greatest Beatle acts. What better way than to start the introductions with a band named after that amazing year, 1964 . . . The Tribute, who make their fifth Beatle Week appearance in a year which has also seen them perform forty years to the day at two of the four Beatles 1964 tour venues in the US still in existence. This Thursday, as we kick off the festival, the band are appearing at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado, and back on February 12th they recreated the Carnegie Hall show at the famous New York venue. 1964 . . . The Tribute are celebrating their own 20th Anniversary this year; formed in 1984, the band comprises of Mark Benson (John), Jimmy Pou (George), Gary Grimes (Paul) and Greg George (Ringo) and the last twenty years has seen them grow to become one of the greatest tribute bands in the world. Specialising in the pre-Revolver years, 1964’s  stage show is just about as close as you can get to the original look, sound and feel of those frenzied sell-out Beatle shows. They are so much in demand that their touring schedule is just as hectic as the fabs themselves had back in 64 and they play to packed  audiences all over the US. They are truly amazing so it’s no wonder that 1964… The Tribute have a huge following in the States, and they’ve won thehearts of many here in Liverpool too!


Acústika are four young Brazilian women, previously members of a group called The  Pancake Band that had performed to large crowds in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, who in 2015 decided to give a twist to some of the greatest classic rock songs of the twentieth century. Despite their unusual interpretations of songs by artists from The Beatles to Coldplay, using classical instruments like the violin, flute, piano alongside electric guitars, bass and drums; even translating the lyrics into Spanish, Italian, French & Chinese, Acústika have a warm reception everywhere they perform. Their exquisite vocals harmonies,  exciting musical arrangements and lively stage performances are captivating. We have no  doubt that this group will be the buzz of Beatle Week talk! Meet Tayana Dantas, Jane Soren, Luciana Guessa and Claudia Moreno – Acústika!


Can you guess which Beatles album this band is inspired by…? Yes, the BBCtles aren’t obsessed about Eastenders, they’re fans of the Beatles at the BBC album! The BBCtles, who were founded in 1998 and play mostly in the clubs around Vienna, feature Arthur Fandl on vocals & bass, a music teacher who has composed two musicals and along with vocalist & guitarist Peter Pleyl played at Liverpool Beatle Week way back in 1995 & 1996. Peter owns his own music studio and has produced and recorded a lot of albums and music for television (not the BBC?!). Hans Mayrhofer (vocals & guitar) is also a music teacher and plays in various other groups all over Austria including Sinus & Co., and last but no means least, drummer Ali Rammel who took part in a musical called "Into the Woods" and spends his time away from the BBCtles playing with other bands in Vienna. There were 275 Beatles recordings for the BBC, 36 of which were the groups only studio performance of those songs. Shows broadcast between 1962- 1965 included Brian Matthew’s ‘Saturday Club’, ‘Parade of the Pops’ and The Beatles own shows ‘From Us To You’ and ‘Pop Go The Beatles’. The BBCtles perform many of the songs recorded for these shows so you can guarantee that whether you’re whistling along to ‘Clarabella’, or jiggling to ‘I Got A Woman’, you’ll be doing the ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’ at he BBCtles shows!


We’re very excited to welcome a new band to Beatle Week from Australia, The Beatels. This is an historic year for fans of The Beatles in Australia and it has also been a big year for The Beatels. In 1964, The Beatles toured Australia, beginning in Centennial Hall, Adelaide on June 12th. Ringo had been taken ill the previous week and was replaced by Jimmy Nicol on this date (and the preceding ones in Denmark, The Netherlands and Hong Kong). Ringo rejoined the group in Melbourne for the remainder of the tour in Sydney, New Zealand and Brisbane. On 12 June 2016, forty years on, the Sydney-based act The Beatels travelled to Adelaide for its inaugural Australian Beatles Festival, where they played on the same stage as the Fabs at Centennial Hall. The Beatels also performed their own 40th Anniversary tour (which included a once-only screening of the Fabs in Melbourne in 1964 on the big-screen) playing sell-out shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Sydney, His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth, The Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane and Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne, in a line-up that included Pete Best, Richard Lush and the man who ran on-stage 40 years ago in Melbourne to shake John’s hand. And that was just after they’d performed with Olivia Newton John! Many Scousers who have frequented Bondi Beach in Australia would remember these lads as the ones from the Cock and Bull in years past. Those with a longer memory would also remember John & Paul from The Beatels in the Beatle-version of ‘A Stairway To Heaven’ that raised a chuckle in the early 1990’s. Bruce Coble (John), Steve Shipley (Paul), Marcus Phelan (George) and Neil Rankin (Ringo) are celebrating their eighth year as The Beatels (although most had already been doing this for many years previously with another Beatles show, The Beatnix) and are they are admired for their attention to detail and their ability to do justice to a broad range of the music of The Beatles. They perform regularly in theatres, clubs & at all kinds of special events: They played at the launch of the new Volkswagen Beetle in Sydney in 2000 and the new Mazda in Queensland in 2002; they were selected by EMI in Australia to launch the re-mastered ‘Yellow Submarine’; they regularly perform at major events throughout Asia, such as last years Cold Storage festival in Singapore (which was attended by 80,000 people over 2 days, sharing the stage with Hong Kong pop-stars!), and  earlier this year they featured in the NTV nightly news in Malaysia.


The Beatbrothers are Phil Gillespie, 15, on lead guitar and lead vocals, Eddy Gillespie, 13, on drums and Shaun Gillespie (their Dad, struggling to keep them in check!) on bass. The band’s first big break was playing at the Beatles Convention in 2001, and they haven’t looked back since. Eddy is the youngest drummer ever to have played at The Cavern Club; he was just 10 years old in 2001! Their highlight so far in 2016, was a 30-minute spot on Spencer Leigh’s Saturday night BBC Radio Merseyside programme "On The Beat", where two of the lads original songs were played, as well as a live studio performance of severa   songs by George Harrison, The Who, and The Beatles. Look closely at Dad Shaun’s bass guitar; the Fender Precision he plays was once owned by John Entwhistle of The Who, and was bought from the much missed bass guitarists estate in 2015. It only comes out for special occasions, and there’s no better one that CCT’s Beatle Weekend! The Beatbrothers play 60’s music, mainly Beatles, but also their own energetic versions of classic songs by The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and Spencer Davies Group. If you enjoy music played with passion and loads of energy then this is the band for you!



The Beatalls are thrilled to be returning to Beatle Week for the fifth time. The last year has seen Andy (John), Ian (Paul), Mel (George) and Steve (Ringo) busy with lots of functions around the UK, but as well as that there have been many stand out occasions. Firstly, they were invited to perform at Beatle Conventions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at their hometown’s Nottingham Beatles Day and at the first Liverpool Easter Eggman Convention; all of which were excellent and enjoyable events. They performed at a huge event in Paris to a large, multinational audience and undertook two great Christmas gigs at Liverpool’s one and only Cavern Club; all very good fun! There’s been the release of The Beatalls first CD; a 2016 remake of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ as well as a CD by Ian called ‘Some Macca Songs’ which as well as including many McCartney solo songs also features the bands good friend Johnny Silver. Both CD’s will be available throughout the festival from the band. The Beatalls also recorded a promo video for an up and coming BBC director. The Beatalls have continued to build upon the largest and most accurate Beatle Instrument collection in the UK with recent additions including a Gretsch DuoJet, a left handed Hofner ‘Cavern’ Bass, a rare Epiphone Texan McCartney acoustic and a perfectly Lennonised’ 325 Rickenbacker. At last years Liverpool Beatle Week they performed a memorable set of ‘Beatles at the BBC’ songs and at the Eggman Convention The Beatalls gave us the entire ‘Please Please Me’ album. For this year’s event they are taking on ‘With The Beatles’ as the album of choice along with more sets of BBC and Please Please Me songs, both will be performed in the usual Beatalls ‘full-on upbeat energy style’!  So, whether its your first time with The Beatalls or not, be sure to go along and say "Hi", and as Ian says; "shake yer bums, wiggle yer hips", and have a good dance in the true spirit of Beatle Week!


It’s always nice to say ‘you’re welcome’ to a new band. As Shalil Shankar said from the Chavasse Park stage last year, Liverpool really is the equivalent of Mecca for musicians. For many Beatles tribute bands, it must seem like they have been waiting for the day until they come to Liverpool for what seems like forever. Well, for one lucky group of competition winners  from Mexico (that’s just to the south of California, girls), this is the year their dreams come true. TheBeatboys won the Battle of the Bands at the 9th annual Beatles Festival organised by Ricardo Calderon. The Beatboys were founded by Christian Miranda, 25 years old (bass), Eber Lopez, 26 years old (keyboards and vocals) and Jonathan Miranda, 28 years old (drums). Staging their first performance on December 8th, 1998, In Pebruary 2001 Mauricio Rosas, 20 years old, joined the group, as percussionist, later providing backing vocals on some songs, and then playing the guitar. In 2002 the group is completed with the arrival of Daniel Rosas, on lead guitar. Daniel at the tender age of 17 amazed everyone with his mastery and command of his instrument.


Since last years festival, The Beatlemaniacs have achieved a great deal in terms of boosting the band’s profile. The UK’s youngest Beatles Tribute Band, with all members being the age the real Beatles were in the 1960’s, they are the ultimate interms of capturing the energy of a live Beatles show. The group have a sense of humour and energy which comes across in  their electric performances. Formed only 2 1/2 years ago this will be their third appearance at Beatle Week, and in such a short time they have become a crowd favourite. They are looking forward to performing another selection of great shows, to once more rave reviews. The Beatlemaniacs are also looking forward to a weekend of running through the streets of Liverpool, escaping the clawing hands of young girls on their suits as they go!! They performed at the Cavern during our Easter Eggman Weekend and enjoyed a two-night stint there again in June; performed live on BBC Television’s prime time kids show Blue Peter, and have recently performed a string of UK theatre performances. All four members are based in the North- East of England; Rich Jordan who plays John in the band also performs as a solo ‘John’ tribute artist. His brother, James, keeps the beat at the back as Ringo, while Chris Johnson performs as bass guitarist Paul, and lead guitarist Greg Alderson completes the four as George. Cavern shows are always extra special to The Beatlemaniacs, so the crowds will be in for a treat; there may even be some surprises thrown in!! They will be playing in and around the Mathew Street area all weekend, so catch them if you can!


The Beatvox are looking forward to playing at this year’s convention in Liverpool for the first time since their dream came true in November 2002 when they played at The Cavern Club. The overwhelming reception at The Cavern Club has made the quartet eager to play at the famous week dedicated to their idols, The Beatles. The Beatvox formed in October 2000, consisting of Naoki Sakamoto (John), Ryoichi Takeda (Paul), Kazuhiro Itoh (George) & Akira Ozawa (Ringo); all of whom had previously been in various other bands. The group enjoy playing a variety of Beatles music, especially the early rock and roll songs. Most of The Beatvox’s performances take place in Tokyo and Yokohama where they have many loyal followers. They have played at the Beatles Official Fan Club events in Japan, and at charity concerts. The Beatvox also perform in other major cities including Osaka and Nagoya. Some of these memorable performances include, sharing the same stage with Pete Best’s Band in Japan 1995 and when playing ‘Dig a Pony’ in front of George Martin in 1996. But of course the most memorable event of all is playing here in Liverpool at The Cavern Club in 2002.  


Banned On The Run are the Brigadoon of Beatle Week… they only exist for the duration of the festival and then they disappear into the mists of Halifax and Hertfordshire, never to be seen for 51 weeks! Bob Bartey and his comrades Marcus Lazarus, Sean Fitzpatrick and his brother Kevin Fitzpatrick gave-up the ‘Silly Love Songs’ when Marcus moved down south a couple of years ago. However, they do reform just to play at Beatle Week every year, which we are very grateful for because they’re our very favourite Macca band! Last year they were joined onstage by former Wings/McCartney band members Henry McCullough, Steve Holley, Denny Seiwell, Chris Hall & Howie Casey at the Royal Court. It was a fantastic concert with just one of the many memorable moments being Henry McCullough playing that oh-so famous guitar solo during ‘My Love’. One of McCartney’s other love songs was the Bridal March for our Beatle Week wedding in 2015. Gill walked down the aisle to Calico Skies on her 25th August wedding to Paul Shedden. Our happy couple will be celebrating their 1st anniversary this week so be sure to wish them many happies when you see them! On the subject of nuptials, guitarist extraordinaire Marcus married the lovely Lucie this summer. Many congratulations from us to Mr and Mrs Lazarus! So BOTR are back again, sans famous friends and doing their own great show; you’ll be able to ‘Listen To What The Man Said’ and Banned on the Run may even play your ‘Baby’s Request’ at their ‘Rock Show’!


Paul McCartney played his 3000th gig this year in St Petersburg, as part of another highly successful tour, but back in 1990 the Brazilian fans really showed their appreciation for Macca setting a new world record for the largest stadium audience when 184,000 people filled the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro. The Black Bird Band are from Rio, where, since their formation in 1997 they have been voted Best Beatles cover band in Brazil by Radio Emperor FM, at the Liverpool Night’s contest in São Paolo and by the British community at the Queen’s  birthday celebrations in 2000.  Alan Marques, Thiago Henrique and Kico Ferreira are the groups lead singers and guitarists, Ivan Barros plays the bass, Flávio Armony plays the  keyboard and Xande Maio plays the drums and also sings. Black Bird Band’s repertoire consists of both Beatles and solo compositions including It Don’t Come Easy, My Love,  Imagine and My Sweet Lord. Black Bird Band has played over 600 shows and has a hugely popular fan club with over 5500 members. They are now preparing to record their first album to be entitled "Beatles Brazil Black Bird Number One".


Not yet quite celebrating their 10th Anniversary of Beatle Week appearances, but check back in 6 years time as this Illinois band are becoming a bit of a fixture here. At least, some of the members are… Davey Justice, the founding member of British Import (as they were originally known) has rejoined in the role of Paul. Davey has just completed a 5-month stint in Las Vegas as the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino with the Legends of Yesterday Show. Of course, with Davey playing Paul, you may be wondering what’s happened to Paul Lynch... well he’s swapping names and roles, reverting to his given first name James (he really is James Paul!) and he’s trading his Hofner bass for a Rickenbacker guitar and taking on the role of John! He’s been told for many years that he’d make a great ‘Lennon’ and now he’s finally succumbed to the pressure to move from stage right to stage left! Completing the line-up are fellow founding member Jim ‘Ringo’ Martin, with the most famous face furniture in Beatledom, and Gavin Pring – who can, of course, also be seen at Beatle Week with George Harry’s Son. The Chicago four played at Ohio’s Abbey Road on the River a couple of weeks ago, and now are back in Liverpool for to unveil their new line-up. Welcome to James, Davey, Gav and Jim - the all-new British Export!


If you haven’t experienced this remarkable band before, your week won’t be complete unless you’ve seen them at least once. Their outstanding sets run the gamut from the Hamburg days to the solo years and are always of the highest quality. No show is ever the same and in true 60’s spirit the performance often turns into a ‘Happening’ full of visual and aural surprises! This year we’re promised more surprises (What? Edu’s learnt English at last?). We’ve had one already. Lead singer and guitarist Saulo Simonassi has left to concentrate on his solo career and is replaced by Leo Vaccari; bass player Otavio Ribeiro is replaced by original member Leo Teixeira. The other guys in the band - drums Babi Vaccari; keys/guitar Mark Fernandez; and founder member Edu Henning (percussion) who, when not presenting the long-running Clube Big Beatles radio show, is news/sports anchorman on Brazil’s biggest TV network. Clube Big Beatles are from Vitória, near Rio de Janeiro. Just a group of friends who got together to play Beatles’ songs. When they were offered their first gig they locked themselves away for 3 months producing a well honed set – and this attention to detail is still evident 15 years later. Throughout the years Clube Big Beatles’ popularity in their hometown and around Brazil has been built not only on their music, but also their charity work using the messages in John, George, Paul and Ringo’s songs. They attract big names from the Brazilian music scene to play Beatles classics at the same time helping the less fortunate, drawing crowds of up to 40,000 people. Entrance to these fund raising shows is with the donation of goods. In 1992, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Love Me Do, admission to the show was a book, resulting in 5,000 books being collected for the city’s public library. Then there were the charity premiere of the film Backbeat and the John Lennon Tribute shows where admission was a minimum of 2 lbs of food. Over 9 tons of food was distributed to the city’s poor. Liverpool highlights from Clube Big Beatles include; opening the Yellow Submarine Mathew Street Festival celebrations in 1999; filling the Adelphi stage with audience members for a David Frost Show authentic rendition of  ‘Hey Jude’; distributing little bags of Brazilian sand to be scattered around the world in memory of 20th anniversary of John’s death; the appearance of the Liverpool Samba School; guest videos from Pelé, the king of football and long-time George Harrison pal racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi; and who could forget those giant hands of Edu’s? Yep! Those who have been lucky enough to see a Clube Big Beatles’ performance in Liverpool know that they have been a part of something special.


Det Betales like Clube Big Beatles and Liverpool are celebrating their tenth year at the Festival. With the huge demand to play Beatle Week, this is a testimony to the profssionalism and ability of all three bands. Furthermoreit says a lot about them as people, as one of our major aims is to give Beatle fans the best music played by the best people. As Bill Shankly, legendary manager of Liverpool FC said to an opposing chairman: "Yes, obviously we know what your player is like, we’ve watched him  ten times. We wouldn’t be putting in a bid to buy him if we didn’t rate him as a player!  But what’s he like as a person? That is just as important!"  Headlines acts come and go at Beatle Week but the real glue that holds the show together (apart from us fans of course), are guys like Rolf Øyvind Hæg (drums), Magne Frydenlund (bass), Dag Svartskuren (lead guitar) and Tor Olsen (rhythm guitar) who make up Det Betales and have been entertaining the Beatle Week crowd forever, it seems. The world wouldn’t  be quite right if they weren’t in Liddypool with us every August would it?  There’s a certain quirkiness to their  performances which makes their  shows fun –any band that comes up with stage names like Bingo Stærk,  Paul McEplecarth,  George Harryseth and John Ramon is unlikely to be  run-of-the-mill – and if they’ve bought it with them, we recommend that  you get hold of a copy of their promo CD ‘Norwegian’s Would’ (ho ho  ho!), which as well as displaying their Beatles  repertoire includes a  touching tribute to John called, of course, ‘Dear John’.          


Did you see it? Were you there? The show everyone was talking about last August was the Fab Faux' Monday night Royal Court Theatre performance of the White Album. In its entirety. Yes, even Revolution #9. It was more of a happening than a  concert, and it left a theatre-full of Beatle Weekers gobsmacked! This year the guys are back, and as usual they've got some exhilarating sets planned for us. The last year has seen the Fab Faux add a further 21 Beatles songs to their ever-increasing repertoire; they can now perform 159 of the 211 officially released songs. They have continued to perform sell-out shows in New York and the surrounding area; as well playing for the National Basketball Association All-Star Weekend in Hollywood, California. Their day jobs keep them pretty busy: Jimmy Vivino plays guitar for the Max Weinberg 7 on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Will Lee is bassist in the Late Show with the David Letterman Band, Rich Pagano runs a busy recording studio and has toured recently with Rosanne Cash, Jack Petruzzelli has been on tour with this year with Rufus Wainwright, and Frank  Agnello works for the major music performance rights society ASCAP. Jimmy and Rich have recently started a side-project; the late 60's/early 70's power trio Steaks and Chops. Rich recently spent time playing with one of his idols, Bob Dylan, including a rehearsal vocal session singing 'I Shall Be Released'. To top it all off, Will has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by Bass Player Magazine - a true honour which he will receive this coming October. Of course, the Fab Faux' link to the Beatles' 40th Anniversary U.S. TV debut can't be overlooked either - the Letterman show is recorded in the Ed Sullivan Theater where that historic appearance originally took place, so the famous venue is Will's place of work. Will was honoured to be allowed to sing "Hey Jude" on the Letterman Show on February 9th this year - he was in fact, the only non-Beatle to perform that evening as CBS also showed a clip of the Beatles performing in the same studio 40 years earlier. The Fab Faux return to Beatle Week with three thrilling shows; Monday at the Royal Court and two shows at the Cavern on Tuesday. They will be contrasting our '64 theme with an all-out psychadelic show at the Royal Court . . . and knowing the Faux as we do, it will be yet another happening! Turn on, tune in, Faux out!

  FAB 5

In July 1964 The Beatles returned to their hometown for the northern premiere of A Hard Day’s Night. Had they held a US premiere of the film they may have chosen to hold it in The Fab Five’s hometown; Liverpool New York State! Looking forward to almost a week of Hard Days and Nights, The Fab Five are thrilled to be chosen to represent our sister city this year. The band was formed on February 9th 2001, which was of course the 37th anniversary of the Beatles US TV debut. Gary Frenay (rhythm guitar/bass) and Arty Lenin (lead guitar) have been friends for over 30 years, playing in various bands including The Flashcubes and working with the likes of U2, The Police and The Ramones. In fact in the 70’s they were friends with a local drummer called Joe English. Joe later joined Wings – apparently Macca thought he had a hip last name! Guitarist Dave Novak was a teenager when he attended the historic Shea Stadium concert and caught the Beatle bug. Dave’s been playing ever since, and with Paul Davie (bass/piano) and Dave Miller (drums) completing the line-up, The Fab Five have recently played with Joey Molland of Badfinger and Terry Sylvester of The Hollies & The Swinging Blue Jeans.We welcome The Fab Five from Liverpool NYto Liverpool, England!


Every year Charles F. Rosenay!!! brings a large group of Beatlefans across to Liverpool from America, accompanied by a band which hasn’t played at Beatleweek before. This week the lucky Magical History Tour crew have spent time in Hamburg & London prior to arriving in Liverpool and they’ve been entertained every step of the way by The Fab Four. The Fab Four have performed to audiences all over the world including Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil and have spent much of this year playing regular engagements at the Hilton Las Vegas. The band’s founding members are Ardy Sarraf, who is one of the most critically acclaimed Paul McCartney impersonators in the world, and Ron McNeil, who, as a youngster, was first inspired to follow in the footsteps of his hero John Lennon after seeing the Broadway show Beatlemania in 1979. Ardy and Ron joined forces in 1998 and were soon joined by talented lead guitarist Michael Amador as George Harrison and Beatles tribute band veteran Rolo Sandoval as Ringo Starr. They played to 60,000 fans at a football stadium in Buenos Aires and have been honoured to play twice at the famed Hollywood Bowl, where the Beatles first played 40 years ago this month. In fact, The Fab Four recreated both that 1964 and the 1965 Beatles concert on the very same stage in May 2001, having previously appeared on the same bill  as Sir George Martin at the venue in 1999. They’re thrilled to be playing in the birthplace of the Beatles, and we’re certain that you’ll be just as thrilled when you see them play!!


Last year at Beatle Week Gav notched up a massive total of fourteen gigs in three different guises and won audiences over with his natural wit and charm (Well he is from Liverpool so what did you expect?). Gav celebrated George Harrison’s solo career by recreating ‘The Rock Legends Tour’ of 1991 in Chavasse Park on the Saturday with his own band ‘George Harry’s Son’. They performed a memorable set, one of the highlights being their blistering rendition of ‘Isn’t It A Pity’. They reprised the set in front of a capacity crowd in the Cavern on Monday. ‘George Harry’s Son’ make a welcome return to Beatle Week albeit with a slightly different line-up. Gav is again joined by Richard Smith, with his unique style and superb slide guitar playing; Richie ‘the Sticks’, as he is known, still providing the steady beat, and Kate Cave providing backing vocals alongside new addition to the band; Paula McCool. On keyboards this year is John, and on bass a new, but familiar face in the line-up is Gav’s fellow British Export member Paul Lynch. In 2015, hot on the heels of his success in the park Gav provided the George content at Saturday evenings ‘Unplugged’. Forget ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, The American Bar was the hottest place in town that night. Gav notched up two notable firsts during the gig; he gave us the first ever Beatle Week performance of George Harrison’s ‘Pirate Song’, and he became the first Beatle Week artist to cover a track from George’s latest album ‘Brainwashed’ with ‘Devil and The Deep Blue Sea’. Since last year’s Beatle Week Gav has been busy working with British Export, not only fitting in another tour of South Korea but also  appearing on several American television programmes when the 40th Anniversary of the Beatles first US visit was celebrated  earlier this year. He has enjoyed another busy summer, culminating in Abbey Road on the River in Cleveland where he performed with Tim Piper in the Fantasy Reunion concert. You’d think that was enough for most people but Gav is a talented musician in his own right playing a range of instruments and  writing his own songs. Recently he has been busy recording his original material and his  debut CD will be available soon. 

  Dios Salve A La Reina

Dios Salve A La Reina or God Save the Queen is Argentina’s most popular Queen tribute band. This four-piece group formed in 1998 in Rosario, Argentina, and their reputation has continued to grow since then with ever increasing popularity in South America, and a highly successful recent visit to the UK and Europe. In fact, following their amazing concerts as part of our Easter Eggman Weekend, we just knew we had to get Dios Salve a  la Reina back for Beatle Week! Queen are certainly one of the greatest bands of all time, and with such a rich catalogue of songs to chose from, Dios Salve A La Reina’s concerts are packed full of classics. Pablo Padín is Freddie Mercury… and we don’t just mean he plays the role of the Queen front man – he really becomes Freddie on-stage! With guitarist extraordinaire Francisco Calgaro as Brian May, Matías Albornoz in Roger Taylor’s seat behind the drum kit and Ezequiel Tibaldo as the ever cool bassist John Deacon, the band are able to play songs that Queen never really played live. One of the sets highlights, unsurprisingly, is the 1975 number one Bohemian Rhapsody… their performance is just astonishing. Whatever you do, however many of the other bands you see this year, make sure you make time to see one of Dios Salve A La Reina’s shows. As the band say, "Our aim is to rock the audience and make them feel they’re seeing Freddie Mercury and Queen live", and you’d be Stone Cold Crazy to miss them! Why are they playing Beatle Week? Bill Heckle has two answers, one, Queen played The Cavern so it is relevant, but maybe the real answer could be that Bill thinks they are one of the greatest tribute bands of all time.



On 6th July 1957 John met Paul and soon after invited him to join his band The Quarry Men. Just a few months older than Lennon and McCartney were on that historic day, the three members of  Green Village are only 18 and already two of them have followed in Lennon’s footsteps having played at Quarry Bank School back in 2000 when Beatle  Week regulars will  remember them as Two Of Us.  Mind you, Joel and Rasmus Ek did start playing  and singing together at the age of 5 so they’ve  already been together longer than The Beatles! The  cousin’s return to Liverpool with their Stockholm High School  friend Andreas Westerlund, and with a  new name; Green Village. The trio cover every  aspect of the Fabs career from early  Beatles to the  latest Paul McCartney songs, as well as writing  their own material, which they will be releasing on  CD very  soon. All three are very excited to be invited to this years Beatles festival. Rasmus and  Joel know from experience how much fun it is, and  Andreas has heard all about it from them! Catch  Green Village throughout the weekend at the Cavern Club and  Pub.


Celebrating his fifth consecutive appearance at Beatle Week, Canadian Hal Bruce arrives in Liverpool following a successful year that has seen him attending Beatles festivals all over the world! He attended the first Australian Festival, along with The Mersey Beatles and The Beatels, in Adelaide in June, and earlier this month played at Cleveland’s Abbey Road On The River, where one of his four concerts was a one hour non-stop 209 song Beatles medley . . . in order of release, in the original keys etc, and all alternating between an acoustic guitar and a piano! He is due to perform this amazing medley on the Yellow Submarine Podium in Church Street on Monday. It’s certainly a first, as far as we know! But how did this guy from Nova Scotia become one of the world’s greatest solo Beatles performers? Well, Hal saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan and formed his first band shortly after at the age of 14, having purchased a $10 pawnshop guitar! He fronted a full-time band for many years before beginning a solo career in 2000. He has since released two Beatles tribute CD’s: "In My Life …" in 2002, was followed this year by "I Will …" with Hal performing all vocals (lead and background), guitars and bass on all the tracks. Hal Bruce’s outstanding talent has won him many Canadian  music awards, and we’re always thrilled to welcome this fantastic musician back to Beatle Week.


Any body at Chavasse Park last year on the Saturday would probably agree with me if I said "It was the highlight of the week!"  It was more like a comedy sketch with Yoko (Victoria Sharpe) confirming her love of John at every opportunity! We can all feel free to express our love and thanks to Jon (as in Keats) for his (almost) unrivalled input into our annual shenanigans. He  has of course been a stalwart (look it up Jon, it means you are no spring chicken!) of Beatle Week for many, many, many years. He brings a spark and a twinkle to the proceedings and I suppose he will have etched upon his memorial the simple epitaph ‘Serve yourself’, cos that’s what he is going to be remembered for. Jon is now a successful entrepeneur (he can go into  the preneur whenever he likes!) with his Blundell Street Empire of restaurants and bars. His enthusiasm and drive have helped make Blundell Street a huge local  success story. But it is in the guise of ‘Our John’ that Jon really excels and he brings to the party those vital, genuine Liverpool ingredients that cannot be mimicked. You’ve either got it or you haven’t and Jon definitely has it! This year after eleven and a half months without practice, he brings to us the first Beatle Week Bed-Inn at the Adelphi.God knows what it’s gonna be about, he won’t say cos I don’t think he’s sure himself yet. One thing is for sure, it will be irreverent, dead funny and it will capture the essence of the great man. It is also a welcome return for Yoko and i am sure this will be a highlight of the whole weekend. So, join John and Yoko in the main lounge at 2.00am (Friday into Saturday) for a real treat. If you can’t stay up for that catch Jon with his band, Instant Karma at the Mathew Street festival. Bring your pj’s.


Like many musicians and Beatle fans in the United States, Jan Owen’s life was changed 40 years ago when The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Say’s Jan; "I knew I wanted to become a musician when I saw that," and he spent his teenage years developing his guitar skills in his first band performing regularly in an exotic dance lounge – the gig with the topless dancers ended when a TV repairman recognised Jan in front of his Dad! Jan is now a solo performer and brings his highly acclaimed one-man ‘Fab Fouray’ show to Liverpool for the first time. He comes very highly recommended – having won two successive Beatlefest sound-alike contests. His energetic sets include songs that would be challenge enough for a four-piece band, let alone a solo guitarist. At his shows throughout Beatle Week you can look forward to I’m Only Sleeping, where he ‘sings’ the backwards guitar lick; the entire Abbey Road Medley and most amazingly A Day In The Life, with Jan simulating the 42-piece orchestral crescendo on his acoustic guitar a truly impressive performance which has to be seen to be believed. Jan is also a songwriter and has penned over 40 songs. His CD, available at his shows throughout the festival, features his most requested Beatles covers, some great classic songs by the likes of Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Donovan and Elton John as well as several of his own excellent compositions. Make sure you check Jan Owen out!


In October 1973 John Lennon left Yoko Ono and went on his ‘lost weekend’. Hanging out in LA with Keith Moon and Ringo Starr, John dated May Pang and they spent 15 months partying and making music. Lennon released his Phil Spector produced ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ album in 1975. So what better name for a band who knows how to party, and loves to rock and roll than ‘Lost Weekend’, which is exactly what Johnny Silver’s calling his band this year. Johnny, who also performs with The Silver Beatles, first got together with the band in 1999 and they became the Lennon Revival. Featuring Mike Doring (vocals, lead/rhythm guitar & keyboards), Andy Sindt (bass), Rick Pohlman (drums) and Chris Alexander (keyboards), the band have played at all of the major Beatle Week events including Strawberry Fields in 1998, the Casbah in 1999, Quarry Bank School in 2000 and Live Peace in Chavasse Park last year. Johnny Silver has had great success with the self-written and produced musical shows "She Loves You" and "Yesterday", both of which toured extensively round Europe. This year he is unveiling a new show called "A Day In The Life", which is a multimedia crossover project, devised by Johnny,  Mike Doring and Ian Watts of The Beatalls.  Over the last few years Ian has made numerous trips to Germany to play with Johnny and the band, and this Beatle Week he will be joining them on-stage at some shows. Johnny Silver and Lost Weekend will be at The Rawhide Comedy Club on Friday, as well as various other venues throughout the festival. And if you’re reading this programme on the way home from Beatle Week and you missed their shows, remember what John Lennon wrote in the sleeve notes of that ‘Lost Weekend’ album … "You Should Have Been There." Dr Winston O’ Boogie.


Are you ready to rock? Kappa certainly are and you’d better hold on tight if you want to join them for a ride through some of the best rock and roll to come out of Liverpool in many years. Known as ‘The Amazing Kappa’, there is no doubting the validity of this moniker afteryou’ve witnessed their show. Fronted by guitar supremo Paul Kappa, the band performs his original songs and currently has a residency at the Cavern Club. Bass player Martin Byrne and drummer Tony O’Keeffe have both worked with other local bands, and together they provide fantastic backing for Paul’s songs, showcased perfectlyon the  bands debut album ‘Living @ The End Of The World’, which range from country style folk-ballads to mid-seventies all-out rock, suggesting influences including Free, Led Zeppelin, the Stones, The Byrds and even The White Stripes. There is absolutely no doubt that Paul Kappa is an amazing guitarist and his fingers areliked greased lighting on the fretboard of his beautiful Gretsch White Falcon. With rave reviews of their first album, success is surely just around the corner. Catch them at The Cavern, while you can! If you love him as much as we do then come back on November 26th at the Royal Court Theatre for his ‘Guitar hero Show’ – unmissable!


There is no disputing Lawrence Gilmour’s right to be billed as the World’s Number One Paul McCartney impersonator. Even the great man himself looked no further than Lawrence when he required a lookalike for his video shoot of ‘No Other Baby’. They hung out together for several days, shared the same dressing room - sung together - even had lunch together. As Lawrence said at the time "I was very impressed with him. I admired him before but now I admire and respect him even more. He even took the time to show me a few things on my own Hofner violin bass. We may never meet again, but I think I had more than my fair share with my idol and mentor." Lawrence was a Beatle Week regular until he moved to the United States 3 years ago and so it’s with great pleasure that we welcome him back again to this year’s Convention. He appeared as Macca in ‘Stars in their Eyes’ ten years ago and has appeared in numerous TV shows since including TFI Friday and a Channel 4documentary about the Beatles. He also sang live on LWT’s ‘Best of the Week’ and Channel 5’s ‘Night Fever’. He is an experienced and versatile performer, working both as a solo artist and accompanied by bands including Beatle Week friends Itchycoo Park, and has performed in large Conventions, clubs, pubs, holiday camps, theatres, private and corporate functions all over the world. And, like Paul McCartney himself, Mr. Gilmour can also play piano, bass and guitar. Lawrence was proud to see himself up on the big screen when he appeared in a full-length Italian film playing the part of Paul and, more recently, he has appeared in fashion photo shoots with top supermodel Linda Evangelista, as well as appearing in the adverts which sprung up around Liverpool on the sides of buses and on giant billboards. So it’s great to have Lawrence Gilmour back at Beatle Week again – the next best thing to Macca is here to entertain you.


Beatle Week has received a fair bit of television coverage over the years; many of you will remember the series ‘Hotel’ from a few years ago, which gave a behind-the-scenes look at life in the Adelphi. Last year the Discovery Channel aired a documentary called ‘Beatlemania Britain’ which visited some of the Beatle related landmarks and included footage of Beatle Week. The episode was transmitted all across North America and Europe, including Croatiawhere Erik Malnar saw it and became transfixed at the idea of bringing his band Les Beat to this wonderful event in Liverpool. 10 years after their formation in Rijeka, the northern Croatian port, lead guitar/vocalist Erik, with founding member Tomislav Raspor (bass), guitarist Goran Rubesa and Marko Juric on drums have made it to that very festival. Their show, which debuted on Lennon’s birthday back in1994 has since toured Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and other cities throughout Croatia and Slovenia. Les Beat organised two open-air concerts in their hometown and in Porec that were broadcast on National TV. And they’ve even recorded a hip-hop-rock version of Come Together and a live music video. Les Beat’s  repertoire covers all aspects of the Beatles careerand occasionally they include some solo songs too. They play both acoustically and electrically and they enjoy performing some of the lesser-heard songs including If I Needed Someone, And Your Bird Can Sing and Wait, although of  ourse they also play songs that are more familiar to their Croatian audiences.



Liverpool have been together now for 25 years, and are yet another band celebrating their 10th appearance at Beatle Week. Long having established themselves as Sweden’s best known Beatles tribute band, their ‘Lennon’ singer/guitarist/keys player Olle Nilsson won the Swedish equivalent of "Stars in Their Eyes" in 1994, and the band have subsequently appeared on many television programmes, whilst also managing to tour almost constantly in Scandinavia, across Europe, and even in the Philippines. In December the band are off to the Caribbean Islands for a series of concerts (we’re not jealous. Oh no. Not us) As well as being one of the stars of the CCT 2002 released CD "Why Don’t We Do it in Abbey Road" which I’m sure will be available in the Adelphi foyer, the band have a 1995-recorded album called "In Our Own Way" and in March 2015 they released a new CD album with original music, featuring "Love is All", their contribution to the Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest selections for that year. (And here’s a bit of interesting Beatles trivia - In the 80s Liverpool’s drummer Kent was a member of the famous Swedish group "The Streaplers", who, in, a previous incarnation actually performed  together with The Beatles when they toured in Sweden 1963) Liverpool are: Olle Nilsson, sings Lennon, plays guitar and keyboards; Sebastian Roos sings McCartney and plays guitar; Ronnie Roos (Sebastian’s dad) plays the bass and sings backing vocals; Kent Szwonder Plays the drums and sings the Ringo and Harrison songs.


Los Blackbird were formed by brothers Daniel and Diego Follonier in 1998. Adopting the parts of Paul and John respectively, they found a perfect George Harrison in Martín Carrillo. Claudio Benedetti  completed their Beatle set as Ringo, and Edgardo Armoa was bought into provide keyboards. The band come from Mendoza, Western Argentina where, in the shadow of the Andes, they have become very popular with the Beatle loving music fans. They performed at Latin American BeatleWeek for the first time in 2002 and again in 2015, when they  were selected as one of the two winning bands, to play at Liverpool International Beatle Week 2016, the other being fellow compatriots The Quarrymen, . Playing in Liverpool is a dream come true for Los Blackbird and they are eager to see the city’s Beatle Landmarks, meet the other   musicians and make lots of new Beatle friends. When they started in 1998 it was impossible for them to imagine that one day they’d be playing in the Beatles’ hometown!


Los Escarabajos (meaning beetles in Spanish), made their Beatle Week debut last year following 10 successful years participating in Beatles conventions in Seville, the annual traditional celebration of Las Fallas in Valencia, and numerous other performances across Spain. Their debut at the Cavern Club last August, recorded for posterity along with their other Beatle Week shows is available on their album ‘Alive with Beetles’. Los Escarabajos, who call themselves ‘Spaniards in the works’, perform songs that the Beatles never played live, demonstrate their vocal talents with some of the lesser heard songs including Lovely Rita, with José Luis mimicking McCartney’s complicated vocal flawlessly, Fixing a Hole (with spoton lead guitar from Enrique Sánchez), The Word and Your Mother Should Know. One of the highlights of their shows, and something  e have never seen by any other band at Beatle Week is the inclusion of both the 1963 and 1969 versions of One After 909, or One Before and After 909, as Los Escarabajos call it. It’s great to hear both variations back to back! The CD will be available from the band during Beatle Week, but why not go and see them perform live while they’re here in Liverpool! Los Escarabajos, celebrating their tenth anniversary, and tenth line-up, are founding member Enrique Sánchez (guitar), Luis Abad (guitar), José Luis Blanco (drums) and new bassist, German musician Alex Kugel.


For the last ten years Lucy In The Sky has been one of the most popular and successful Beatles cover bands in Germany. Performing the songs in their own, unmistakably lively and vivid style, they don’t always try to recreate the songs as they were originally recorded. In fact, the four musicians don’t consider themselves a revival band at all. And this approach is obviously working for them, as one newspaper review put it; "If the Beatles played today, they would sound like Lucy In TheSky." So alongside authentic performance of hits like "She Loves You", "Help!" or "A Hard Day’s Night", the quartet also offers a vast repertoire of freely interpreted classics; "Eleanor Rigby" sounds almost "grungy", "Norwegian Wood" is a cappella, and "Drive My Car" becomes a soul number. Wearing sixties-style suits onstage, as their heroes did, Lucy In The Sky exemplify danceable beats taking the audience, both young and old, back in time to the wild Rock ‘n’ Roll of the "early" Beatles. As far as Lucy In The Sky are concerned there is no room for backing tracks or other gimmicks - two guitars, bass, drums, three flawless voices and their charismatic stage appearance put these four gifted musicians in the highest league. The result is countless commended concerts in Germany and abroad, in clubs, at city celebrations, parties and other events. Some years ago they conquered the famous "Star Club". In 2002 they gave two triumphant concerts right here at The Cavern Club, where they recorded their second live album. When the Beatles Anthology Book was released in Germany, they toured all  over the country promoting it. This year, however, their success seems to have reached its highest peak. They have been voted "best cover band" by a German radio station and received great praise at the most important German Beatles convention in Berlin. Furthermore, they headlined a Beatles festival in France, where they were the only German band to play. However, Lucy in the Sky consider this invitation to Beatle Week in Liverpool to be the biggest highlight of all! Lucy In The Sky are Peter Seel (John), Bernd Gudernatsch (Paul), Dirk Lamm (George) and Robin Achenbach (Ringo)


Mixing Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz and a lot of good humour, the Mad Dogs band bet on irreverence and creativity as a nice way to interact with the audience. "Alguém no bar, alguém pra me pagar uma cerveja . . . (Someone in the bar, someone to buy me a beer . . . )". This chorus, which opens their shows, encourages audience participation – sometimes people actually follow the songs instructions and buy them a beer!! Formed in 1997 they have developed a solid repertoire, recording their first album in 2000. This album, which is entitled ‘Mad Dogs’, alternates between Portuguese and English lyrics and the band are just completing their second CD; ‘Bar doce Lar’, which contains 11 songs with some really interesting lyrics, mostly in Portuguese. Their main influences are Pop and Rock, fused with a touch of Blues, Jazz and Latin music too. Attending Beatle Week for the second time, after gaining many new fans and friends last year, Mad Dogs are back to entertain you with their energetic show. If you missed them in 2015, make sure they’re on your list for 2016! The band members are CBI (vocals), Paulo Sarkis (bass), Marcos França (keyboards), Carlinhos Suassuna (guitar), Fernando Suassuna (drums) and Neemias Lopes (saxophone).


The Beatles played the Olympia Stadium in Detroit almost forty years ago, and on the 23rd August 1965 played the concert at Shea Stadium. In the audience on both occasions was a young man called Mark Staycer. Now, in 2016, this life-long Beatles fan and memorabilia collector is bringing his tribute to John Lennon to the UK for the very first time. Mark Staycer spent 20 years as a Disc Jockey in his native Michigan, but in 2002 he debuted his ‘Tribute to Lennon’ show at the Traverse City Area District Library; a show which has since led him to two consecutive appearances at Abbey Road on the River in Cleveland, where he performed in front of four thousand people and now to Beatle Week in Liverpool – an achievement Mark is "dead chuffed" about! As a Lennon tribute Mark concentrates on the post-1970 Lennon songs, although there is always a chance that you will hear classic Beatle John songs like Norwegian Wood, If I Fell and In My Life, alongside solo Lennon classics (Just Like) Starting Over, Number 9 Dream and, of course, every Paul fans  favourite song, How Do You Sleep! As a collector of Beatles memorabilia, Mark will be in his element at Sunday’s Convention, but no doubt his shows will be just as enthusiastic and exciting!


Making their first appearance at Beatle Week, this Texas based group have already built up a solid following in the States. Comprising of founding members George Jara (George Harrison) and Rod Bollinger (John Lennon), with Michael Daniel (RingoStarr) and Paul Sacco (Paul McCartney) completing the line-up, the band have been in existence since 1998.Me & My Monkey have made numerous US television appearances and have headlined many festivals performing with the likes of Denny Laine of Wings and Gordon Waller, of Peter and Gordon fame. The band are fastidious when it comes to recreating both the sound and look of The Beatles and were voted Fort Worth Weekly’s ‘best cover band’ in 2015. Their name, of course, is taken from the side three, track four song on The Beatles White Album, and although the band’s repertoire covers all aspects of The Beatles songbook, their Pier Head show on Saturday will feature the last two years of the Fabs career. Coincidentally their Cavern Club Back show on Thursday marks the 36th anniversary of the US release of Hey Jude… no doubt Me & My Monkey will include this song in their set! So make sure you catch Me & My Monkey … Come on, it’s such a joy!


In 1997 the Cavern Club celebrated its 40th Anniversary with the unveiling of a Wall of Fame commemorating the 1,801 bands that played at the original Cavern Club between 1957 and 1973. One of the bricks in the wall bears the name ‘The Seftons’, a group who played at The Cavern in 1964. The MerseyBeat Legends are former ‘Sefton’ Yanni Tsamplakos (guitars, lead vocals), who found success in 1970 when he wrote and recorded the theme tune to the long-running TV show  Candid Camera; Paul Cornwell (lead guitar) who has played with many 60s revival bands and has appeared alongside Denny Laine, Peter "Twiggy" Wood of Pink Floyd and Snowy White; John Joce (bass) who also writes jingles and theme tunes and has appeared on recordings with, among others, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt (Status Quo) Jools Holland, Sting, Phil Collins and Spandau Ballet; and John Cotter (drums) who began his career with 60’s bands "Fleur de Lys" and "The Mojos", and although John moved later into both rock and punk, and more  recently rhythm and blues, he still thinks of 60’s music as his roots. Sue Lennox, the CCT accountant, introduced us to her friends the MerseyBeat Legends, back in 2002 and we were so impressed we’ve invited them to every Beatle Week since! We’d just like to take this opportunity to send our best wishes to Sue for her wedding on September 18th. She’s not marrying a John, Paul or Ringo, but she is marrying a George! Congratulations to Sue and George for their big day! The MerseyBeat Legends will be performing hits by many legendary groups including Gerry And The Pacemakers, The Swinging Blue  Jeans, The Searchers and, of course, The Beatles.


The Mersey Beatles are back; but those fresh-faced Liverpool lads who made their Beatle Week debut in 2002 have undergone a major change since we saw them last year, welcoming new member and keyboard wizard Tony Cook. Tony considers himself to be more Billy Preston than George Martin – it’s the afro wig and extensive course of sunbed treatments that gives it away, but the addition of keyboards has allowed the new five-piece to cover all eras of the Beatles back catalogue. The band has been very busy over the last year – UK Beatle Weekers may have caught their national TV debut this year on BBC1’s Bargain Hunt, with the boy’s not only providing the Beatles music used in the show, but also taking part as contestants… and they were able to dazzle us with their amazing knowledge of antiques… well, not quite! Thankfully, theydecided not to give David Dickinson a run for his money, and appeared on another BBC1 programme: Ground Force, doing what they’re known for – providing entertainment for Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh with a rocking version of Twist and Shout. The Mersey Beatles have been the resident band at the Cavern Club for the last year and are looking forward to reaching their heroes total of 292 performances at the club! A major highlight of the past year was The Mersey Beatles trip ‘down under’ to officially open the new Cavern Club in Adelaide, Australia. A fantastic time was had and the band were  overwhelmed by the reaction of the Aussies. A lot of new friends were made, and there was the chance to meet up with old friends; a few tinnies were had with The Australian Beatals, with Monty and the boys sending their best wishes for this year’s festival. The boys have just returned from a tour of Austria, returning just in time for Beatle Week where they promise plenty of surprises and are looking forward to meeting up with old friends. So let Jay, Ste,  Dave, Brian and Tony take you on a Magical Musical History Tour… and that's an invitation!


Throughout the history of popular music – and in particular during ‘The Swinging 60s’, the charts have been dominated by groups. These  inevitably produced a front man – usually with a distinctive vocal style that became the group’s signature. The Searchers were one such 60s group, sweeping to fame in 1963 with their first recording ‘Sweets For My Sweet’ (one of three No. 1 hits –followed by no less than 14 more chart hits).  Voted second only to The Beatles in 1964, The Searchers became a household name on both sides of the Atlantic. After their first two hits, one man emerged as the creator of ‘The Searcher’s’ sound that was to become a legend in ‘Pop’ music, The man responsible for the highly distinctive vocals and that ‘jangly’ twelve string guitar is Mike Pender. Today the sounds of the 60s are as popular as ever. Constantly creating new audiences as well as pleasing older fans ‘Mike Pender’s Searchers’ still travel the UK and the world, singing, playing and creating that distinctive sound that has become a legend in popular music. Mike Pender featured heavily in the BBC TV’s highly acclaimed "Rock Family Tree" programme which plotted the history of the major groups who created the unique Liverpool Explosion. Mike Pender’s Searcher’s provide the link between pure 60s nostalgia and what is equally relevant today. The hits include: Needles N’ Pins/Goodbye My Love/Sugar N’ Spice/ Love Potion No. 9/ Sweets For My Sweet/ When You Walk In The Room/ Don’t Throw Your Love Away/ Take Me For What I’m Worth/ What Have They Done To The Rain . . and Many More


The Moon Dogs are from Ontario and were formed towards the end of 2002. Dave Cook first decided that he wanted to be a guitarist after seeing the Beatles play live in Toronto, back in 1966; he hasn’t looked back since, playing in many bands across Canada including  "El-Dorado" and "Whiskey River". Drummer Glenn MacKinnon started performing at the age of five and has been a professional singer/musician his entire adult life. He is also the front man for one of Southern Ontario’s best classic rock bands "3rd Wave". Wally Coleman has been playing guitar for nearly 20 years, and has played in many bands as well as co-writing songs for movie soundtracks. The band’s bass player Nick Thiel is no stranger to Liverpool, having attended Beatle Week the last few years. Aside from playing  bass/guitar since he was teenager, he has worked as an advisor to the top Beatles equipment manufacturers Rickenbacker, Hofner and Vox, and is considered by many to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, owning and operating  and He’s advised many other Beatle Week bands, including 1964...The Tribute, whom he assisted with their Cavern recreation show during Beatle Week 2001. The Moon Dogs’ setlists  draw on a variety of sixties related music, but mainly British Invasion bands. They cover songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, The Kinks, The Who, The Yardbirds, Dave Clark 5, The Zombies, The Small Faces,  etc. along with some American groups like The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Association, Johnny Rivers and many more. And of course, with Nick’s knowledge and extensive contacts, the band’s gear is a mouthwatering display of Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Hofner, Vox; everything they need to help recreate those sounds of the sixties faithfully.


We are delighted to welcome to Liverpool for the second consecutive year, the worlds most northernmost Beatles Tribute band, from Alta, Norway – The Norwegian Beatless! Beatlefans since childhood, the four members of The Norwegian Beatless have only been playing together since October 2002 but in that time have played at the Norwegian Beatles Festival in Trondheim, the Bourges Festival in France, last years Liverpool Beatle Week and a variety of  other musical events in Norway. Featuring Bjørn Conrad Berg as John, Kjetil Linnes as Paul, Håvard Pedersen as George and Kai Henning Skimelid as Ringo, The Norwegian Beatless show  spans the Beatles entire recording career with songs ranging from She Loves You to Helter Skelter, I Feel Fine to Something. On stage they wear replica Shea Stadium jackets, play instruments by Rickenbacker,  Gibson, Hofner, Gretsch and Ludwig and Kjetil has even learnt to  play his violin bass left-handed to ensure that The  Norwegian Beatless are as authentic as they can possibly be.


Regular attendees will be pleased to see The Overtures return this ear for their 7th Beatle Week appearance, and while Den  Pugsley, Steve Phypers and Chris Skornia have become familiar faces, this year the band have a 5-piece line up and are thrilled to introduce new guitarists Jamie Cook and Phil Evans. The Overtures repertoire is astounding. They play over 300 great 60’s songs from US records like Sweet Soul Music and California Dreamin’ to UK hits Just One Look and You Really Got Me. The Overtures are certainly one of the greatest party bands in the country, and if you don’t believe us; just ask Elvis Costello . . . they played at Elvis and Diana Krall’s wedding last December, at the Windsor home of Elton John and with a certain Sir Paul and Heather Mills McCartney in attendance! Elton described the band as "F*****g awesome", boogying on the dance floor for their entire performance and Macca also gave them his personal approval. They’ve been hanging out with more rock royalty recently supporting Blondie (along with Will Young) at Oxfordshire’s Cornbury Festival in July, and good news  for their Sweden fan base; The Overtures will be in Trollhättan in October to perform with Rocks Off and Lenny Pane. Their Beatle Week performances are always electric and  with this exciting new line-up, The Overtures are guaranteed to make 2016 yet another rocking and rolling year!


For the Beatles fan, there are many spine tingling moments to be had at Liverpool Beatle Week. Smelling the Cavern for the first time, hearing the first properly played descending G7 of the week and being part of the Beatle T-Shirted hive-consciousness that engulfs the city at the end of August every year. But believe me when I say that one of your most abiding memories of the event is going to be hearing Mamoru Yoshii (John) delivering the opening yell of the Parrots ‘signature’ song - Mister Moonlight. The rest of the band are Takeshi Noguchi (Paul), Akiahiro Matsuyama (George), Teruyuki Matsuzaki (Ringo) with Fumiya Matsuyama  providing Billy Preston support. They are stalwarts of the thriving Tokyo Beatles scene and are currently resident band at the Abbey Road Club in the Koppingi district of the city. Last time they were in Liverpool there were plans afoot to record a CD of their Beatles tunes and this may well have happened but as their website is in Japanese and that’s not one of the Editors better languages, we can’t tell you if this has indeed come to pass. It’s always a pleasure to welcome the Japanese bands, (and their impeccably behaved and beautifully dressed fans) to Liverpool as their energy and enthusiasm for all things Fab is invigorating to share.


A man who needs very little introduction to Beatles fans, Pete Best is the man who put the beat into Beatles. He became a Silver Beatle in August 1960, joining at the request of Paul, just as the band began the first of their grueling residencies in Hamburg. The band went to Hamburg as naïve young Liverpool lads, but on the mean streets of St Pauli they quickly matured and returned home to play their first gig as the Beatles at The Casbah, the club run by Pete’s mother Mona Best in the basement of their West Derby home. When The Beatles returned to  Germany in 1961 they had been promoted to the Top Ten  club, where they were contracted to record a single backing Tony Sheridan. Pete, John, Paul and George all played and sang backing vocals on this record, which speedily made it’s way across the English Channel and was  to bring the group to the attention of Brian Epstein. When Brian offered to manage the group, with a promise that he would do his best to get them a recording contract, Pete and the other Beatles eagerly agreed to this ticket to stardom.  Attending auditions for Decca, where they were famously turned down, and other record labels, they eventually met and auditioned for George Martin on the Parlophone label. Within weeks  they were recording their first single, Love Me Do… but bad news was to come for Pete Best. There was uproar from fans back at the Cavern, where Pete was known as ‘Mean, Moody and Magnificent’ when he was sacked by The Beatles, and replaced by Ringo in August 1962.His contribution to the greatest band of the 20thCentury has not  gone unrecognised though, and he featured heavily in The Beatles Anthology series and albums. In 2015 Pete, and his brothers  Roag and Rory Best released a book about the early history of the Beatles from the days in the Casbah Club entitled ‘True Beginnings’. Pete is now touring again, in a show that invites the audience to join him on a trip down the long  and winding road to The Beatles humble beginning and their ascent to the top of the show  business ladder. Along with his band Roag Best (drums), Mark Hay (lead guitar), Phil Melia (rhythm guitar), Chris Cavanagh (vocals) & Dave Deevey (bass),  Pete Best is pleased to bring the music of the decade he was such an important part of to audiences all over the world, but especially  back home to Liverpool.


I was quite amused late in July to see a sign outside of a Merseyside pub proclaiming the arrival of a new young band, "Mojo Filter Every Friday!" It was as if somebody had transported me back over 20 years to the early 80's when four young bucks from Liverpool roared onto the Beatles Stage. Mojo Filter were awesome and had a huge (albeit mainly female) following. The name is of course derived from the lyrics of 'Come Together'. Mojo Filter, or just Mojo to the locals , were avid Beatles fans who performed a mix of covers and their own excellent numbers. They toured Japan and America and the only real surprise is that they did not go on to become national and international superstars! Phil Melia was the guitarist and singer in the band and was joined by Andy on drums and two other stalwarts of the Beatlescene, Paul Cooper who went on to play Paul in the Bootleg Beatles and Rick Alan who we all know and love as our own Hare Georgeson and guru of the Mathew Street Festival. Phil is now a very happily married man whose only vice is touring the world as a member of The Pete Best Band (can't get away from those Beatles can you?). Phil made a solo debut at The Egg Man Festival last Easter and he went down an absolute storm with the fans, which is hardly surprising given his undoubted pedigree and love of all things "Fab". So it was an absolute cert that we had to welcome him back for Beatle Week. You can also catch him play with Pete (Best) at The Cavern on Thursday and at the Mathew Street Festival on Monday.


In 1962 The Beatles were one of England’s top live rock bands and stars of the Hamburg St Pauli scene. A thousand performances in Liverpool and Hamburg had transformed a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs into a mean, lean combo with over three hundred songs in their repertoire. What did they sound like then, before Brian Epstein and George Martin got hold of them? What did they sound like live, in the dance hall? What did they sound like before they reduced their live set to ten songs?. . . . . . they sounded like The Prellies. Taking their cue from the legendary Beatles Star Club recordings made in Hamburg in December 1962, The Prellies are jump-starting the twitching corpse of the raw garage rock n’ roll sound that evolved into the more polished Mersey Beat.  From their early beginnings in 2002 The Prellies were very much a part of the Liverpool retro scene – their debut gig, no less, was at the 40th anniversary party of the Casbah Club, and in 2015, following floor-shaking shows at venues including the Jacaranda and The Cavern, they came and blew our cobwebs away at Beatle Week. Their return to the Casbah this Easter was one of the highlights of the Eggman Weekend, with Jules Prellie’s memorable 20 minute long rendition of ‘Shout’ and a three-second version of ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’, "’cos", says Trev Prellie, "we forgot how to play it!" The Prellies embarked on various overseas bookings in the last year including the Belgium Beatles Convention where they backed Hamburg legend Tony Sheridan. In May Trev, Jules, Gaz Prellie and Chris Prellie joined the Original Quarrymen at John Lennon’s Dovedale School, and the following month they enjoyed a 10-day residency at the main music venue for the Isle of Man TT Races. Most recently they were invited by Fulcrum TV to appear in a documentary about The Beatles. The Prellies recorded the live soundtrack for the programme and were filmed performing in the Cavern Club, supported by an audience of enthusiastic, screaming fans! The programme is due to be transmitted on  Channel 5 this autumn. As for Beatle Week, expect forgotten and unrecorded classics from the Beatles massive 1962 set list like ‘Red Sails in the Sunset’ and ‘Shimmy Shake’. Just don’t expect any Beatles songs.



Any Beatle fan, worthy of the name, knows of The Quarrymen’s importance in the history of the group that was to become the most famous in the world. For it was in 1957 at the Quarry Bank High School that John Lennon, together with likeminded musical friends, formed a "skiffle group’. Skiffle was an inexpensive and simple way to create music – all that was required was a Spanish guitar, a tea chest bass, a washboard and maybe a snare drum as well. Joined by friends Pete Shotton on washboard and tea chest bass; Colin Hanton on drums; Len  Garry on guitar and vocals and Eric Griffiths and Rod Davis on guitars, the Quarrymen performed at private parties, local venues and skiffle competitions. Forty years later, a party was held at The Cavern to which they invited hundreds of musicians who had played there over the years. This, of course, included The Quarrymen and, as the day wore on they were eventually asked to get up and play. As a result of this meeting, the group were invited, in July 1997, to help recreate "The Day John met Paul" in Woolton. In response to public demand, The Quarrymen recorded a CD in the authentic skiffle style from their 1957 repertoire. Since then, they have performed to enthusiastic audiences in the USA, Holland, Cuba, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Japan, giving Beatle fans a taste of the music which inspired John, Paul and George at the start of their careers. The Quarrymen are composed of four of the five musicians who were onstage with John the day he met Paul – Len Garry, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton and Rod Davis. The fifth Quarryman, Pete Shotton, retired some years ago. So don’t miss the Quarrymen at this year’s convention, as they will also be promoting a brand new ‘skiffle and rock ’n’ roll CD which features many significant songs from The Quarrymen’s history.


Quarrymen, a great six-piece band, formed in October 1998, were originally a quartet which went under the name ‘Rubber’, then changed to ‘Moondogs’ in December 1999 and finally to ‘Quarrymen’ in March 2000, when they performed their first concert under the new name in the Open Pringles Café in Rosario, Argentina. In 2000, with a line-up consisting of Franco Maccagno (vocals), Federico Martin (guitar/vocals), Leonardo Monaco (bass/vocals) and Agustin Vit (drums/vocals), Quarrymen played a six-month residency at the Sailor’s Mission pub, as well as many other engagements and TV appearances. In July of that year they recorded their first CD of Beatles covers and then in November 2000 they celebrated their 100th show in La Fluvial. Quarrymen continued to expand in 2002 and 2015 taking on two new members: Sebastian Boeris on keyboards and  Ronniffer Ronston on lead guitar. Their ever-increasing popularity led them to be invited to take part in Latin American Beatle Week 2015 where they played alongside 40 of the best bands in South America. They were chosen along with Los Blackbird as the winners of the Battle of the Bands competition, the prize being inclusion in Liverpool Beatle Week! Quarrymen consider this their greatest achievement and are honoured to be a part of the most important Beatle party in the world!


Continuing our 40 years ago theme, in the summer of 1964, the Beatles played several gigs which link rather nicely with this band from Sweden! Firstly, in July, there were two dates at the Johanneshovs Isstadion in Stockholm; The Repeatles home city, and the following month they played thefar less exotic sounding Blackpool Opera House alongside an upcoming London band called the High Numbers. Those of you with a good knowledge of British rock will know that the High Numbers later changed their name to The Who… and you’ll hear many of their greatest songs at a Repeatles show! The four members ofRepeatles have a long and varied  musical history playing in many successful Swedish pop/rock bands including The Moderns, Strindbergs & Japop. Jan Leonard (guitar, piano, vocals) and ArnieBrox (bass, vocals) met at a friends wedding in 1997 and  is covered a shared interest in Beatles and sixties music, forming The Repeatles shortly after with Pete Beck on guitar & vocals, and Jan’s friend from the punk days Steve Kling on drums. The Repeatles mission statement is simple – to travel the world as the best sixties revival band, spreading peace, love, understanding and good karma everywhere. They are currently working on an album of original material under the name Love Junkies, which is inspired by the music of the 60’s and 70’s which they love so much. The Repeatles are one of the finest 60’s tribute bands at Beatle Week, including in their enthusiastic and exciting set material by The Who, The Byrds, The Hollies, The Kinks, The Beatles of course, and a new recent addition to their repertoire, a song by the ever popular Beach Boys! Jan, Arnie, Pete and Steve will be rocking and rolling at the Cavern Pub, Club and Adelphi Hotel throughout the week!


I said to Ian ‘Why not BRING’ER?’ He replied ‘Nae way, not when there’s Swedish INGA. Ian will be at the Bar where he will definitely LINGER with Steve McDonald his EX-SINGER. Come Wednesday he’ll be so  green around the gills he will look like a NINJA (turtle). Did you know that before he was  grey, Gregor was actually GINGER and that Chris was a  SWINGER who appeared on Jerry SPRINGER. Willie is always the one who gets the MINGER. After this I’ll probably be the one who gets the FINGER and they will call me a WHINGER, which is fine by me because maybe, just maybe, after reading this absolute crap,  Ian, Willie Gregor and Chris will actually send in an update of the biography next year!!!  How on earth do you find something new to say about a band who have played at Beatle Week for over 20 years? Especially when they  don’t give you new  information! I think I can summarise this . . . like this biog . . . there’s a lot that might sound a bit  like Ringer, but there is nothing quite like the real thing (er)!  (I didn’t even mention Willie’s Vinegar Strokes!)


For the third successive year at Beatle Week comes the amazing Swedish Rolling Stones Tribute, Rocks Off. Since their formation in 1995, the band has appeared on many TV shows including Sweden’s Stars In Their Eyes and last summer when The Rolling Stones played 3 sold-out shows in Stockholm, Rocks Off performed live on one of the biggest morning news shows on Swedish National TV. They have also played several hugely successful Beatles vs. Stones shows, working alongside fellow Beatle Week friends Liverpool. Last year the band gave some amazing performances at the Adelphi and the Cavern as wellas  the Mathew Street Festival where they rocked a huge crowd on the Chavasse Park Stage! Front man Tony Johnson’s got the sound, looks and moves and is probably the closest you’ll come to see a 25-year younger Mick Jagger, while Tony’s Glimmer Twin and rock ‘n’ roll partner in crime, albeit a blond version, Roger Mikander is the band’s natural riff meister as Keith Richards. Together with curly-haired, gentle boy, Lars Elf handling the second guitar, Stone-faced Toggan Ehrieder on bass has made an art of standing still, and Pär Lilja who is the heaviest, fake left-handed Charlie Watts on this side of the world; Rocks Off delivers a sound so authentic that you won’t be able to tell whether you’ll hearing the real thing or not!


Rolando Giambelli is an old friend of cavern City Tours, he is president of the Beatle People Association of Italy (Beatlesianid’Italia Associati), whose most recent event at Rome’s Teatro Adriano in June, celebrated the 39th anniversary of the Beatles appearance at the same venue. As well as running the Fan Club, Rolando is a musician and has played at Liverpool Beatle Week on many occasions in various different guises and with an array of friends and family members. This year  though, he’s going solo; performing Beatles songs, interspersed with other classic songs from the last 50years. He accompanies himself on the guitar, also playing percussion, a mouth organ or a kazoo (but not all at the same time!). Rolando is a warm and kind-hearted guy who has the amazing ability to get any audience on their feet, clapping their hands and singing along, which can be quite a challenge by Tuesday night, when the partying begins to take it’s toll! He’s a great promoter of Beatle Week in Italy, and we’rehonoured to have his support and be able to enjoy his fabulous musicianship once again.       Beatlesiani d’Italia Associati: 



Tony Skeggs has one major disadvantage in his solo bid for the top. He is a Spurs fan! Whilst it doesn’t affect his playing it could have in the past messed up his songwriting, making him sound like Leonard Cohen on Prozac! Some would say, just like Spurs, that Skeggsy hasn’t had a hit since the Sixties. Unlike Spurs (who look as dire as ever) Tony is just about to throw off the shackles of the past Bill Nicholson era, and launch his new album of great upbeat pop music at its very best. Tony as regulars know, was part of the dynamic duo, along with Den, as lead singers in the Overtures and as such they captured the hearts and minds of conventioneers. All things must pass as they say and Tony left the band 18 months ago to pursue a solo career. It seems the move has worked for both the Overtures and indeed for Tony, who as at last taken the time to write new songs, and finally finish a lot of old uns! He moved to New York City and teamed up with Faux Rich Pagano and recorded the  whole album in Rich's studio. Rich also plays on the album. The album is an absolute cracker and in football terms I have to  admit it is more ‘Gunner’ than ‘Lillywhite’! A must-buy for all conventioneers, you can purchase a copy at the Cavern City Tours desk all weekend. Tony is playing with the Fab Faux on some numbers are the weekend and on Sunday and Monday he will be appearing at the Mathew Street Festival with the Hot Dogs (I prefer chicken myself – in joke Editor) The Hot Dogs are old friends Chris Grindrod (bass), Justin Crowe (keyboards), and Rick Hughes (drums) all of Gary  Gibson Band fame. They will treat you to a Mod Odyssey at the Mathew Street Festival, with a trip down memory lane; The Small Faces, The Kinks, The Who etc., the good old days when Spurs were Top of The Pops!


The Beatles Revival, who have played over 650 gigs all over Europe since their inception in 1996, made their British debut at  last years Beatle Week. They take pride in their fastidious approach to detail – Zbynek is a left-handed bassist, their instruments are all authentic replica’s of The Beatles and of course, they have custom-made ‘boots  and suits’. Their professionalism has resulted in them being hired as the opening act for many famous names including Joe Cocker, The Rubettes, The Animals and The Smokie, as well as many appearances on European Television. At the annual Estrel Beatles Festival in Berlin, Germany in 2002 they were runners up of the Battle of the Bands contest. Last year, in Liverpool, The Beatles Revival realised their ambition  of meeting Brian Epstein’s personal assistant, and former Apple General Manager Alistair Taylor. They considered Alistair to be one of the key figures in the Beatles history, which of course he was, and he will be very sadly missed by The Beatles Revival, and by all of us here at Beatle Week. As with several other bands we have had here over the years, brothers play the parts of John and Paul – it must be some kind of natural musical rivalry! The Beatles Revival brothers are Ludek and Zbynek Maulis, while Petr Lux is the bands Quiet One and Jiri Tomisin holds them altogether with the steady backbeat of his drums!


We’re eagerly anticipating Working Class Hero’s shows – they’re a band we’re been trying to get to Beatle Week for ages! Anyway, they’re finally here and we’re sure it’s going to be worth the wait. Tim Piper is one of the foremost Lennon impersonators in the world, so much so that he has been chosen to portray his hero in TV movies such as E! Network’s ‘Beatles Wives’ and CBS’s ‘The Linda McCartney Story’. Not only does Tim physically resemble Lennon, he sounds uncannily like him too, and he and his band Working Class Hero have been invited to play at many celebrity parties including lifelong Beatles fan Tom Hanks 10th Anniversary and celebrations at the homes of Tom Cruise and Steve Spielberg. Tim also portrays John in a Beatles tribute band called Revolution, along with bass-playing brother Greg Piper. They created Working Class Hero in 1999, joining up with Gretsch  aficionado Don Butler on guitar. Don, who is well respected in the guitar  community, is actively involved in both the Rickenbacker and Gretsch online forums, as well as owning ‘Toneman’, a vintage valve/tube amp and guitar service. The line-up is completed by ace sticksman Les Perez on drums. Working Class Hero are the only tribute band to have performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, where they celebrated John Lennon’s birthday in 2001. Cheered and acclaimed everywhere they play, there is no doubt that the Beatle Week audience will give Working Class  Hero the rapturous reception they deserve.


After tremendous success at last years Beatle Week and our first Easter Eggman weekend, Tripper are back. And as festival egulars will know, being part of the Ringer rock family tree, it’s only natural that Tripper have augmented into a five-piece lineup; welcoming Steve McDonald’s former Ringer bandmate Grant Roberts into the fold. The addition of Grant on bass/guitar makes Tripper even more versatile than before, and with the fabulous musicianship of Steve Northey (guitar), Kevin Skelly (bass/guitar/keyboards) and John Reilly (drums), frontman Steve McDonald (guitar/bass) believes "even after thirty years of performing with McDonald’s Farm, Ringer and now Tripper it just feels real good to be still turned on and motivated by this magical world of The Beatles". Tripper are currently writing and devising a multi-media audiovisual  stage show based on the lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo, of which Steve tells us, "it is something I feel very passionate about, after a lifetime of  pleasure that The Beatles have given to me, I feel that I want to give a little back". They’re hoping to have the show on the road by the end of the year, so keep checking their website for details.  As for Beatle Week, well Tripper will ensure the audience is rocking and rolling at all their gigs, and with highlights from Easter Eggman like ‘Isn’t It A Pity’, ‘Nobody Told Me’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’, it shouldn’t be too difficult!


Two Of Us, the opening track on the ‘Let It Be’ album, provides the perfect name for this Dutch duo, Jos Vervoort and Adrie van Osch. The two musicians met up in the early Seventies, both sharing a mutual appreciation of The Beatles music and, by 1975, were performing the songs of The Fab Four onstage. They have played together for nearly thirty years now and have a repertoire of around 200 songs, not only Beatle number but also memorable hits from other Sixties greats: The Kinks, Mamas and Papas, The Small Faces The Stones etc. Jos is the lead singer, and also plays flute and saxophone, while Adrie accompanies him on the guitar as well as providing backing vocals. To celebrate their 25th anniversary as a duo, Two Of Us released a CD called ‘The First’, which contains select tracks from their varied repertoire. Two Of Us have played in Holland, Germany, France and Belgium, though Adrie and Jos consider their concerts during Beatle Week’s 2001 and 2015 as the real highlights of their career. They are delighted to be back in Liverpool again this year and will be joined by a large following of enthusiastic Dutch and British fans. And for Jos and Adrie . . . it will certainly be a thrill . . .


Hailing from the Spanish capital Madrid, The Winnerys formed around a nucleus of Fausto "Sugar Winnery" Martín (vocals, lead guitar), Javier "Magic Winnery" Polo (vocals, bass) and Juanjo "Hammer Winnery" Martin (drums) when their 60’s/Beatles covers band The Bad Boys called it a day in 1999. Borja "Happy Winnery" Bonafuente (vocals, rhythm guitar) soon completed the line-up and they began writing their own material, playing their live debut in June 2001. Later that year they recorded a 9-song demo CD including future Winnery classics "It’s Up To You", "Messages Inside" and "Little Dark Cloud" which led to them cutting their first album, And The Winnerys, in December 2002. The album was released by the prestigious Madrid label Rock Indiana in June 2015 and subsequently licensed to American label Rainbow Quartz in March this year. Reviewers have been unanimous in their praise. In the meantime, the band have built a fearsome reputation as a stunning live act by virtue of their constant touring all over Spain and in October 2015 made their UK debut at The Cavern in Liverpool as part of International Pop Overthrow. In May they played in New York and Chicago in support of the American release of the album and left jaws on floors at every turn. In October 2002, they headlined the 40th anniversary of "Love Me Do" show in Madrid where they began road testing several new cover versions which would appear in their set over the coming months and will form the backbone of their shows at Beatle Week this year. This is The Winnerys’ first appearance at Beatle Week but we can guarantee that once you’ve seen them you’ll wonder how you lived without them for so long. If you love their performances praise Bill, if you don’t, blame Jean   Catherall who pestered Bill to invite them to Beatle Week 2016! (I think Bill is gonna get more praise than he deserves.


‘How Does It Feel To Change The World?’ This was the tag line for Beatles Anthology project,back in 1995 (nine years ago  already? Oh my . . . ). Some may have dismissed it as pimply  hyperbole – but the truth is, as powerful and enduring as the music is, The Beatles are about so much more than just that… and in welcoming the Yar Band from Chelyabinsk in Russia to Liverpool we are welcoming a group of people who know this for certain. Back in 2000, band front man and chart topping Russian folk musician-cum-rock star Valery Yarushin  successfully campaigned for Lenin Street in the town to be renamed Lennon Street. Only a matter of 2 letters, perhaps . . . but what a world changing spell-check that is. The town square too has been renamed in honour of John – though no sign yet of Harrison Boulevard or Starkey Plaza. The Yar Band has its roots in a school band from the mid 70s, and has reformed especially with the intention of playing Liverpool Beatle Week 2016. Not that the band members are strangers to the city. They and their families have visited the festival many times and the effect of this must have run deep with the younger generations. Alena Yarushina, Valery’s daughter, is also a member of the band. Yuri Potapov, Zahir Nasibullin, Victor Litvinovi and Anatoli Litvinovi make up the rest of the band. Talk about a Russian revolution… the Beatles certainly changed the world. 




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