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Beatle Week 2016 Scrapbook
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Lawrence Gilmour  3 Sep 04

<< Hal Bruce and I 'performing' at the Yellow Submarine stage ... AFTER it got pulled.... I was supposed to be on the stage after Hal...I came up and Hal was sitting a wee bit dejected....and so were the band who were meant to be on after me. So for a laugh I stood out at front of the stage opened my guitar case I was busking and started playing yesterday ..and 'before tooo long" (yes I did that one too) there was a wee crowd forming ..and then Hal got up and we really bashed those guitars and sang a few songs...then another guitarist joined us ..and my son Clark and Hal's mate doing harmonies and tambourine ..and before you know it we had quite a crowd round us...I told them to come in closer and got my ukulele out and did something Macca style and they all sang along we entertained them for an hour ....I even had a battery operated keyboard with me ..and got it out and played Let It Be and Hey Jude with the street crowd all singing along and waving ...and got about 10 pounds in the case to boot....which I think Clark and Hal split...wot a laugh ..hence the pics of me and Hal with Yellow Submarine stage in background...and the police never showed up.

A crowd including Bill Heckle Gavin Pring and my son singing and playing guitar outside the Adelphi 6:00 am !!......"by dawns first light he came back to our room again ---- Bill will know that song...."

Just before I went on stage for the fantasy reunion ...a guy gave me this superb purpose made Macca jacket (Mark from Beatle Wear) ..its featured in the pics.

Mood Indigo, Mathew Street - My gig on the Monday...neat place and this pic sums up the mood!! 

Gavin Pring got me up to do 'something' at the Cavern totally impromptu .... crowd loved it...

Stephen Kennedy  3 Sep 04

It was my first ever Beatle Week in Liverpool, and I had a ball.  Thank you for organising such a great event.  The highlights for me include:
Fab Faux's 'I Am The Walrus' and 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and 'O Darling' - what a band!
1964 singing 'This Boy' in the Royal Court
Jan Owen singing 'A Day In The Life' (on one guitar) at 2am in the Adelphi.
The Mersey Beatles playing a screaming set at 4am on Tuesday morning...
All pure magic.  Thanks!
On a side issue, I wonder if it is possible for you to put some temporary wheelchair ramps into the Adelphi next year.  My friend, Mark Welch, is in a wheelchair, and he goes to the festival every year.  I'm sure you know him.  The Irish guy.  Well everyone was very helpful towards him, and Mark does not like to make a fuss; but there were times when his life would have been made a lot easier if there were ramps available in the Adelphi.  It's just a thought.
Anyway, thanks again, and hope to see you in 2005!

Ornella Venosino  3 Sep 04

Hi, I really enjoyed the Beatles Week Festival, it was really great......Special thanks to Los Blackbird, The Norwegian Beatles....See you next year ;)




Dawn Howard  3 Sep 04

This must have been my 8th or 9th year to Beatle Week and as usual I wasn't disappointed.

Every band I saw played their hearts out and everyone - band and audiences alike enjoyed every minute.  There is always so much going on that you sometimes give us a tough choice on which band to go and see next !


My top band of 2016 had to be The Repeatles - what a band - such energy and talent I would loved to have seen more of them. I hope you give them a bigger stage next year..  But they are just one of so many varied acts that we got the opportunity to enjoy.  From the classic "Boots & Suits" of the Mersey Beatles, the Psychedelic show case by The Fab Faux, the young and upcoming talent of The Beat Brothers (real talents of the future there) to the off beat Jazz style of Mad Dogs.  So many different variation on the music that we all come together every year to enjoy.
Heres to next year!!

Keep it Rockin  4 Sep 04

Hi there,

My husband and myself attended Beatle Week for the first time this year and had an amazing time. we knew it would be good but it was much much better than we ever expected. We are both big Elvis fans and have attended 1950's rock n roll and Elvis gigs and festivals for many years but we wanted to do something "Beatles" as we have both started to really appreciate their music over the last couple of years. We may have stood out a bit as "rockabillies" but we felt as though we fitted right in. Just one thing though, Liverpool seems to have forgotten Billy Fury and that is a real shame. How about one of the Billy Fury tribute bands next year??! We loved the Fab Four (having already seem them in Vegas last year) and 1964 too. We will definitely be back next year and will try and catch more bands then. We saw as many as we could but it would be impossible to see them all. One other thing, can entrance to the Cavern pub/club be more definite as we couldn't get in a couple of times even though we had gold wristbands. See you all next year.
Helen and Shavka Parkar

Gilly & Paul  4 Sep 04

Hey all,
we would like to say howdie to all our dear friends at Beatleweek,and thanks for making our 1st anniversary a memorable one. We've sent a few piccies and words of some great moments.
We attended Goerge Harry's Son's warm-up gig at the Pacific Bar on our Anniversary 25th.It was a lovely surprise when we were welcomed by a friendly cheer as we paid our quid !!!!!.Thanks to Gav for dedicating a song to us. Thanks Zara for taking the photo.
Not sure if we bumped into Mick, Ozzy,John or..........Neil

A surreal event was sharing our room with Zara, Jazmine,Paula and Gav Pring as we awaited breakfast time after being turfed out of the Adelphi Foyer at 5.30am

and finally....The year of the white suit


Other white suiters were me and my monkey's John & Jon Keats (fourty quid...topman !!!!!)
A fab time was had by all...many thanks once again to all at C.C.T
Gilly & Paul

Peter Knight  5 Sep 04

Sorry I don't have any photos, I'm not a photo type person. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed BW2016 and a special mention for the Prellies, they were rocking great as usual. Always go to see the Prellies when I can, and I'll see them again soon at the Grosvenor Ballroom in Liskard later this month, just can't get enough of then. Take care and keep the Prellies rocking into BW2005, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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